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> CONTENTS: Supplement 39
> -----
> 1. (AMANECER) The Massacre Has Started In Bachajon, Chiapas
> 2. (REUTER) Zapatistas Threaten To Quit Talks With
> Government
> 3. (NICANET) Weekly News Update On The Americas #327,
> {excerpts}: Mexican Video Journalist
> Sentenced To 13 Years; Brazil: Landowner
> Paid Police To Massacre Peasants
> 4. (ATS) 129a Trials Against Kurds In Germany, from
> 5. (DHKC) Again Germany Is On The Wrong Side In The
> Fight Against Fascism
> 6. (NYT) Sympathies Sharply Divided On Beatings Of
> Immigrants
> 7. (AP) Skinhead Internet Site
> 8. (AP) Hungarians Accuse Americans of Sexual
> Harassment, Exploitation
> -----
> ** Topic: Massacre in Bachajon at this moment... (fwd) **
>** Written 11:42 PM May 5, 1996 by tc0mjl1@corn.cso.niu.edu in
> cdp:reg.mexico **
> From: lemaitre monique j <tc0mjl1@corn.cso.niu.edu>
> Subject: Massacre in Bachajon at this moment... (fwd)
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>Date: Sun, 5 May 1996 23:39:11 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Amanecer Press <amanecer@cyberspace.com>
>To: Multiple Recipients of List Mexico2000 <mexico2000@mep-d.org>
>May 5,1996 7:15 p.m. Pacific time
>We enclose an alert we just received from ASSOCIATED MINISTRIES
>OF TACOMA,WASHINGTON. Their note requests that we distribute
>this information as soon as possible due to the extreme danger of
>Associated Ministries informs us that the lines on Peacenet are
>down at this time, we do not know if this is due to scheduled
>maintenance or some other reason.
>We add our deep concern and encourage you to distribute this as
>widely as possible and send those faxes immediately.
>Thank you,
>The Editors of AMANECER PRESS
> -----
>May 5,1996
>CHURCHES UNITED a project of
>1224 South I Street
>Tacoma, Washington 98405 USA
>Tel:(206)383-3056 FAx:(206)383-2672
>e-mail: assmin@igc.apc.org
> With these words, a few moments ago, we received information
>that an armed confrontation is taking place at this time in
>Bachajon, Chiapas, between the paramilitary group locally known
>as "The Chinchulines" and formally known as "Youth Group" with
>ties to the PRI, and indigenous from the Ejido San Jeronimo.
> This paramilitary group assaulted about 300 indigenous men
>and women last night, as they made their way home after a
>communal assembly in San Jeronimo where the paramilitary group
>lost communal elections.
> This paramilitary group took over the municipality of Chilon
>(a few miles from Bachajon) about 14 days ago and has kept the
>civilians and human rights workers under constant verbal abuse
>and threats of violence.
> Neither the State nor Federal authorities have intervened in
>stopping the violent actions of this paramilitary group.
> At the present time, we have the confirmation of at least
>one person dead and many injured. Heavily armed men have been
>seen traveling by pick up truck from Chilon to Bachajon.
> There is an unconfirmed report that the Church in Bachajon
>belonging to the Jesuit Mission has been set on fire, we are
>presently trying to confirm this but are unable to reach anyone
>to do so.
> This is but one more sign of the decomposition of the system
>and the growing activity of the paramilitary groups in Chiapas.
>If this local conflict does not have a quick political solution
>it can place the Peace Dialogue in jeopardy.
> This would mean a new threat of a violent confrontation at a
>larger scale.
> On the other hand, the Mexican Press reports today that a
>vehicle belonging to MIlitary Intelligence and the Public
>Security, has been following Bishop Ruiz all week very closely
>and remains outside his residence.
> We ask ourselves what are really the intentions of the
>Mexican government?
> We encourage you to send faxes to President Zedillo asking
> From USA: 011-52-5-271-1764 from Mexico:(915)271-1764
> We suggest copies to: CONAI from USA:011-52-967-83136 and
> CEDIAC 011-52-967-102-07 and in the US you may send them to
> us at:(206)383-2672
> Thank you,
> ** End of text from cdp:reg.mexico **
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> Copyright &copy 1996 Nando.net
> Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service
> LA REALIDAD, Mexico (May 6, 1996 6:47 p.m. EDT) - Mexico's
>Zapatista rebels said on Monday they considered a 13-year jail
>sentence imposed on a journalist identified by the government as
>one of their leaders as a "sign of war" and threatened to break
>off peace talks with Mexico City.
> "We take the sentence ... as a sign of war," Zapatista
>military leader Subcommandante Marcos told reporters, adding that
>the rebels were "reconsidering" their participation in the talks.
> The rebel statement coincided with clashes in the village of
>Bachajon in the troubled southern Mexican state of Chiapas
>between members of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party
>(PRI) and the opposition Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), which
>left three people dead.
> Officials said three homes and the local church were also
>burned in the latest of a series of violent incidents between
>members of the two parties in and around Bachajon, which lies
>halfway between the Maya ruins of Palenque and the colonial city
>of San Cristobal de las Casas.
