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Tom Burghardt (tburghardt@igc.apc.org)
Tue, 7 May 1996 02:56:25 +0200

In addition refugee groups have also accused the State Prosecutor
of attempting to deport Safwan Eid's family, who were also
resident in the hostal on the night of the fire, in order to get
rid of important witnesses for the defence. The L|beck refugee
authorities are said to have asked the Lebanese Embassy in Bonn
to provide emergency travel documents in order to facilitate the
deportation of the family.

Meanwhile defence counsel Gabriele Heinecke has announced that
"prominent personalities from other countries have joined
together to form an International Investigative Commission" to
examine the facts in the L|beck massacre case. The Commission,
made up of legal experts mainly from other European countries
will "attempt to make contact with the investigating authorities"
and begin its activities in L|beck itself.

And whilst an official report from the Office for the Protection
of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) from the neighbouring
state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has reported a renewed growth in
xenophobic and racist activity in that state over the last year,
newspapers have also reported that the burnt-out ruin of the
hostal in L|beck has now been daubed with huge swastikas.

So while the State Prosecutor's case can be seen to be crumbling
away to nothing, and suspicions of a cover-up abound, the need to
find the real murderers and counter the growing influence of the
neo-fascist right is as urgent as ever.


{EDITOR'S NOTE: The post below indicates that a highly-
influential section of the far-right is attempting to set-up
Chicano, Latino, leftist and immigrant right's groups planning
demonstrations this summer.

The California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR), is
charging the Chicano Moritorium Committee, Four Winds Student
Movement and leftist groups such as La Resistencia, with planning
"riots" at the Olympics and the Repulican National convention.
The acutal call on the flyer issued by San Diego's Raza Rights
Coalition is for a _march_. They are calling for cop repression.

Citing (unnamed) "reliable sources in Washington," CCIR
director, Barbara Coe, urges "federal and local law enforcement,
together with the security people at these events [to] take these
reports [of disruption] seriously and plan accordingly."

The post was forwarded from the "Buchanan Brigade" list.
These folks represent the political base which rallied with ex-
Cop Chief, Darryl Gates, in L.A. several weeks ago. Their demo
was in support of the San Bernadino County Sheriff Deputies
videotaped beating undocumented workers. "Evidence" is not an
issue here; this may be the opening shot a full-blown
disinformation campaign. HEAD'S UP!}


From: "Linda Muller" <lmuller@iquest.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 23:55:36 +0000
Subject: [Brigade] Chicano/Latino Rioting

Please send ALL replys to: lmuller@iquest.com Or ANY of the
addresses listed below. Please do NOT reply to:
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Dear Brigade,

Barbara Coe is a great leader in the fight to stop illegal
immigration and she is a personal friend of mine. She has a very
informative newsletter, and is also available for speaking
engagements and radio shows.

Barbara has been working for this cause for many years and has
been scrimping and saving her pennies to pay for it all out of
her own pocket. If you are interested in the issue of Illegal
Immigration her newsletter will give you a wealth of info on the

BTW - below she mentions "We believe federal and local law
enforcement, together with the security people at these events,
should take these reports seriously and plan accordingly."

I wonder if "they" will try to blame the Militias for this one!!!


PS Thanks David, for sending it!


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Date: 25 Apr 96 04:59:02 EDT
From: "David S. Whitley" <73021.553@CompuServe.COM>

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Conservative Concepts Communique !!! Volume 2, Issue 4a
Electronic Edition Published April 25, 1996


The Following is a reprint of a fax I received Wednesday.

CCIR 9*1*1 Bulletin

A Publication of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform
5942 Edinger, Suite 113-117 / Huntington Beach, 92649 (714)

April 23, 1996

>From the desk of Barbara Coe

To: Group Leaders

Reliable sources in Washington D.C. indicate that Chicano/Latino
militants plan rioting at three venues this summer:

A) The Republican National Convention in San Diego, CA
B) The Democratic Convention in Chicago, IL
C) The Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA

The sources indicate that - in all three cases - Louis Farrakhan
will emerge as the mediator, thereby legitimizing the Nation of

We have the written and audio taped documentation of the plans
of"Four Winds Student Movement" and other groups such as "La
Resistencia" and "Pro-Immigrant Mobilization Coalition" about
disrupting the Republican Convention and the Summer Olympics. It
would be dangerous and irresponsible to ignore such reported

We believe federal and local law enforcement, together with the
security people at these events, should take these reports
seriously and plan accordingly.

