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"In conclusion, we renew to our volunteers, prisoners and
supporters our resolve to continue the struggle for the
realisation of the only thing that will bring ocmplete and
lasting peace to the island of Ireland, a 32 county Socialist

-- the leadership of the INLA on the anniversary of the Provo

The IRSP has said:

"We recognise that factually the IRA have not gone away and
neither have the British Army, the RUC and their allies in the
UVF and UDA.

Armed groups exist and the fun is still in Irish politics. To
the British, who bear the responsibility for bringing the gun
into Irish politics, we say our position is clear. Yes, there is
a need for the complete demilitarisation of Irish society. We
want demilitarisation. But there can and will be no unilateral
decommissioning by Republican Socialists."

"We have to say there is a growing disillusionment with the
fruits of a year's ceasefire. The common perception among many of
our supporters and members is that republicans have all but
conceded defeat and that there are no long term gains from this
peace. Whilst we, the leadership of the IRSP, see much to agree
with in that perception, we for the moment still hold to the
position that we remain to be convinced in the sincerity of the
British Government. We are, however, willing to continue talks
with other organisations with a view to trying to create the best
possible conditions that will allow the working class people in
this island, regardless of their national allegianes to have the
space for their political, social and economic independence."

--Ard Comhairle of the IRSP on the anniversary of the Provo

In short, the position of the Irish Republican Socialist
Movement remains that we are prepared to talk with any legitimate
Irish political entity regarding resolution of the causes for
violence in Irish society with an aim to bringing a lasting peace
to the island. At present, at least, we have no interest,
however, in speaking with the British government, other than to
bid them adieu.

Beyond this, our objective remains a 32-county Irish Socialist
Republic, and therefore are chiefly interested in speaking to
representatives and members of the Irish working class, from any
community base in Ireland, as the path to a Socialist Republic is
through their direct action, rather than through negotiation,
parliamentary legislation, or guerilla action.

Peter Urban
North American Coordinator,
Irish Republican Socialist Committees


American Renaissance Conference

The following material is an announcement for an upcoming
conference organized by Jared Taylor and the _American
Renaissance_ journal. Unlike obvious Nazi scum such as the Ku
Klux Klan or the National Alliance, Taylor's rag is the "leading
edge" of what can aptly be described as a growing segement of
"suit and tie" fascists along the academic axis of the North
America far-right. Taylor & Co., specialize in disseminating
discredited pseudoscience, alleging among other things, that
Blacks and other minorities are "genetically predisposed" to
lower IQ's in relation to northern Europeans.

Those in Taylor's orbit are not bonehead thugs but academic
racists; Taylor posted many items last year to the Nazi
STORMFRONT-L, facilitated by "former" Klan "Grand Dragon," Don
Black, a terrorist involved in a plot to overthrow the government
of Dominica as part of a CIA covert op. to destabilize socialist
Grenada, prior to invasion by U.S. imperialism in 1983. Taylor
maintains a web page on the STORMFRONT server.


Vital Questions for Our Time

The Second American Renaissance Conference

May 25 - 27 (Memorial Day Weekend), 1996

Louisville, Kentucky

Race is still the great national fault line. Forced
integration, busing, affirmative action, and massive non-white
immigration, have only deepened racial divisions. Is it not time
to reassess egalitarian assumptions, and set aside the view that
race can be made not to matter?

An American Renaissance conference is a rare opportunity to
meet the leading thinkers and boldest writers on the issues that
most affect our future. This will be a remarkable group of
speakers and attendees--undeceived, uncensored, and committed to
the defense of Western Civilization. Please join us for an
extraordinary weekend of fellowship and vibrant dialogue.


The conference will begin on Saturday, May 25th, with
registration from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Jared Taylor will give
welcoming remarks, followed by a reception. There will be
latecomer registration at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 26th, and the
program will begin at 9:00 a.m.

On Sunday evening there will be a banquet (separate charge
of $25) in the world's only remaining Rookwood pottery room, the
Rathskeller at the Seelbach Hotel. Participants with alternate
dinner plans are welcome after the meal to hear the speaker. The
program will resume at 9:00 a.m. Monday the 27th and end at noon.

Gentlemen will wear jackets and ties.

