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Periodically, AFIB will post updates on topical events of
interest to subscribers. Unlike the regular weekly
bulletin, supplements will provide coverage of breaking
events and alternative views not found in the "mainstream"



1. (REUTER) U.S. Talks Tough After Cuba Downs Planes
2. (ATS) "Berlinale" Forbidden, Leaflet on _Radikal_
3. (AFA-No.) Anti-Fascist Action, #2 (#7), Jan-Feb 1996,
Attacks on Blitz
4. (IRSC-NA) Position of the Irish Republican Socialist
Movement on the Peace Process
5. (AF-Qc.) American Renaissance Conference: "Suit and
Tie" Fascists To Meet in May
6. (AP) Secret French War Now A Major Scandal In
7. (PART) DEMONSTRATION! Stop The Epidemic of Police


{Editor's Note: The singular hypocrisy displayed below by
Washington is underscored by Secretary of State Warren
Christopher's statement that the United States has not ruled out
"unilateral action against Cuba." For more than 35 years, Yanqui
imperialism's goal has been to strangle the Cuban Revolution;
through invasion, economic sabotage, covert action, and terrorism
-- the standard panoply of tricks reserved for those who
challenge the Godfather on his home turf.

That the two aircraft had been repeatedly warned not to stray
into Cuban airspace is glossed over by the report. That earlier
flights by "Brothers to the Rescue," had penetrated Cuban
airspace and dropped "thousands of leaflets" over Havana, urging
residents to overthrow the Castro government, is also
unmentioned. Tactics used by the alleged "dissidents" have all
the hallmarks of a CIA _psychological operation_.

The game however, is given away by AP reporter, Evan Perez.
According to his report, which appeared in the Sunday _San
Francisco Examiner_, the principle leader of "Brothers to the
Rescue," Jose Basulto, is described as a "Bay of Pigs veteran."
Basulto in fact, is a figure well-known among anti-communist
circles in Miami. He was/is a member of Brigade 2506, an
organization created by the CIA. 2506 members were intimately
involved with "Company" Contra supply/training operations during
the 1980s. They worked closely with Civilan Materiel Assistance
(CMA), a paramilitary organization founded by Tom Posey, a former
Marine, member of the John Birch Society and Ku Klux Klan.

Brigade 2506 have counted among their members known terrorists,
trained by the CIA and U.S. Special Forces in counter-insurgency
warfare and "special operations." Brigadista member, Luis
Posada, for example, was involved in the 1976 terrorist attack
against a Cuban commercial airliner. A bomb planted aboard the
plane exploded during flight, killing all 76 passengers on board.

While military action by the U.S. should not be ruled out, the
probable course that Washington will employ will be "business as
usual:" economic strangulation. "Normalization" of relations is
of course, a pipedream. Relations will _not_ be normalized by
Washington until Cuba has returned to "the norms of civilized
behavior" (Christopher), joining the ranks of other well-known
regional "democracies" such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti, El
Salvador, on and on...AFIB}

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 17:52:21 -0800

Sunday February 25 5:54 PM EST

U.S. Talks Tough After Cuba Downs Planes

WASHINGTON (Reuter) - The United States Sunday called an
emergency U.N. Security Council meeting on Cuba's shooting down
of two U.S. civil aircraft and said it was weighing what action
to take against Cuba.

A Cuban MiG-29 aircraft destroyed the two small Cessna
aircraft piloted by Cuban exiles Saturday by firing air-to-air
missiles at them while they were over international waters,
according to a senior U.S. official who declined to be named.

U.S. Coast Guard ships searched in vain for survivors from the
attack, which the Cuban government said took place within its
territorial airspace and was to halt exile ``pirates.''

Secretary of State Warren Christopher, speaking after a
three-hour meeting of top U.S. foreign policy advisers, said the
United States had sought an emergency meeting of the United
Nations Security Council to debate the matter.

Speaking at a White House briefing, Christopher said the
United States had not ruled out unilateral action against Cuba,
but refused to discuss the options being presented to President

Earlier, U.S. officials told Reuters the U.S. was mulling a
political reaction to the shootings and that a military response
appeared unlikely.

``The Cuban actions yesterday were a blatant violation of
internationl law and a violation of the norms of civilized
behavior,'' Christopher said.

``Cuban explanations of why they took the actions they did are
neither plausible, nor acceptable.''

``We will be consulting with our friends and allies about an
appropriate action. But we will also be considering actions that
we can take on our own. We will not limit ourselves to a
multilateral action,'' Christopher added.

The security council meeting is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m.
EST Sunday.

White House spokesman Mike McCurry said Clinton would get a
detailed memorandum on options against Cuba Sunday night and that
no decision was likely to be taken before Monday.

A senior U.S. official gave a detailed description of the
shooting of the aircraft, which were piloted by members of
Brothers to the Rescue, a Miami group of Cuban exiles that
regularly fly in search of rafters fleeing the Island.

