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Tom Burghardt (tburghardt@igc.apc.org)
Mon, 6 May 1996 18:21:39 +0200

there remain 90 days for the clause on immigration to go into
effect. There is still a ray of hope given the amendment
presented by Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, which
dictates that persons be deported without a right to trial even
when they may have already initiated the process to become


Groups like the Asociacion de Salvadorenos de Los Angeles
(ASOSAL), Casa Nicaragua, One Stop Immigration, the American
Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Mexican American Legal Defense
and Educational Fund (MALDEF) urge the community to participate
in the campaign with the objective being to become informed on
the effects that the anti-terrorist law will have on the
immigrant community waiting to obtain their naturalization, such
as ABC applicants, and those who find themselves under the status
of asylum or refugees.

The mobilization campaign for immigrant rights includes
the following events:

* Weekly vigils. The first vigil is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.
today at the corner of Mariposa Street and Olympic Boulevard.

* Massive vigil. This event is scheduled for next Friday May 3
at the cathedral of the Episcopalian Church located at 840 Echo
Park Avenue.

* Community forums, which will be conducted at the offices of
Central American assistance groups (for more information call any
of these assistance centers).

* Pressure on California Senators. The community is urged to
communicate with or send correspondence to California Senators
Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein to ask them to vote against
the clause on immigration.

* March. There will be a demonstration for immigrant rights in
the San Fernando Valley next Saturday, May 4.

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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 96 03:19:21 -0700
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>


Alleged AIZ Members Still Not Charged As Solidarity Slowly Builds

Michael S. and Bernhard F. have been in prison since
February 26, 1996 for alleged membership in the Anti-Imperialist
Cell (AIZ). According to the Federal Prosecutor's Office (BAW),
formal charges against the two men have still not been filed. The
investigations are set to last for some time yet. It seems that
the media circus surrounding the arrest (complete with an
anti-bomb robotic device) suggested more evidence at hand than
was actually the case. For example, still unexplained is the
contradiction between police claims that the two men were under
surveillance during the time of the attack on the Peruvian
consulate in Dusseldorf by means of a homing device in their car
and the fact that they then managed to shake off the tail.

Both men are accused of membership in a terrorist
organization (Paragraph 129a) as well as attempted murder and the
use of explosives. According Michael's lawyer, Ursula Erhard,
both men are being held in isolation, one in Lubeck and the other
in Cologne-Ossendorf.

The leftist scene remained hesistant following the arrests
in February. The autonomist weekly "Interim" completely ignored
the arrests for several weeks. The reason for the group's
islolation from the scene are critiques of the AIZ, especially
the group's outdated anti-imperialism and open support for
Islamic fundamentalism. Many people even wonder if the AIZ are
"leftist" and those arrested "comrades". But since then,
solidarity groups and anti-repression committees have called for
the unconditional release of the two men, who to this point have
not commented on the claims that they are AIZ members. "Not
showing solidarity with Berhard and Michael simply because they
are accused of membership in the controversial group AIZ means
believing all the lies of the BAW", stated the Anti-Repression
Group in Aachen.

A similar argument has been put forward by the Solidarity
Group in Hamburg, which has formulated a "general notion of
solidarity" which "offers support and protection for all comrades
who face state repression and destruction". The Solidarity Plenum
in Lubeck has also called for the "immediate release of Michael
and Bernhard". The two prisoners are now being included in
solidarity leaflets concerning the wave of police raids on June
13, 1995.

(Translated by Arm The Spirit from Junge Welt, April 13/14, 1996)

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 96 18:30:08 -0700
Subject: Murderer Of RAF Guerrilla Won't Stand Trial

Wolfgang Grams' Murderer Won't Stand Trial

On March 29, 1996, the State Supreme Court in the German
city of Rostock definitively dismissed all charges filed by the
Ruth and Werner Grams, parents of murdered RAF guerrilla Wolfgang
Grams, against two GSG-9 "anti-terror" cops. According to the
judge, the parents did not submit sufficient evidence to counter
the state's claim that Grams committed suicide as he lay wounded
on the tracks of the small train station in the town of Bad
Kleinen following a police ambush. In issuing his ruling, the
judge completely ignored the testimony of one unnamed federal
police officer who was at the scene on June 27, 1993, and who
filed an affidavit stating the Grams fell backwards onto the
tracks and that the two GSG-9 officers jumped after him
immediately and approached him as he lay on the ground. That
evidence alone should suffice for murder charges to at least be
filed. Another eye-witness as well as ballistics testimony
clearly showed that Grams was shot in the head execution-style at
close range and died.