Accommodations and Transportation

The conference will be at Louisville's most elegant downtown
hotel, the Seelbach. Please make your own reservations for the
nights of May 25th and 26th by calling 1-800-333-3399. We have
secured an outstanding price of only $69 a night at this
historic, four-star hotel, so plor double occupancy.

Southwest Airlines and ValuJet are bargain-rate carriers
that serve Louisville. For complimentary shuttle service from
Louisville airport, please call the Seelbach at 585-3200 when you
arrive. Those who are driving can call the same number for

Top-Flight Speakers, Explosive

J. Philippe Rushton ("The American Dilemma in World

Professor Rushton is one of the world's leading theorists on
the origins and significance of racial differences. His most
recent book, "Race, Evolution, and Behavior", is a brilliant
analysis of the racial and biological bases of human behavior.
His intellectual honesty has earned him an investigation by the
Ontario Attorney General for violation of "hate crime" laws, and
the Ontario Human Rights Commission only recently closed a
four-year case against him on the preposterous charge of
"poisoning the academic learning environment."

Samuel Francis ("The Importance of Racial Consciousness")

Dr. Francis is one of the most incisive, outspoken
syndicated columnists in America. Patrick Buchanan calls him
"the Clausewitz of the Right," and even The New Republic
acknowledges him as a "guru of the Old Right." Dr. Francis has
paid the highest price for his outspokenness. In a chilling
commentary on the limits of political speech in America today,
The Washington Times fired him as columnist and editorial writer
because of opinions published in American Renaissance

Michael Levin ("Current Fallacies About Race")

Prof. Levin's assaults on fashionable taboos have rocked the
academic world. The Wall Street Journal called his book-length
dissection of feminism "severe, systematic and utterly
convincing." His forthcoming book, "Why Race Matters", so
relentlessly demolishes the notion of racial equality in
intelligence that a world-famous biologist (who prefers
anonymity) says that its publication will be "an historic event."

Prof. Levin has probably been insulted and attacked for his
views as often as Prof. Rushton.

Mayer Schiller ("Jews, Gentiles, and the American Racial

Rabbi Schiller is a Talmudic instructor at Yeshiva
University High School in Queens, and author of "The (Guilty)
Conscience of a Conservative", "an affectionate critique of the
American right." He is a passionate defender of European
civilization, and maywell have published in a broader spectrum of
publications than anyone else in America: from the liberal
Jewish Tikkun to National Review and American Renaissance.

Michael Hart ("Racial Partition of the United States")

Prof. Hart is a modern-day polymath. He holds advanced
degrees in law, physics, and astronomy, and is a keen student of
history. He is the author of a provocative and very successful
book, "The 100", which recounts the accomplishments of the men
(and a few women) whom he considers the most influential in world

Jared Taylor ("The Ways of Our People: What We are
Fighting For")

Mr. Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, is your host for
the conference. He is author of "Paved With Good Intentions",
which National Review called "the most important book to be
published on the subject [of race] in many years." The
Conservative Book Club, called it "the most outspoken book the
Club has ever offered."

Other speakers will include Lawrence Auster, author of The
Path to National Suicide, and Fr. James Thornton ("A Christian
Perspective on the Racial Dilemma").

Registration Fee

$100 per person. Payment must be received by May 15th. Mail the
information requested on the form below to
American Renaissance, Box 1674, Louisville, KY 40201.

Name(s) of
Telephone Number (in case of last-minute instructions):

Please register ______ participants(s) @ $100 each
Please reserve _______ place(s) for the banquet @ $25 each

Total Enclosed $_______

I (we) _____will _____will not stay at the Seelbach Hotel.


Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 12:31:13 -0800


Associated Press

ST. JEAN DE LUZ, France -- The kidnapping of the suspected
Basque terrorist was botched from the start.

First, the kidnappers snatched the wrong man. Then, as they
headed for the Spanish border, their leader -- the one man who
knew where the captive should be taken -- was arrested.

The abduction was part of a secret war fought by a bungling
group of mercenaries, criminals and hit men operating under the
name Anti-terrorist Liberation Groups, or GAL, which targeted
violent Spanish Basque separatists in their safe haven in France.

