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into the economic, social and legal order of this country".
According to Federal Interior Minister Manfred Kanther, between
10,000 and 20,000 refugees will be affected by the ruling. On
average it takes 3 years for a court to reach a verdict on asylum
applications, and often much longer.

According to the conference decision, very few of the "old cases"
will be allowed to stay in Germany. Those who are eligible to
stay will then be tested for the following "integration
characteristics": refugees must have a secure income, "adequate"
living space and must not have been found guilty of any criminal
offence. Hamburg's Senator for the Interior Hartmut Wrocklage
(SPD), who chairs the conference, was quick to point out the
connection between this last point and "the recent confrontations
between Kurdish activists and the police".

Those refugees who nevertheless fulfil all the requirements and
are able to demonstrate the necessary "integration
characteristics", will eventually receive a residency permit -
although only for two years, after which time they will have to

The Lower Saxony Refugee Council is reported as having condemned
the conference ruling, particularly in view of the fact that
refugees who have been in Germany for nine years can now be
deported. In Holland by contrast, refugees receive an unlimited
residency permit after 3 years.

Berlin 23.4.96

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** Topic: Human Rights Update: 13 - 25 April **
** Written 3:51 AM May 1, 1996 by lawe@netvision.net.il
in cdp:mideast.levant **
1 May 1996


Land and Water Establishment
PO Box 20873
Tel: (972) (2) 812364/824559
Fax: (972) (2) 811072
email: lawe@netvision.net.il


As the beginning of the final status negotiations approaches, the
Israeli occupation policies of land confiscation, village raids,
property destruction and arbitrary arrest continue as tools to
predetermine their outcome. There has been no indication of a
change in these standard procedures, which serve to solidify
Israeli control over Area C of the West Bank and to remove the
Palestinian population from areas around Jewish settlements and
from near the green line.

The following are details of human rights abuses of the last two
weeks (details of recent land confiscations have been included in
our press release of 24 April).


On 16 April, settlers from Eli near the Arab village of Qariut
near Nablus began bulldozing land of the village to link it to
their settlement.

On 18 April, settlers from Kefar Tapuah cut and destroyed trees
on the property of Mustafa Saleh from Yassouf village near
Nablus, and assaulted him and his family.

Also on 18 April, settlers from Ariel cut almonds and fig trees
belonging to a farmer from Kufur Harris village near Nablus. He
was also assaulted by the settlers.


On 13 April, a large group of Israeli soldiers raided Siq el
Harthiyye village near Jenin, searched houses and damaged
property. They evacuated all the residents of the village,
including the elderly, women and children, to the main square of
the village.

On 13 April, the Israeli army raided and searched houses in
Yamoun village, near Jenin.

Also on 13 April, the Israeli army closed the entrance of Araba
village near Jenin, stopping all traffic and checking

On 14 April, the Israeli army surrounded and sealed Kufur Deeq
village near Qalqilya and searched houses. The army did not
permit residents to enter or leave the area.

On the same day the Israeli army and border police raided the
mosque of Naqoura village, near Nablus. The army confiscated
books, pictures and other material.

On 15 April, the Israeli military arrested suspected political
activists from opposition parties from the villages of Awarta
near Nablus, Hossan near Bethlehem and Samuah near Hebron.

On 18 April, Council Members from the Palestine National Council
were prevented from entering Gaza by the Israeli authorities at
the Erez checkpoint into Gaza.

On 19 April, Israeli army raided Bandala village in the Nablus
district, searched two houses and arrested two brothers from the
village, Yassir and Jaber Sliman Sawafta.

On 22 April, Council Members Shath al Natche and Dr. Ali Abu Rich
were denied permission to leave the West Bank in order to attend
meetings in Gaza.


On 21 April Israeli bulldozers began to destroy land in Bet Jala
village (near Bethlehem), near the Har Gilo settlement. The
Israeli authorities stated that the bulldozing was to develop the
electricity infrastructure for the settlement, but residents and
the land-owner believes it is to link this land to the

On 25 April, Israeli authorities began bulldozing land on Ras
Karkar near Ramallah to link the Na'ale settlement to Telmon B
and C settlements. This secondary, Jewish-only road will be five
kilometers long.

Recently Israeli authorities have announced the planned
demolition of 60 homes in Hebron, between the settlements of
Kiryat Arba and Givat Ha Harsina. The demolitions are postponed
(although only temporarily), however, due to heavy international
and internal pressure against the demolitions.

The demolition of homes near settlements, the confiscation of
"belts" of land surrounding settlements, the construction of
Jewish-only roads, the rounding-up of political opposition -
these policies together serve to cleanse areas of the West Bank
of a Palestinian presence (a straightforward Israeli version of
ethnic cleansing) and to ensure that areas C, with the
settlements of the West Bank, remain permanently under Israeli
control. The continuing and crippling total closure of the West
Bank and Gaza, additional restrictions on movement, arbitrary
arrest, administrative detention and village raids add brutal and
intolerable pressures on the local population and exacerbate an
already volatile situation.


