Multiple spams on this list

Enigmatic Entity (
Tue, 07 May 1996 16:10:37 +1000

I've just poked through the inbox here for the a-infos-discussion list and
discovered 5 of those 13k spams about magazine subscriptions.

I've sent a short reply to each of them, complaining about the spam and the
lies included, cc-ing to their postmaster (

A short reply is sensible, in case the account is already deleted --- I'ts
not much use emailbom-ing someone if it's going to bounce right back!

Perhaps it will be necessary to restrict this list to subscribers only
(closed list) , which is what happened to another list I was on in response
to the SAME spam, many months ago.

I'm not sure about the exact path of the message --- It appeared to have
some sort of spam forwarder involved, but this wasn't reflected by the headers.

regards, dizzie