Now that war, fought in idyllic coastal towns in the 1980s,
has become a major scandal that is detonating in the heart of
Spain's government.

A Supreme Court indictment last month said Jose Barrionuevo,
who was Spain's interior minister at the time, and state security
chief Rafael Vera organized GAL and directed its operations.

Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, dogged by the growing
scandal, was forced to call early elections for March 3. Opinion
polls say voters, disgusted with a string of misdeeds associated
with his Socialist government -- particularly the secret war --
are likely to vote his administration out of office.

Far from crippling ETA -- the separatist group whose acronym
stands for Basque Homeland and Liberty -- by assassinating its
members in their haven in France, the secret war hardened the
group and its backers.

Several relatives of GAL victims were defiant as they spoke
recently with The Associated Press in a bar frequented by ETA
supporters in Bilbao, Spain.

"Even if ETA disappears, the violence won't stop. Another
group will take its place," said Begona Galdeano. "To stop the
violence, the Spanish government must recognize the Basque
people's right to self-determination."

A majority of Basques reject ETA's goals and methods, noting
that Spain's Basque region is already autonomous, collecting
taxes and running its own police, education and health systems.

As Ms. Galdeano spoke, youths smoked hashish and played
Trivial Pursuit in the tavern, remodeled after being firebombed
last year. Basque rock music thumped from loudspeakers.

Ms. Galdeano's father, Xabier Galdeano, was shot to death by
GAL in 1985 outside his home in St. Jean de Luz, just a dozen
blocks from the seaside cafes and trendy shops that fill with
tourists in the summer.

The killers were captured 15 days later by French police and
sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Their arrest was one of many unexpected obstacles and blunders
that tripped up the death squads.

Several members were captured by bystanders after emptying
their ammunition clips into cafes frequented by Spanish Basques.

And GAL often staked out the wrong people. Of the 27 people
killed by GAL from 1983-1987, eight were not the intended

Mercenaries commanded by a former member of Britain's Special
Air Services commandos were the most efficient GAL operatives,
according to a book "Amedo: The State Against ETA."

The Britons, who were never caught or identified, allegedly
killed three Basques but quit GAL amid a pay dispute. GAL's
operations halted after France began extraditing ETA suspects to

Barrionuevo, the former interior minister, is free on bail.
The Supreme Court has charged him with three crimes, including
illegal detention. That count stems from the December 1983
kidnapping of Segundo Marey, a traveling salesman mistaken for an
ETA figure.

Marey, now 63, lives in a duplex with his wife in Hendaye, in
France's Basque region. Wearing thick-lensed glasses and sitting
in his little dining room, Marey remembers the kidnapping well.

"They tied me up, hands behind my back and then tied them to
my feet, so I was like a bow," he said. "They treated me like an
animal. I was sure they were going to kill me."

The leader of the kidnapping squad was arrested by French
police as his car followed the other three kidnappers with Marey
hogtied in the back seat.

The others, not knowing where to take Marey, called a number
they had for emergencies. The number was a Bilbao police station.
Several officers who have since been charged in the scandal
arrived and took Marey to an abandoned stone farmhouse in the
rolling green hills of Spain's Basque region.

After 10 days, Marey was freed. He now has chronic bronchitis,
which he attributes to his captivity in the unheated farmhouse,
and a bone-marrow disease.

He has received no indemnity from the Spanish government. Not
even an apology.

"But moreover I want justice," Marey said. "The people who did
this to me should go to jail. Whatever sentence the judge imposes
is fine. But they should pay."


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Posted mnovickttt Thu Feb 22 16:55:33 1996
From: Michael Novick <mnovickttt>
Subject: Calendar announcement

Stop the Epidemic of Police Violence! Demonstrate Monday, March 4
at 6:00 p.m. outside Parker Center, LAPD headquarters, Los
Angeles between First and Temple, to mark the fifth anniversary
of the police beating of Rodney King; Candle-light vigil, open
mike for victims of police abuse, march to the jail on Bauchet
St. Sponsored by Four Winds Student Movement, L.A. Coalition to
Stop the Lynching of Mumia Abu Jamal, and People Against Racist
Terror. For more information, call 310-288-5003.

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