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>Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist collective based
>in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide variety of
>material, including political prisoners, national liberation
>struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism, the fight
>against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our writings,
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> From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>
> Subject: Repression Against Kurds And Turks In Germany
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>Again Germany Is On The Wrong Side In The Fight Against Fascism
>Statement Of The Turkey Committee, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> It is becoming more and more obvious that the German state
>takes sides in the conflict between the Turkish and Kurdish
>activists on the one side, and the Turkish state with its fascist
>ideology on the other. The ban on progressive Kurdish and Turkish
>organisations with whom the German state confronts the Turkish
>and Kurdish activists for human rights have, by and by, created a
>climate in which one can speak of a hunt in Germany against
>Turkish and Kurdish activists. Civil rights, like the right to
>demonstrate, the right to gather, the freedom of expression, the
>freedom to go to all member-states of this "Unified Europe" do
>not apply to Kurdish and Turkish activists. Hundreds of people
>were attacked in their homes or in their associations by
>anti-terror units of the GSG-9. Many people were dragged out of
>their houses in the middle of the night, naked and blindfolded.
>The number of raids against Turkish and especially Kurdish
>organisations exceeds several hundreds. The media are completely
>"gleich geschaltet" when it concerns people of Kurdish origin...
>More than one hundred Turkish and Kurdish activists are locked up
>in German prisons, thousands are involved in judicial procedures
>because of alleged support of organisations which are called
>terrorist by the German state. The financial costs of these
>procedures are a heavy burden for a group which belongs to the
>people with a lower income. It seems to be the strategy of the
>German state to hit individuals financially also.
>Are German Interests More Important Than Human Rights In Turkey?
> In Europe, Germany is the country which is responsible for
>most of the weapon deliveries to Turkey. Members of the Turkish
>contra-guerilla are trained by German "anti-terror specialists",
>in a way as this is done in Latin American dictatorships by
>American agents. In this way the German political class and the
>German judicial apparatus construed a direct relationship with
>the fascist regime in Turkey with its methods which evoke
>nightmarish pictures of the Nazi-past in Germany. Of all the
>European states, Germany has the most interests in the present
>miserable living conditions in Turkey, it is the largest investor
>in Turkey...
> It clearly looks as if Germany is protecting the interests
>of its business class, which profits from the extreme low wages
>in Turkey and the iron regime in Ankara which oppresses the
>people in Turkey with all kind of inhuman means, by attacking and
>criminalising the oppositional groups, organisations and
>individuals from Turkey.
> In Europe, Germany is the country which knows best what a
>fascist dictatorship is. It is no honour for the present
>generation of German politicians that it seems to have forgotten
>the bloody lessons from the past...
> For us, and for everybody who calls himself a democrat
>and/or a human rights activist, this means that we have to
>connect the solidarity with the struggle for human rights,
>democracy, freedom and a dignified life in Turkey with the
>struggle for civil rights of the Turkish and Kurdish activists in
>Europe. It can not be doubted that the Kurdish and Turkish
>activists in Europe are presently used to push through all kinds
>of "anti-terrorist" measures which will ultimately turn against
>everybody who is critical towards present capitalist Europe, the
>way in which the richness in the West is gathered, the way this
>wealth is shared, and the way the international flow of refugees
>is handled, a result of the increasingly growing contradictions
>between the rich West and the countries at the European edge, in
>Africa, Asia and Latin America.
> If we keep allowing the present treatment of the Turkish and
>Kurdish activists in Europe, it will only be a question of time
>and the next group in society will be the victim of these
>repressive measures.
>(Source: DHKC Information Bureau, E-mail: <ozgurluk@xs4all.nl>
>For regular information about the Classwar in Turkey and
>Kurdistan - http://www.xs4all.nl/~ozgurluk)
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> Copyright &copy 1996 N.Y. Times News Service
> LOS ANGELES (May 5, 1996 8:53 p.m. EDT) -- Nearly a month
>after a television news crew here videotaped the clubbing of two
>Mexicans by sheriff's deputies, the incident continues to
>transfix Californians, generating extraordinary soul-searching
>over the issue of illegal immigration.
> Many people were pained by the videotape, released within
>hours of the beating and played with numbing repetition on the
>local news. The grainy images stirred a range of feelings
>including embarrassment, anger, sadness and horror as the
>officers used nightsticks on the unresisting Mexicans, a man and
>a woman, both illegal immigrants.
> But although polls show that a majority of people believe the
>deputies used excessive force, a vocal and politically
>influential minority has directed their outrage instead at the
>people who were beaten. They have argued loudly, on talk radio,
>in sound bites on the nightly news and in newspaper opinion
>columns, that people who sneak into this country illegally, take
>American jobs and burden social services deserve what they get.