In a twist of logic at which the German authorities excel,
RAF member Birgit Hogefeld, who was arrested during the raid, is
still facing murder charges for the death of a GSG-9 officer at
Bad Kleinen. This, despite the fact that Hogefeld was arrested
immediately after the raid was launched and was perhaps the only
person at the scene who didn't draw a gun during the commotion.

Wolfgang Grams Was Murdered!

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ISTANBUL, Turkey (May 1, 1996 5:01 p.m. EDT) -- Outlawed
leftist groups clashed with police during May Day rallies
Wednesday. Three protesters were killed and 69 people were

Two members of the illegal leftist Revolutionary People's
Salvation Party Front were shot and killed during the melee that
began when police tried to search some of 100,000 people arriving
to hear union leaders speak.

Istanbul Gov. Ridvan Yenisen told state television that 52
policemen were among those injured in the demonstrations on the
traditional labor holiday, usually marked by socialists and

Some protesters wearing masks and carrying flags with the
communist hammer-and-sickle symbol seized the speakers platform.
Others carried flags of the illegal Kurdistan Workers Party, or
PKK, which is waging a guerrilla war in southeastern Turkey.

After the speeches, some protesters went on a rampage,
damaging banks, stores and vehicles and attacking police with
sticks and stones.

Police fired into the air, and a least one bullet struck and
killed a protester, a government official said, speaking on
condition of anonymity.

Yenisen said 227 demonstrators were detained by police.

Leftist unions organized the May Day gathering to protest high
inflation. Wednesday was a Muslim holiday and most businesses
were closed.

In the resort town of Izmir, dozens of people including six
policemen were injured in a clash after police tried to stop
demonstrators from jumping over barricades. Several demonstrators
were detained, the Turkish news agency Anatolia reported.

During a 1977 May Day gathering in Istanbul, unidentified
gunmen opened fire on tens of thousands of demonstrators, killing




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MEXICO CITY (May 1, 1996 5:01 p.m. EDT) - Angry workers jeered
Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo on Wednesday as thousands
filled Mexico City's streets to protest an economic crisis and
Zedillo's inability to end it.

Hundreds of unionized workers whistled in derision at Zedillo
as he entered the pro-government Labor Congress in Mexico City to
mark traditional Labor Day celebrations.

On the streets, thousands of independent workers gathered in
the capital's giant Zocalo square, chanting anti-government
slogans and waving homemade banners to protest an economic crash
that has thrown millions out of work.

Organizers said they hoped more than 150,000 people would take
part in the protest.

Even some official unions took to the streets, defying
government orders to cancel traditional street celebrations for
the second year in a row amid fears of violence by workers fed up
with a steep recession.

Thousands of police, some clad in riot gear, were dispatched
to the city centre to keep an eye on the workers, but there were
no early reports of trouble.

Zedillo tried to warm his cold reception at the Labor Congress
by promising workers that the worst of the 16-month-old economic
crisis was nearly over.

"We are about to take the road to recovery," Zedillo said.

But the young Yale-trained economist made it clear he would
not bow to populist pressures to raise the minimum wage and spark
inflation just as the economy is stabiblizing after tumbling
nearly 7 percent last year.

"Workers and the government know that we must not confuse the
beginning of a recovery with the immediate and automatic recovery
of what we have lost," he said.

Some official union leaders pressed their demands for a
minimum wage increase anyway, pressured by growing unease within
the ranks of organized labor that has for decades been a pillar
of government support.

"We need some breathing room, Mr. President ... today's wages
buy only part of a basic basket of goods," Hector Valdez, head of
the Public Service Workers' Union.

Zedillo imposed a strict economic policy following his
December, 1994 devaluation of the peso. While the plan has
lowered inflation from about 50 to 30 percent, the economy has
taken a beating and thousands of businesses have shut down.

Reflecting growing divisions with Mexican labor, Monday's
rally was sharply divided between official events held behind
closed doors and the large, spontaneous rally of disgruntled
workers on the streets.