**Text of clipped advertisement shown on the fax is below.**

National Raza March against the Republican National Convention
Saturday, August 10, 1996 San Diego, Calefas (sp?)

Join Us In The Struggle Against Racism And In Defense Of La Raza

Rescind Proposition 187!
Rescind All "English Only" Laws!
Amend the Clinton Crime Bill!
No Social or Education Cutbacks!
Abolish the I.N.S. and
The Border Patrol!
Demolish the Border!
Amend NAFTA: U.S. Out Of Mexico!
Impeach Pete Wilson!

(NOTE: Actually a few of the above demands sound pretty good to
me! - Linda)

National Raza Unity Convention Sunday, August 11, 1996
Organized by the Raza Rights Coalition
San Diego Region of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee
For More Information call the Raza Rights Coalition (619)
!El Pueblo Unido, James Sera' Vencide!


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BUENOS AIRES (Apr 27, 1996 5:47 p.m. EDT) - Argentina's
Catholic Church asked for forgiveness on Saturday for the
involvement of priests in the violence that wracked the country
during the 1976-1983 military dictatorship.

"We implore pardon to God our Lord for the crimes then
committed, especially by those involving sons of the Church,
whether they be enlisted with the revolutionary guerrillas,
working for the state or members of the security forces," said a
document issued by the Argentine Episcopal Conference.

The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Antonio Quarracino, read out
the 39-point document unamimously approved by the bishops after
six days of retreat and a year of wrangling.

Many Argentines feel the Church did not speak out enough
against the torture and killing by the military juntas and there
have been accusations that priests participated.

"We are profoundly sorry to have been unable to ease more the
pain produced in such a great drama," the bishops said. They
asked pardon "for all who, deforming Christ's teachings,
encouraged guerrilla violence or immoral repression."

The Church's declaration added to a wave of mea culpas last
year by the heads of the armed forces and their former guerrilla
foes for the atrocities of the "Dirty War," waged by the military
against leftists.

The formal expressions of regret unprecedented in Latin
America were triggered by the televised confession of a former
navy officer who gave chilling details of how drugged leftists
were thrown naked out of planes to their deaths in the sea.

The confession by the officer, Adolfo Scilingo, outlined the
ambiguous role of some priests in the repression of the military
juntas. He said military chaplains consoled officers who took
part in "death flights" and that senior officers sought church
guidance on how to dispose of detainees.

Human rights groups including the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo
say that priests actually helped extract confessions.

Despite the rash of "Dirty War" apologies, bitterness still
runs deep in many Argentines, who feel that a law excusing all
but top military brass from prison for human rights abuses has
left criminals free to walk the streets.

A former police doctor known to have tortured pregnant women
in the 1970s was shot and nearly killed outside his home on April
4. The notorious "Blond Angel," navy captain Alfredo Astiz,
convicted in absentia by French courts for the deaths of two
nuns, was twice attacked in public last year.




Copyright &copy 1996 Nando.net
Copyright &copy 1996 The Associated Press

MADRID, Spain (Apr 25, 1996 7:42 p.m. EDT) -- A Supreme Court
judge has found no evidence linking Prime Minister Felipe
Gonzalez to death squads that targeted Basque separatists in the
1980s, a news agency reported Thursday.

Because of the lack of evidence, Judge Eduardo Moner has
decided not to summon Gonzalez for questioning in connection with
the Anti-Terrorist Liberation Groups, or GAL, the Spanish news
agency EFE reported.

However, Spain's Europa Press agency reported that Moner had
found no evidence linking Gonzalez to one incident -- the death
squad's kidnapping of Segundo Marey, a French salesman mistaken
for a Basque terrorist. That report suggested Gonzalez might
still be summoned for questioning in other actions by the
anti-terrorist militias.

The conflicting reports could not be immediately reconciled.
Phone calls to the Supreme Court went unanswered.

Allegations that Gonzalez's Socialist government was behind
GAL's attacks against armed Basque separatists forced the prime
minister to hold early elections in March.

The Socialists lost the election to the conservative Popular
Party. Gonzalez is now acting prime minister while negotiations
are underway on creating a new government.

In January, Moner indicted former Interior Minister Jose
Barrionuevo and former state security chief Rafael Vera, saying
they organized the death squad and directed its operations. Their
trials are pending.

GAL killed 27 people from 1983 until 1987, when France began
extraditing suspected Basque terrorists back to Spain.

Marey, kidnapped in December 1983 and held for 10 days, was
one of the first victims of GAL.