> A judge in Chiapas Thursday sentenced Mexican journalist
>Javier Elorriaga whose television reports of the Zapatista
>rebellion were sold to foreign broadcasters to 13 years in
>prison. He was convicted of mutiny, sedition, rebellion,
>terrorism and conspiracy.
> Defence lawyers said they would appeal, claiming the only
>prosecution witness did not testify and a prosecution statement
>was obtained from another witness by torture.
> At the same hearing, the judge sentenced Sebastian Entzin, a
>Maya Indian, to six years imprisonment for being a Zapatista
>"militiaman" and illegally carrying weapons.
> "The process of dialogue was one more deception," Marcos said.
>"War is coming again from where it has always come, from the
> Despite Marcos' warning of war, the Zapatista National
>Liberation Army (EZLN) is widely seen as weak and vastly
>outgunned by the Mexican army.
> A lawmaker from the leftist Democratic Revolution Party (PRD)
>who met Marcos on Sunday as part of a legislative commission
>mediating negotiations said the peace talks were now on hold.
>"The peace process is suspended until the situation of Elorriaga
>is resolved," Cesar Chavez said.
> Under legislation governing the peace talks, Zapatista leaders
>are exempt from arrest warrants issued against them last year as
>long as the talks continue. But Attorney General Antonio Lozano
>said on Sunday that Elorriaga was not covered by that provision
>because judicial proceedings against him had already begun before
>the latest round of dialogue began in April, 1995.
> Zapatista negotiators and government envoys were due to meet
>again on June 5 to reach final conclusions on the issues of
>democracy and justice before moving on to the next topics on a
>mutually-agreed agenda. The two sides have reached one accord so
>far, on indigenous rights.
> The rebels rose up on New Year's Day 1994 to demand greater
>democracy, land reform and indigenous rights. At least 145 people
>died in the first days of the rebellion but there has been little
>fighting since.
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> ** Topic: Weekly News Update #327, 5/5/96 **
> ** Written 1:24 PM May 6, 1996 by nicanet@blythe.org in
> cdp:misc.activism. **
> ISSUE #327, MAY 5, 1996
> 339 LAFAYETTE ST., NEW YORK, NY 10012 (212) 674-9499
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> -----
>On May 2 Judge Juan Manuel Alcantara Moreno of Tuxtla Gutierrez,
>Chiapas, sentenced video journalist Javier Elorriaga Berdegue to
>13 years for the crimes of terrorism, rebellion and conspiracy.
>Indigenous activist Sebastian Entzin was sentenced to six years
>on the same charges; Enztin speaks so little Spanish that the
>sentence had to be read to him by a Mayan translator. Elorriaga
>and Entzin were among about 20 Mexicans seized at the beginning
>of the federal government's failed February 1995 military
>offensive against the EZLN; all are charged with being EZLN
>leaders. The evidence against Elorriaga came from a certain
>Salvador Morales Garibay, who disappeared after making the
>charges, and Maria Gloria Benavides, Elorriaga's wife. Benavides
>says her testimony was obtained through torture; charges against
>her, based on the same evidence, were dropped on July 14 [see
>Update #286]. [LJ 5/3/96 electronic edition]
>Elorriaga and Entzin are appealing the convictions. Legislators
>from the center-left PRD denounced the judge's decision as a
>"provocation" and "declaration of war," and at least one
>legislator from the ruling PRI, Dep. Jaime Martinez Veloz, said
>the decision was "unfortunate" and "doesn't prepare the road to
>peace." Federal governance secretary Emilio Chuayffet Chemor is
>reportedly worried about the decision and looking for a way of
>resolving the cases. [LJ 5/4/96, electronic edition] The Fray
>Bartolome Human Rights Center is suggesting faxes to President
>Ernesto Zedillo (52-5-271-17-64) and Governance Secretary
>Chuayffet (52-5-703-21-71) asking for freedom for all the
>prisoners accused of being EZLN members. [Urgent Action Alert
> -----
>On May 3, a landowner from Para state told Justice Minister
>Nelson Jobim and Federal Police director Vicente Chelotti that
>another local landowner had collected money from among 20
>landowners to pay police $100,000 to carry out the Apr. 17
>massacre of at least 19 landless protesters [see Update #325].
>The witness and his family, whose identities are being kept
>secret, are currently under the protection of the Federal Police.
>The witness charged that three days before the massacre, Plinio
>Pinheiro Neto, owner of the Macaxeira estate, had asked him to
>make a contribution for the operation. "He told me that [local
>Military Police (PM) commander] Col. [Mario] Pantoja asked for a
>bribe of $100,000 to help in the eviction, [and for] arms and
>ammunition," the witness told TV Globo. (Col. Pantoja has been
>suspended and is under house arrest.) Each landowner was to
>contribute $5,000, and Pinheiro had made clear that the objective
>was to eliminate 10 leaders of the Landless Movement (MST). "Then
>I told him that I would not take part in this dirty game," said
>the witness. Pinheiro, interviewed by TV Globo, denied the
>The 55,000-hectare Macaxeira estate had been occupied for a year
>by some 200 landless peasants, who considered it unproductive and
>therefore eligible for expropriation under agrarian reform laws;
>Macaxeira was invaded in April by some 1,500 MST members in
>support of the occupants' demands. [El Diario-La Prensa 5/4/96
>from Notimex; La Jornada 5/4/96 (electronic edition) from AFP,
>AP, DPA, EFE, Reuter]
>The anonymous witness also confirmed MST accusations that
>professional gunmen disguised as PM agents participated in the
>massacre, and he even identified two of them as Gilberto Macedo
>and Ailton Bispo Dos Santos, names which had been mentioned by
>the MST members.