> "When you are engaged in a felony, some force is likely to be
>used," said Ron Prince, the chairman of Save Our State, an
>organization that wants a crackdown on illegal immigration. "If
>our borders were secure, we wouldn't have these kind of
> Joseph Perkins, a conservative columnist for The San Diego
>Union-Tribune, wrote recently that while no reasonable person
>would condone the beatings, it was not unreasonable to suggest
>that any fleeing felon of any race or nationality who leads the
>police on an hourlong chase at speeds up to 75 miles an hour is
>not going to be treated with kid gloves once apprehended.
> The disgust with illegal immigrants was palpable on a local
>talk radio show last week, when a caller railed against
>"wetbacks" who "ought to be sent back to Mexico." Or, as another
>caller put it: "They come in, break our laws and get to stay.
>They have more rights than we do."
> Even some civil libertarians with strong liberal credentials
>have found it hard to defend the illegal immigrants. While
>deploring the beatings, some say privately that they were
>appalled by the decision of lawyers for one of the Mexicans to
>file a lawsuit against Riverside County, alleging that the
>deputies "recklessly, intentionally and wantonly" violated their
>client's civil and human rights and seeking $10 million in
>damages. The Mexicans should not receive a huge monetary
>windfall, critics complained, because they were breaking the law.
> Joel Kopkin, a senior fellow for public policy at Pepperdine
>University in Malibu, Calif., said: "A lot of people feel that
>what the cops did was wrong, and they should be punished for it.
>But should the felons be rewarded for the fact that the police
>did something wrong? It's like these people have won the
> The beatings occurred on April 1, after a high-speed chase
>over 80 miles of Southern California highways, ending about 20
>miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The two victims, Alicia
>Sotero and Enrique Funes Flores, were among about 20 illegal
>immigrants packed in a pickup truck. The others fled after the
>truck was stopped by the deputies.
> The two officers involved, Kurt Franklin and Tracy Watson,
>have been suspended with pay pending an investigation by the
>Justice Department and other law enforcement agencies.
> A decision on whether to indict the officers could come in the
>next two weeks, said a person close to the investigation.
> Some critics have found it galling that Mexico, through its
>consul in Los Angeles, Jose Angel Pescador, encouraged the
>beating victims to sue for damages. Foreign Ministry officials in
>Mexico City have also said that Pescador was in contact with
>several Mexican American and Hispanic grass-roots organizations
>to encourage their protests to the Clinton administration and in
>the streets.
> "Mexico Hypocrisy," thundered an editorial in The Fresno Bee,
>which went on to say that Mexican officials, given their own
>dismal human rights record, had little standing to preach human
>rights to the United States.
> Sentiments against the victims were defiantly displayed at a
>rally in the city of Riverside two weeks after the incident,
>where speakers bashed immigrants and the news media. Daryl Gates,
>the former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and the
>featured speaker, told the crowd of about 500 that he was still
>angry that, after the acquittal of four Los Angeles police
>officers on state charges in connection with the beating of
>Rodney G. King in 1991, federal authorities successfully
>prosecuted two of them on civil rights violations.
> Gates urged the federal government to stay out of the
>Riverside case. "We do not need the FBI, the civil rights section
>of the Justice Department, any of that," he said. People in the
>crowd held up signs reading, "Police get punished, criminals get
>$$$" and "Put the illegals away, not our deputies."
> Among the most striking developments since the incident has
>been how the Hispanic community, which often has been divided
>over the question of illegal immigration, has been galvanized. In
>recent weeks, several rallies have been held to honor the two
>victims, where they have been feted as if they were folk heroes.
> And while many Americans view the immigrants with contempt,
>Spanish-language broadcasts here have portrayed them as victims
>of a growing, unfocused anti-immigrant sentiment and the beatings
>as the predictable manifestation of the nativist oratory of some
>American political candidates.
> "Latinos were very offended by the beating," said Gregory
>Rodriquez, a research fellow for public policy at Pepperdine. "It
>was almost a delayed reaction to Proposition 187," the 1994 state
>ballot measure designed to deny government benefits to illegal
> "It was like, 'Oh, no, not again,"' Rodriquez said. "People
>took it very viscerally."
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> Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 12:05:20 -0700
> From: pinknoiz@ccnet.com (Bob Gonsalves)
> Subject: Skinhead Internet Site
> -----
>Skinhead Internet Site
> DALLAS (AP) - A man with a lengthy history of
>skinhead-related offenses is promoting what may be the largest
>skinhead information and recruiting Web sites on the Internet by
>using photos of people being beaten.
> Hate groups use the Internet to communicate among themselves
>and recruit, experts said. But the Skinheads U.S.A. site goes
>further in espousing violence than anything else they've seen.
> "Until now we've never seen skinheads taking pictures of
>their handiwork," said Mark Briskman, regional director of the
>Anti- Defamation League. "It reminds me of Nazi Germany and the
>way they meticulously documented all their atrocities in stills
>and on film."
> Public files on the Internet show the site's author to be
>Bart Alsbrook.
> Police said the 28-year-old North Dallas man has a lengthy
>history of skinhead-related offenses. Alsbrook, who identifies
>himself on line as Bootboy, declined requests for an interview
>with The Dallas Morning News after he initially agreed to talk
>about his work.