Copyright &copy 1996 Nando.net
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

CALGARY, Alberta (Apr 29, 1996 3:12 p.m. EDT) - A bomb
contained in a package exploded at the Calgary Jewish Centre on
Monday morning, sending one woman to the hospital, a police
spokesman said.

The woman, a secretary at the centre, was not hurt but was
sent to the hospital for observation, police spokesman Brendan
Kapuscinski said. "We're speculating the package malfunctioned
and only partially exploded," he said.

Kapuscinski said a police bomb squad was at the scene of the
blast to disarm the remains of the package and the arson squad
would be dispatched to investigate further.

The explosion occurred on the second floor of a building in
the southwest part of this city of 750,000, which is one of the
world's major oil industry centers.

Six people from the floor were evacuated. The building where
the Jewish Center's offices are housed is also home to a daycare

Calgary's Jewish community numbers about 5,600 people,
making it among the smallest in major Canadian cities.

Harvey Kane, Calgary-based director for the Jewish Defense
League, said he had not received information that would point to
a person or group responsible for the bomb. But he said white
supremacy groups could be using the Israeli-Lebanese conflict as
an excuse to elevate their anti-Jewish actions in North America.

"It doesn't necessarily have to come from Hizbollah or the
Lebonese community or PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization).
The white supremacists are looking for opportunities to plant a
letter bomb like this," Kane said.

He said the letter containing the device was received at the
center on Friday and sat unopened in the office's mailbox over
the weekend.

"It was well thought out," Kane said. "It was somebody that
knew the religious law requirements of the Hebrew people."

The office is closed on Friday afternoons so staff can
prepare for the Jewish Sabbath. It remains closed until Monday

Alberta is known as a base for various white supremacy
groups in Canada, including the Aryan Nations.


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 05:46:07 -0700 (PDT)
X-within-URL: http://www.usa.net/gtonline/today/nat010.html

GT Online National News Section
GT National News


Associated Press

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A shrapnel-filled pipe bomb exploded in a
doorway of City Hall early Monday, hurling three-inch nails more
than a block away into a park. It was the Spokane Valley's third
bombing in less than a month.

The building was unoccupied and no one was injured in the 3
a.m. blast, officials said. Heavy oak entry doors deflected the
force of the explosion.

"Why a shrapnel bomb would be used at that hour, in such an
uninhabited location, we don't know, unless it's a message, or a
warning, or a practice run," Police Chief Terry Mangan said.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, and
police found no notes or other written materials with the debris.

Mangan also said police "simply do not know" if the explosion
was related to other bombings, such as a package that detonated
Monday morning at a Jewish center in Calgary, Alberta, 300 miles
to the northeast.

A bomb squad searched City Hall for other explosives, and
employees returned about 1:30 p.m. Officials arranged heightened
security for their regularly scheduled City Council meeting
Monday night.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the
FBI were called in, and city employees searched other municipal
buildings, Spokane International Airport, and bridges and
communications sites as a precaution. No other devices were
found, Mangan said.

On April 1, men in ski masks and military-style fatigues set
off a small bomb while robbing a bank in suburban Spokane Valley.
Minutes earlier, another pipe bomb had exploded outside a nearby
suburban office of The Spokesman-Review newspaper.

It wasn't known whether the blast was intended to divert
attention from some other crime or is related to bombings earlier
this month at a newspaper office and bank in Spokane.

Monday's bomb exploded just yards from the spot where up to
60,000 runners will be crossing the finish line in Sunday's
12-kilometer Lilac Bloomsday road run.

The earlier blasts were reminiscent of bombings in the 1980s
in Spokane, Seattle and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, which were carried
out by members and sympathizers of The Order, an offshoot of the
white supremacist Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Those
bombings appeared to be aimed at diverting police away from
simultaneous robberies.

Authorities also are investigating whether the Spokane Valley
blasts are connected to the Aryan Republican Army, a white
supremacist group that has allegedly committed at least 16 bank
robberies and bombings in the Midwest.

A Service by the Gazette Telegraph, Hosted by U S A . N E T.
Copyright ) 1995-1996 The Gazette Telegraph


{EDITOR'S NOTE: In response to publicity generated by the
upcoming publication of _The Turner Diaries_ this summer by
Barricade Books, the National Alliance has posted NA _fuhrer_
Pierce's "novel" on-line. Pierce will receive approximately 6-7%
of the cover price on a initial press run of 50,000. _The Turner
Diaries_ are said to have inspired Robert Mathews Nazi terror
gang, "The Order" as well as the alleged bombing of the Oklahoma
City Federal Building by Timothy McVeigh.}


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