Tom Burghardt (
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 01:57:28 +0100

are videos, cassettes and "trophy photos."

The "terms" of the return are still not clear. The U.S. announced
that the names of all U.S. citizens and residents will be blocked
out, and tried to get the Haitian government to sign an eight-
point "memorandum of understanding" where it would promise that
"information in the documents... will not be made public or
otherwise disseminated in such as way as to risk unlawful
repercussions or abuses," that access to them is restricted, and
that "records will be maintained of the individuals who have
access." So far, it appears the government has refused to sign.

In the meantime, Constant is still in the U.S., having apparently
decided to appeal his deportation. According to a Dec. 11 memo
obtained by The Nation, if he ever is sent back, it will be in "a
U.S. plane complete with 'V.I.P.' security and 'no advance
notice' for the Haitian government." He will then benefit from
"'crowd control' and a 'public affairs strategy' designed to urge
Haitians 'to remain calm despite the intensity of anti-FRAPH and
anti-Constant sentiment,'" wrote Allan Nairn in an article dated
Feb. 26.

Nairn also wrote that the CIA is still active in Haiti, having
"placed agents inside the rebuilt Haitian National Police,"
reporting that Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, transition chief of
President-elect Rene Preval, told him that in an interview.
Although Jean-Baptiste later told Agence Haitienne de Presse that
he had not said anything so "formal," Nairn wrote that the
"statement has been confirmed by U.S. officials... who say that
much of the CIA recruitment took place during... police training"
in the U.S.


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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 96 00:09:48 -0801
From: Arm The Spirit <>
Subject: Irish Republican Socialist Party Press Releases

Irish Repulican Socialist Party Press Releases

IRSP Warn Of Loyalist "Dry Runs"

The following is a statement from IRSP spokesperson Una McKee;

"It is no secret that the UFF/UVF have been continuing to gather
intelligence on nationalists since they declared a ceasefire.
They have publicly admitted such.

Over the week-end, known loyalist paramilitaries have been
identified in Nationalist areas across Belfast.

A worrying incident occurred in a West Belfast entertainment
venue last evening. After booking the use of a snooker table
under what turned out to be a false name, two men were identified
as being known members of the UVF from the lower Shankhill Road.

Knowing that they had been uncovered, the two made off, pursued
by local people, in a car, which those following claimed drove
into the Shankhill estate.

This is a worrying development. The sinister nature of these "dry
runs" is obvious. Loyalist paramilitaries are targeting places
where nationalists gather to socialise.

The IRSP call upon Nationalists to increase their Vigilance and
be once more aware of their personal security.

Despite fine words from would be fringe politicians, the actions
of their associates speak louder."

February 22, 1996


Press Release

A delegation from the Irish Republican Socialist Party is due to
travel to Dublin for a meeting with Government representatives.

The meeting with civil servants will discuss the breakdown in
relations between the Government and the IRSP.

Also on the agenda will be the current state of the "peace
process" and the treatment of Republican Socialist prisoners in
Portlaoise prison.

The meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, February
28th, at 11:15 am, in the Department of Justice buildings,

February 26, 1996

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Subject: Int'l Women's Day Tour--Spartacist Forum--Santa
Cruz, Eugene, LA, SF
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 07:36:33 GMT

Spartacist Forum: International Women's Day Tour

Clinton, Gingrich Unite on "Family Values," Assault on Welfare

Race, Sex, Class and the Capitalist War on the Poor

Speaker: Amy Rath, Editor, "Women and Revolution"

Plus an update on the fight to free Mumia Abu-Jamal

Santa Cruz:
Thursday, February 29, 7:00 pm
Kresge College, Rm. 323, UCSC

Saturday, March 2, 4:00 pm
Erb Memorial Union, Cedar Rm. A & B
University of Oregon

Los Angeles:
Saturday, March 9, 5:00 pm
Hollywood United Methodist Church
6817 Franklin (Highland exit off 101 Freeway)

San Francisco:
Thursday, March 14, 7:00 pm
The Women's Building
Audre Lourde Rm., 3543 18th Street

For more information call:
(415) 777-9367
(510) 839-0851
(213) 380-8239

The racist death penalty, the genocidal assault on welfare, the
"family values" attack on women's right to abortion are part of
the state-sponsored war on the poor and the oppressed. Both
Democrats and Republicans aim to shore up this system of
oppression and class exploitation, which denies the working
people, who produce the wealth of the country, the fruits of
their labor. What is necessary is to translate widespread outrage
against this system into effective social struggle. To mobilize
the active support needed to win, the workers movement must forge
its own revolutionary party which takes the lead in combating all
forms of social oppression.


Date: Tue, 27 Feb 96 15:22:23 -0800
From: Arm The Spirit <>
Subject: New Mailing List: Sqautlink

Announcing The Squatlink!

The squatlink is an international electronic mailing list of, by,
and for squatters. Squatters and activists throughout the world
are encouragedto communicate via the squatlink.

To send mail to this list, address your email to
<> Be sure to cc yourself if you want a copy of
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To get on or off this list, send your email address and a
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Subject: Duke Runs for Senate Again
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 23:26:37 -0800 (PST)

David Duke Running Again for U.S. Senate

METAIRIE, La. (AP) -- David Duke, the one-time Ku Klux Klan
imperial wizard, is making another run for the U.S. Senate. J.
Bennett Johnston, a Democrat who defeated him in 1990, is
retiring after four terms.