> There is nothing illegal about Alsbrook's effort, although
>the photos may be evidence of a crime, police said.
> Dallas police were unaware of Alsbrook's effort, but are
>well aware of him. Alsbrook is a hard-core skinhead with a string
>of minor convictions in Dallas County, said Detective Truly
>Holmes of the Dallas Police Intelligence Unit.
> Detectives said they planned to study the photos to see if
>they match any assaults under investigation.
> The Skinheads U.S.A. site makes no bones about its intent.
> "This page is designed to correspond with other White
>Nationalists on the Internet and to provide links, addresses and
>phone numbers of other Pro White groups," an introduction to the
>site says. "It's directed mainly toward Skinheads and the more
>`in your face' crowd."
> Beneath the introduction is a photograph of at least three
>people kicking and jumping on a black male, who is lying face
>down with his arms out. Another photo in the site, titled "The
>Mexican Getting Smashed," shows two men beating a bleeding
> The site links users to more than 40 other locations.
>Visitors can move to sites by white separatists, neo-Nazis and
>skinhead bands. Those sites have names such as Stormfront, White
>Aryan Resistance and National Alliance.
> Alsbrook's Internet service provider, Dallas-based Internet
>America, was unaware of the site, said vice president Tim Martin.
> But unless content on the site is breaking the law, there is
>little the company can do, he said.
> "If, however, there's anything illegal about a site, we
>cooperate fully with the police and FBI," he said.
> Last month, the Anti-Defamation League released a report on
>the exploitation of the Internet by extremists. It described the
>Skinheads U.S.A. site as one of the first and few areas of the
>World Wide Web dedicated to skinheads.
> The report, "The Web of Hate," detailed how militant
>militia, white separatists, neo-Nazis and skinheads have taken to
>the Net. Through private e mail, public discussions in news
>groups and graphic-laden Web sites, some of the groups have
>established links that crisscross the globe.
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> Copyright &copy 1996 The Associated Press
> TASZAR, Hungary (May 4, 1996 4:23 p.m. EDT) -- Some Hungarians
>employed in the kitchens serving U.S. troops backing up the peace
>force in Bosnia claim Americans are sexually harassing and
>exploiting them.
> There are few complaints against GIs. Nearly all involve
>American civilian staff of the local subsidiary of Houston-based
>Brown and Root, which employs nearly 200 Hungarians as kitchen
>helpers, construction workers and drivers.
> The Hungarians formed a union last week to press their
>grievances against International American Products Ltd., sending
>complaints to the U.S. Embassy in Budapest and to Hungarian Prime
>Minister Gyula Horn.
> The managing director of the Brown and Root subsidiary
>suggested that most of them had no reason to complain.
> Szilvia Nyers, a kitchen worker, said her American boss "feels
>me up on the pretext of a body search every day."
> Cook Csaba Horvath alleged that the American contractors "do
>with us as they please," including cutting wages by two-thirds
>without warning.
> Julia Varga, another cook, said an American employee of
>International American Products recently offered her 40,000
>forints (more than $300) a month if she moved in with him.
> Kitchen worker Ildiko Szabo said she was offered 20,000
>forints ($130) by a GI to have sex with him.
> "They regard us as dirty, stupid and backward," Szabo said of
>her International American Products employers. "... I had all
>sorts of ideas about Americans and America, but what we got was
>totally different."
> Brian K. Williams, of Camden, N.C., managing director of
>International American Products, refused to discuss the
>allegations in detail, but said: "We are giving them jobs and try
>to treat them fairly."
> Responding to complaints like those of kitchen helper Zsuzsa
>Tetrina, who said she was told to clean up vomit even though it
>wasn't one of her duties, Williams said, "Our feeling is that you
>have to do what you have to do."
> In Houston, Brown and Root officials were not immediately
>available for comment. U.S. military officials also had no
>immediate comment.
> The complaints have cast a cloud on what both sides have
>sought to depict as exemplary relations since the 3,500 American
>soldiers stationed here began arriving in the region last
> The soldiers -- most of them in logistic and supply positions
>for the 60,000-strong NATO-led force policing Bosnia's peace --
>have tried to maintain good relations in this village of 2,000
>and neighboring Kaposvar, a pleasant city of 80,000 about 50
>miles southwest of Budapest.
> GIs regularly visit classrooms to help with English lessons or
>show slides and videos of their duties. Municipal officials meet
>with commanders to discuss anything from traffic to choir
>performances for the soldiers.
> In Taszar, open meetings every two weeks permit villagers to
>ask questions of U.S. officers, and the base is open to weekend
>guided tours.
> Expectations were high when the Americans came. International
>American Products handed out three-month contracts and wages
>triple that of the going rate in Hungary. A cook's salary, for
>instance, was the equivalent of $900.
> But new, month-long contracts offered when the longer ones
>expired offer only $320 to that same cook.
> "They do with us as they please, refuse to renew contracts
>with no reason given, lower our wages," said Horvath, the
>22-year-old cook. "Nobody is supervising them. They are a state
>within a state."
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