>As the charges were made public, the new agrarian reform
>minister, Raul Jungmann, announced the suspension of the purchase
>of Macaxeira, for which the National Institute of Colonization
>and Agrarian Reform (INCRA) had offered to pay $1.8 million
>reales. The MST applauded Jungmann's decision, and announced it
>would step up occupations of unproductive estates in Para near
>the cities of Maraba, Tucurui, Sao Geraldo, Jacunda and Eldorado
>Carajas. [LJ 5/4/96 from AFP, AP, DPA, EFE, Reuter]
>In the meantime, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso seems to be
>backtracking on promises to accelerate agrarian reform in Brazil.
>Local press reports allege that Cardoso has decided not to ask
>Congress to give priority status to the approval of a law that
>would speed up the expropriation of unproductive land by limiting
>landowner appeals. [Diario Las Americas 5/3/96 from EFE]
>Brazilian workers were less than thrilled when the government
>announced that an increase in the minimum wage would take effect
>on May 1. The 11.2% increase brings the new monthly wage to 112
>reales, about $113. Workers, economists and politicians all
>protested the small increase, arguing that it should have been
>raised in proportion to inflation, which was more than 20% over
>the past 12 months. [DLA 5/2/96 from EFE]
> *****
> Date: Mon, 6 May 96 12:58:03 -0700
> From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>
> Subject: 129a Trials Against Kurds In Germany
> -----
> 129a Trials Against Kurds In Germany
> On April 10, 1996, a trial was opened against four Kurdish
>political prisoners in Stammheim prison in Stuttgart. Zulfiye
>Sanli, Mehmet Nuri Akdeniz, Mehmet Karayilan, and Mehmet Sirin
>Uner are being charged under Paragraph 129a for "membership in a
>terrorist organization". A total of 25 Kurds are presently on or
>awaiting trial in Germany for similar charges; proceedings are
>already underway in Hamburg and Frankfurt; trials are being
>prepared in Dusseldorf and Munich. Most of the indictments were
>based on the testimony of a state witness who defected from the
>PKK and turned himself in to police in Berlin in February 1994.
>[In many of these cases, the defendants face up to life in prison
>if convicted of the charges. The last major 129a trial against
>PKK supporters in Germany was held in Dusseldorf back in 1989. A
>total of 21 Kurds were charged with being "members of a terrorist
>organization within the PKK". [The four-year-long trial ended in
>failure for the German authorities as all but 4 of the Kurds were
>acquitted. - ATS]
> Since the PKK, a foreign-based organization, can't be
>directly put on trial in Germany, the federal prosecutor's office
>(BAW) is trying to construct a different "terrorist organization"
>in the Stuttgart trial. According to prosecution, there are
>terrorist organizations within the PKK which coordinate and carry
>out Kurdish activities inside Germany. These structures are
>"highly clandestine" and their members use code names, according
>to the BAW. The defendants, alleged by the BAW to be "regional
>leaders", are said to have carried out such actions within their
>respective districts. The three men and one woman on trial in
>Stuttgart are said to have functioned in Mannheim, Stuttgart,
>Ulm, and Munich. The charges against them, which were filed on
>August 30, 1995, state that the four followed orders from PKK
>leader Abdullah Ocalan to carry out systematic "militant actions"
>in Germany. These are said to have included "destructive acts"
>and arson attacks on Turkish establishments. The goal, according
>to the BAW, was to draw attention to the status of the Kurds in
>southeastern Turkey and to put pressure on the German public
>opinion and the German government, as well as to win support for
>the PKK amongst Kurds in Germany.
> Supporters of the Kurdish defendants on trial in Stuttgart
>point out that the real motives for the charges are political,
>backed with a "broad media smear-campaign designed to defame all
>Kurds as terrorists". In a press release, the Committee to
>Support Kurdish Political Prisoners points out that the PKK has
>adhered to a unilateral cease-fire for the past three months. The
>Committee charges that the German government as well as the
>Turkish regime have ignored this cease-fire in order to push on
>with their war against the Kurds: "Through its banning of the
>PKK, the constant smear-campaigns against the Kurdish resistance,
>and the continuing repression against all those who show
>solidarity with the liberation struggle, the German government
>long ago imported this war inside its borders." Both governments'
>treatment of the liberation movement is also reflected in the
>treatment of the "hundreds of Kurdish political prisoners in
>Germany as well as the ten thousand prisoners of war in Turkish
>(Translated by Arm The Spirit from Junge Welt, April 9, 1996)
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