Land and Water Establishment is a Palestinian non-governmental
organization, which seeks to defend human rights through legal
advocacy. LAWE is also the affiliate member of the Paris-based
International Federation for Human Rights.

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Internet Free-Speech Advocates Debate Rights of On-Line

By James Romenesko, Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Minn.

Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News

Apr. 29--Internet users who darkened their Web pages to protest
government censorship of the Net and waved "Free Speech Online"
blue ribbons in their virtual spaces have been forced in recent
months to consider another free-speech issue: Should white-power
advocates be allowed a presence on Usenet, the Internet's system
of bulletin-board forums?

Debate has raged since February over adding a proposed Usenet
"newsgroup" called rec.music.white-power. While Usenet carries
hundreds of unofficial forums (identified as "alt." for
"alternative"), only newsgroups that win majority approval from
the Internet community are added to the official hierarchy. Such
groups have names beginning with "rec" (for "recreation") or
"comp" ("computers").

The online votes on rec.music.white-power are being counted now,
but the issue still boils over in dozens of newsgroups in
passionate and sometimes threatening posts.

The white-power music discussion area was suggested by Milton
John Kleim Jr., a self-described White Nationalist from St.

While Kleim contends that he's interested in the music genre, his
critics claim he has other intentions with his proposal and call
it disingenuous. "It's for a neo-Nazi racist political newsgroup
masquerading as a music group," wrote one opponent.

Whether the discussion is over hate music or hate philosophies is
irrelevant, others say: The real question is: How tolerant of
extremist viewpoints should the Net community be?

The American Civil Liberties Union says even hate groups belong
on-line -- and the larger community even benefits from their
Internet presence.

"We think that sunlight is the best disinfectant," says Barry
Steinhardt, associate director of the national ACLU. "The result
of suppressing racist speech is to drive it underground where it
is far more dangerous. When it's exposed in the light of day, it
can be answered. One of the advantages of newsgroups is that a
response to hateful speech is only a 'reply' button away."

David Hayes, who heads an online free speech organization called
Freedom Knights of Usenet, notes that many of those who cried
about the government policing the Net are now acting as
self-appointed online censors.

"I would say that those people who darkened their pages to
protest (the Communications Decency Act) and then voted against
this newsgroup are being hypocritical," says Hayes.

In his rec.music.white-power charter, Kleim envisioned the
newsgroup to be an "entertaining and enlightening discussion of
revolutionary new forms of rock, country, and other sub-genres
having racist/nationalist themes. Both supporters and opponents
will find the group educational and intriguing."

Others, though, contend that Kleim, 25, merely wants an online
area to discuss extremist political philosophies and recruit
members. They note that he's written a pamphlet called "Tactics
and Strategy for Usenet," which instructs white-power advocates
on how to exploit the Net to advance their philosophies.

And to some Netters who oppose his beliefs, his exploitation is
just fine.

Writes one: "Why are we so eager to silence ideas we find
objectionable? A better, more productive way to fight this
neo-Nazi group would be to let them have their Usenet pub, then
respond to each and every instance of their idiocy with an
equally vociferous repudiation. Trying to defeat Nazis with Nazi
tactics lends little credence to the value of one's own
positions. It's blatant hypocrisy."

Ben Wymore, 22, a University of Minnesota graduate student who
describes himself as an observing Jew, says he's opposed to the
newsgroup, although he didn't come to that decision easily.

"I'm very anti-censorship, so initially I was very torn about
it," he says. "But as a society, we have to determine where we're
going to draw the line. By putting it on the newsgroup list, you
make it seem socially acceptable."

He adds: "I feel you can put whatever you want on a home page,
but newsgroups are different because they're broadcasting
information while a Web page just sits there. There's a
difference between passive and active message propagation. I
think anything that is hateful for solely racial or religious
reasons (should be banned)."

Macalester College Professor David Itzkowitz, an Internet user
and Jewish history instructor, says he's "passionately
ambivalent" about the issue.

"I understand the harm this stuff does, but I'm always nervous
about silencing people, and it's not as if you're even
accomplishing anything by doing it. It just drives them into
other forums."

And the white-power advocates have already threatened to do just

Just before the voting closed, one Netter who calls himself
Whitewolf sent this message to several music newsgroups: "Even if
you hate us and all we stand for, it is in your best interest to
vote yes, because if the proposal fails, we might have to post
our messages here. This is because we will have no other
newsgroup dedicated to our music where we can post to.

"A no vote for r.m.w.p. is an endorsement for white-power music
advocates to post to other music groups. So no complaining if you
voted no when we start posting information about our kind of
music to your group."

That brought this response from a Yale student:

"Talk about a threat -- either vote the way we want you to or
we'll mess up your group. Oh, and it'll be your fault, too. I
wonder if they use these techniques when promoting political

In recent weeks, another, unofficial newsgroup called
alt.music.white-power was created, but Kleim insists it wasn't
his doing.

"It was a ploy by our opponents," Kleim says of the addition.
"They did it to encourage people to vote no on
rec.music.white-power, saying they already have this group on
alt. and they're not using it."