Duke, a Republicant who announced his candidacy Thursday, got
nearly 44 percent of the vote when he ran against Johnston. Two
other Republicans, Congressman Jimmy Hayes and state Rep. Woody
Jenkins, also have entered the campaign. No Democrats have
formally announced their candidacy.

Duke said he expects to win "the white worker vote" that went to
Democrat Edwin Edwards when the two ran for governor in 1991.

Duke denied he is a racist or a white supremacist, then said
current immigration and welfare policies threaten to make white
Americans the minority population.

"And the truth is, when blacks become a majority, Jesse Jackson
or Louis Farrakhan will be president," Duke said. "I think the
heartbeat of this country is the white majority ... and I'm
speaking for them."

Duke dropped out of the 1995 Louisiana governor's race, saying he
would instead try to succeed Johnston. In 1989, Duke was elected
to the House of Representatives. He did not seek re-election,
running instead for governor.

AP-WS-02-23-96 2126EST


Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 19:40:01 -0800


Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. -- A judge stood by his earlier ruling that a
mother's lesbian lifestyle makes her an unfit parent, leaving the
woman's 4-year-old son in the custody of his grandmother Tuesday.

He also criticized Sharon Bottoms and her partner for their
involvement in a network television movie about the custody
battle over Tyler Doustou.

"Tyler was made the poster boy for a cause he could not and
did not enlist," the judge said. "I'm appalled at the movie

Sharon Bottoms had argued that her son was developing poorly
under the custody of her mother, Kay Bottoms, and that she could
give the boy as secure and loving a home as his grandmother.

She and her partner, April Wade, fled the courthouse in tears
after the decision.

"That was a kick in the gut. I don't think anyone wins in this
case," said Donald Butler, one of Sharon Bottoms' attorneys. He
said they would appeal.

Henrico County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge
William G. Boice rejected her argument and the recommendation of
the boy's court-appointed guardian to restore custody of the boy
to his mother.

He had decided in 1993 that Bottoms was an unfit mother and
put the boy in his grandmother's custody. The Virginia Supreme
Court upheld the ruling last year, but remanded it to the lower
court to reconsider some issues.

Butler's co-counsel, Steven Pershing, said his client
cooperated with the ABC movie producers because they were told
the film, "For the Love of Tyler," would be made with or without
their help.

Boice's ruling disregarded the recommendation of Torrence
Harman, a lawyer appointed to monitor the child's well-being. She
said the child showed poor emotional and educational development
and should be returned to his mother.

"Unless there is some radical change, my gut says the child is
going to be an abusive young boy," Ms. Harman said during a
statement the judge asked her to give after closing arguments,
the only part of the hearing open to the media.

She said Tyler tries to dominate people around him and is
disrespectful to adults. On one occasion, he beat a playmate with
a rubber snake and Kay Bottoms did not reprimand him, Ms. Harman

Butler said that University of Virginia psychologist Charlotte
Patterson testified there is no link between a mother's sexual
orientation and the child's development.

But Kay Bottoms' lawyer, Richard Ryder, discounted Ms.
Patterson's research because the professor is a lesbian.

"She admitted she is a practicing lesbian with a partner,"
Ryder said.

"I'm certain that her conclusions are biased."


** Topic: WWW: National Lawyers Guild Web Site for
Demonstrators **
** Written 9:59 AM Feb 20, 1996 by in
cdp:misc.activism. **

Just what the world needs -- another new website. Hopefully this
one is different.

The National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee announces the
opening of Demonstrator's Site (, the
homepage dedicated to persons who exercise their First Amendment
right to assemble with others and protest.

The site includes the following features:

* News of recent demonstrations taking place all over the

* Notices of upcoming demonstrations

* Commentary and critical analyses on relevant issues in
demonstrating such as the effect of violence on the
regulation of free speech and the conflict between free
speech and abortion rights in abortion clinic
protection laws

* An extensive "how-to" manual for demonstrators
covering everything from the planning of the
demonstration to the potential trial of demonstrator

* Excerpts of useful court decisions and court motions

* Lists of political and legal resources

* Notice of the Mass Defense Committee attorney on call
to answer questions and otherwise provide assistance to

In short, if you want to know what other people are demonstrating
about or if you want to know what your demonstration rights are,
this site will be useful to you.

And if you have news about your past or future demonstrations,
please drop us a note ( and we will post it on
the site.

Let your voice be heard.

John Upton
New York City

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Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 06:18:05 -0800

News Items


DNSB To Begin Radio Broadcasts

(ANA) The National Socialist Movement of Denmark (DNSB) will
take advantage of their country's liberal free speech rules and
make their first radio broadcast today (2/28/96). A DNSB member
said the broadcast will have an interview with DNSB Chairman
Jonni Hansen. Denmark's freedom of speech laws allow "racial
groups" to speak, as long as they do not "incite hatred against
others." The DNSB said they will keep broadcasts within the law
and will prerecord phone-in discussions. The DNSB is believed to
have over 200 members.

Anton H., ANA Assistant Editor


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