Since the devalution, workers' wages have fallen 39 percent in
real terms, according to a study by Mexico's National Autonomous

A poll by Reforma newspaper on Monday showed that 89 percent
of Mexican workers believe the country's labor laws should be
reformed to help workers. Most said raises and wage increases
were given according to influence and corruption.




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ROUEN, France (Apr 30, 1996 3:24 p.m. EDT) - Abbe Pierre,
France's most popular defender of the poor and often revered as
the conscience of the nation, partly retreated Tuesday in the
face of a storm over his support for an author who questions the

The 83-year-old Roman Catholic priest, denounced by his church
superiors, Jewish leaders, politicians and many friends, said he
"strongly condemns" any attempts to deny the "atrocious reality"
of Hitler's genocide of the Jews.

But Abbe Pierre also stood by his long-time friend Roger
Garaudy, a philosopher who wrote a bitterly contested book that
questions the extermination of the Jews in World War II.

Abbe Pierre, regularly shown by opinion polls to be the
best-liked person in France, said in a statement he would
withdraw his confidence in Garaudy only if the author failed to
admit "any mistake proven against him."

Garaudy's work, "The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics,"
doubts the widely accepted belief that 6 million Jews were
systematically exterminated by the Nazis in World War II. It says
the Jews suffered "massacres" that did not amount to genocide.

Monday, Abbe Pierre, who helped Jews escape from Nazi-occupied
France to neutral Switzerland, triggered fresh protest by
reiterating his support for the book. He insisted he had lifted a
taboo by agreeing with Garaudy that there may have been
exaggerations after the war.

He said he was not backing "revisionists" who deny the
Holocaust but added: "Debate on the issue is not closed."

Tuesday, Jewish and anti-racist leaders welcomed Abbe Pierre's
acceptance of the Holocaust but said it was contradictory to
insist it had to be proved anew before he withdrew his
controversial backing for Garaudy.

"There's no reason to prove that the Shoah (Holocaust)
existed, that there were gas chambers, that six million Jews died
in this extermination," said Jean Kahn, president of the
religious body that administers Jewish affairs in France.

Pierre Aidenbaum, head of the International League against
Racism and anti-Semitism, said he was relieved by Abbe Pierre's
latest remarks but now the priest "must withdraw his moral
backing for Garaudy's book."

Anti-racist groups have launched court action against Garaudy,
saying his views violate French laws that ban any revisionist
questioning of what courts have judged to be crimes against

"I don't want in any way to allow any doubt about the
atrocious reality of the Shoah and of the millions of Jews
exterminated because they were Jews," Abbe Pierre said in his

"I strongly condemn all those who for various reasons want to
deny, falsify or trivialize the Shoah which will remain for ever
an indelible stain of shame on the history of our continent."

Abbe Pierre said he was withdrawing suggestions for a new
debate by historians about the Holocaust, saying conditions were
not yet right.

Garaudy, a former Roman Catholic who converted to Islam after
being expelled from the Communist Party leadership, argued that
Israel has used "the myth of six million exterminated Jews" to
build its state and justify attacks on Palestinians.


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 22:31:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Michael Novick <mnovickttt@igc.apc.org>
Subject: l.a. racists

Man Gets 16 Months in Prison in Attack on Native American

Tuesday, April 30, 1996

A Huntington Beach man was sentenced to 16 months in prison
Monday after admitting his role as an accessory in the near-fatal
stabbing of a Native American man by two white supremacists.

Shannon Martin, 23, was charged with retrieving the knife
used in the Feb. 3 attack on George Mondragon, 20. As part of
Martin's plea in West Municipal Court, a separate conspiracy
charge was dismissed.

Two other people have been charged with the attack on
Mondragon, who was slashed as many as 27 times near a Huntington
Beach lifeguard tower after the group approached him and asked if
he believed in "white power," authorities said.

When Mondragon started to run, he allegedly was punched by
Michael Steven Eckert, 17, of La Palma. Police said Mondragon
then was stabbed by another defendant, 20-year-old Erik Anderson,
of Huntington Beach.

Investigators described Anderson and Eckert as
self-professed white supremacists who allegedly had accosted
other minorities that night. Anderson is charged with attempted
murder and commission of a hate crime. Eckert is charged with
attempted murder and conspiracy to commit a hate crime and is
being tried as an adult.

Martin was accused of taking the knife from a bush near the
tower, but authorities said he did not participate in the attack.

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