And, in fact, the newsgroup has been used to discuss everything
from Vietnam to other off-topic subjects. Notes one poster: "Now
that alt.music.white-power has been up for about a month there've
been lots of cross posting and NO discussion of music of any

An inspection of the 100 most recent posts on
alt.music.white-power confirms there has been no discussion of

It's not known when the vote results will be announced. Online
inquiries to the the Usenet Volunteer Votetakers, who count the
votes, have gone unanswered, as have phone calls to principals in
the organization. Some Netters suspect the size of the vote is
delaying the results.

Meanwhile, Kleim predicts his associates will react strongly if
their white-power area isn't approved.

"There's going to be a major response to it, but I don't know of
what sort. I know there's been some people using anonymous
remailers (to post messages) making veiled threats, although I
don't approve of them."

But the ACLU representative says the results are irrelevant.

"In the end, you can't suppress this kind of speech on the Net,"
says Steinhardt. "I think the opponents' time would be best spent
in refuting these groups and just demonstrating that this group
holds views that are offensive and out of the mainstream. I think
the best response is more speech."

AP-NY-04-29-96 2139EDT


Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 05:43:48 -0700 (PDT)

GT Online National News Section
GT National News


Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA -- A black woman whose house was painted with
insults the night she moved into a white neighborhood gave in to
the racists on Thursday after receiving a letter that threatened
to kill her two daughters.

The letter said a "posse" had been formed and that Bridget
Ward's 3- and 9-year-old daughters would die if the family stayed
in the home, according to police.

The 32-year-old single mother had vowed to break the color
barrier and remain in Bridesburg. But after getting the letter,
she said she would abandon the Northeast Philadelphia rowhouse as
soon as she could.

"The letter is a very serious thing," said Kevin Vaughan,
executive director of the Philadelphia Commission on Human
Relations. "Bridget has two small kids -- very, very good kids --
and their safety weighed heavily on her mind."

The author of the death threat also boasted of using a
homemade bomb to drive a black woman out of another white

Neither police nor Vaughn would quote directly from the letter
except to say that it referred to a group called "the posse."

In March, Ward awoke from her first night in the working-class
neighborhood to discover that racial slurs urging her to move had
been spray-painted on the windows, front door, steps and sidewalk
of her home.

Ketchup and a brown, mock-blood liquid were splattered on the
front and rear of the property.

The FBI launched an investigation for civil rights violations.
Mayor Edward G. Rendell denounced the vandalism and said the
culprits would be prosecuted. A police car was stationed outside
the house.

And despite grumbles from neighbors who said things like
"whites should live with whites, blacks should live with blacks,"
Ward had vowed to remain.

All was quiet for weeks, said Vaughn, and Ward's little girls
felt safe enough to play in the street with neighborhood
children. But the danger represented by the letter was too grave
to ignore, Vaughn said.

The mayor has since promised to help her move to a safe
neighborhood, Vaughn said.

Pivotal in Ward's decision was the fact that despite FBI
assistance and the limited pool of suspects among the neighbors
on the short block, police were never able to make an arrest.

"Moving into this neighborhood was a dream come true," Ward
said in a letter read to reporters outside her home. "These
people have turned it into a nightmare."

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Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 05:45:55 -0700 (PDT)

GT Online World News Section
GT OnLine World News


Associated Press

SIDON, Lebanon -- After touring Lebanese villages devastated
by Israel's 16-day bombing blitz, a New York-based human rights
group charged Thursday that both the U.S. and Israeli governments
have "blood on their hands."

The visit by 10 members of MADRE, a 20,000-member women's
organization, came almost a week after a U.S.-brokered cease-fire
halted the war between Israel and the Iranian-backed militant
Muslim group Hezbollah.

At least 162 people were killed and 339 wounded in the Israeli
offensive, the worst flare-up in south Lebanon for 13 years. The
region is the last active Arab-Israeli warfront.

MADRE's executive director, Vivien Stromberg of New York,
N.Y., was shocked at the destruction as she stood in the ruins of
a bombed-out home in the village of Aiteet.

"I have a question for the United States administration: How
can you justify bombing a house that a family lived in?" she
asked. "How is it possible to do this with the tax dollars of the
United States people?

"This is criminal. There's blood on the hands of the United
States administration and on the hands of the Israeli
government," she said.

The delegates, visibly shaken and weeping, also stopped in the
village of Qana, where 91 people died in an Israeli artillery
barrage on a U.N. peacekeepers' base.

They also visited victims of the Israeli shelling in a
hospital in the port of Tyre and inspected the rocket damage at a
water reservoir in the village of Sultaniyeh.

Kate Seelye, a Los Angeles member, said the group brought
$10,000 worth of medicine for the victims.

Israel said it launched the military operation April 11 in
response to Katyusha rocket barrages fired by Hezbollah on
northern Galilee.

"I don't accept as any answer that Hezbollah or somebody shot
first. This is like 5-year-olds," Stromberg said. "The issue is
the occupation. I don't see any reason why the occupation should
not stop."

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