Call for an international summit meeting against Europea ultra-liberal policy

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Call for an international summit meeting
against European ultra-liberal policy
MARCH 29th =96 31st 1996

On March 29th Turin will house the EU summit, in which the
financial criteria of the biggest European alliance since the Rome-Berlin
Axis, will be revised and verified.
In this occasion the discussion will mainly concern the economic
jubilee of 1999, and the assumed institution of an European Central Bank
with the consequent issue of a unified European currency. The problems
discussed in Turin will have substantial international repercussions as
the economic areas of influence towards Eastern European countries and,
in the South, towards the Middle East and Maghreb regions will be
redefined. Moreover, the increasing restrictions on immigration from
those countries =96 one of the leading battles of all European conservative
parties =96 are likely to be solved in a final military solution.
The financial philosophy suggested by the Maastrich treaty is at
the basis of a new strong imperialistic coalition, trying to face the
Japanese-American economic hegemony to the detriment of Third World
countries and of western working class. The goal is to create a kind of
=93no man=92s land=94 in which there won=92t be any more annoying control ov=
economy by the national assembly and any more redistribution of wealth
under forms of welfare state; a world in which the capitals of big
multinationals and financial centers will be moving around freely, thus
determining what remains of national politics.
In Italy, as well as in other European countries, we are already
experiencing the results of such politics, enacted by the annual
financial reforms. In fact we register an increasing lowering of salaries
compared to an incredible rise of the financial revenues, and a flat cut
in the welfare state, social security, public health and public
education. The high level of social discomfort caused by this
anti-working class politics brings about an increase in social tension
that justify the reinforcement of the executive power and the
concentration of political power in the hands of a very restricted number
of people, elected by =93general consent=94. In the Maastricht-type Europe
social problems will be dealt as problems of public order and the
restructured institutions resulting from this change won=92t be
representative of the increasing numbers of unemployed, underpaid,
precarious workers of these formal =93democratic=94 governments. The only
reaction against this type of European politics was expressed by the
=46rench workers during the general strikes and demonstrations last
December, that literally paralyzed the French towns and blocked the
importation and exportation of goods.
We think that in Turin, during the days of the EU meeting, it
will be necessary to organize a counter summit, composed of different
public initiatives and of all the antagonist forces to the
Maastricht-type Europe. We are thinking of a non accommodating, extra
parliamentary Left able to take a strong position against Maastricht
principles, and above all open to cooperation on an international level.
We would like to meet other antagonist organizations in the perspective
of exchanging experiences and ideas about political fight to build new
conflictual strategies that can give political representation to the

Boycott the international EU summit and join the Internationalist


March 29th: meeting on the economic anti-working class
strategy of the EU

March 30th: public demonstration

March 31st: international counter-summit

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