The official said the two aircraft had been shot down roughly
five and 16 nautical miles north of Cuban airspace.

He said he could not rule out the possibility they had crossed
into Cuban airspace at some point but the United States had no
information that they did.

A third aircraft accompanying the other two did penetrate
three nautical miles into Cuban airspace and ironically was the
only one to return to Florida unscathed.

The official also said that Saturday morning Cuban fighter
aircraft had conducted patrols in reaction to what they viewed as
an incursion of Cuban air space.

During the afternoon, the U.S. official said the aircraft were
warned by Cuban air traffic controllers when they crossed the
24th parallel that they were entering a danger zone.

But U.S. officials said the Cuban MiG did not follow the
standard procedure under international law to warn the civil
aircraft by radio or visually by wagging his wings.

U.S. officials said under international law, territorial
airspace and waters are typically defined as 12 nautical miles
from a country's borders.

However, they said that countries reserved the right to
declare certain zones as ``Air Defense Identification Zones'' and
to warn aircraft of danger beyond them.

Cuba defines such a zone as south of the 24th parallel, which
ranges from 40 to 60 miles from its coastline.

In Havana, Fidel Castro's government said it had shot down the
aircraft Saturday and their downing should serve as a lesson to
those who encouraged or undertook such actions.

A Foreign Ministry statement, quoted by the Cuban news agency
Prensa Latina, said the two planes were shot down inside Cuban
airspace between five and eight miles north of Playa Baracoa,
west of Havana.

In its version of events, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said
three planes had penetrated Cuban airspace earlier Saturday but
were headed off by a Cuban airforce fighter.

When they approached again, several hours later, one of them
was warned by Havana air traffic control of the risks they were
facing but the pilot chose to ignore the warning, the ministry
statement said.

Three Coast Guard cutters and two helicopters searched a
315-square mile area about 25 miles northwest of Havana, but
officials said the chances of finding any survivors of the two
Cessna airplanes appeared dim.


Date: Sat, 24 Feb 96 01:54:58 -0801
From: Arm The Spirit <>
Subject: Film festival 'BERLINALE' forbidden ;-)

"Berlinale" Forbidden

(ATS Note: This was sent to us by some comrades in Germany. We're
not exactly sure what the context was in which this statement was
written but we think it was a leaflet given out at a film
festival in Berlin.)

Scared you? What, haven't you heard? No wonder, it isn't true
after all, it's just a trick to get you to read on.

But criminalisation and censorship of media isn't make believe,
it really happens. Not long ago more than 50 appartments, houses
and leftist projects nationwide were raided, because of the
forbidden journal *radikal*. Four people were imprisoned for
half a year for 'membership in a criminal organisation'
according to 129 of the german criminal code. They and others
are now threatened with prosecution. A journal as a criminal
organisation, sounds interesting, doesn't it. Words as weapons,
letters as hand granades, question marks as grappling hooks.

But seriously now - who or what is *radikal*? *radikal* came out
of the history of the extra-parlamentary left in 1976 and is,
then as now, a mirror for the *radikal* left in germany. During
the last 20 years, they tried again and again to push this 'zine
out of public eye through state repression. Until today they
have failed. Even after the raids of the 13th of june 1995, radi
(as we like to call it) kept on publishing. Since ten years ago a
covert distribution structure has made this possible. Of course,
in the meantime because of the criminalisation, everything having
to do with *radikal* is being organised at least somewhat

Maybe you ask yourself, what makes this paper so interesting to
judges, politicians and prosecuters? Ok, militancy for example
is openly discussed. Communiques are documented, the role of
german super-power policy in Ex- Yugoslavia is examined,
overviews of nationwide antifascist activities are presented.
More or less you will find open sympathy with a group who tried
to blow up a deportation-prison under construction in Gruenau
without putting people at risk. These kinds of discussions,
critiques and position papers are a constant part of this
journal, and don't forget the reports from groups which
ordinarily are not represented in the bourgois media.

Imagine you want to watch a movie, that is not allowed to be
shown, because it was filmed from a viewpoint which doesn't
please those in power, because for example the federal republic
of germany is shown to be the culprit in the case of the current

You wouldn't like that, would you? This is political censorship
and is happens. And *radikal* is not the only example where this
happens. We are writing this flyer because many people have
never heard of *radikal*, because in solidarity it is important
to support the people who are to be prosecuted because of
"membership and support of radikal" later this year. We hope that
instead of ignoring such cases, the mass media will start
covering them, at least by the start of the trials. And perhaps
then, remembering this little flyer, you will know more than
other people.

For more information contact:
c/o PDS Kreuzberg
10967 Berlin
Tel: 694 92 54
Fax: 694 93 54
Mo 18-20 / Mi 11-14 / Fr 11-14 o'clock

Have fun watching the films and with the radikal consumption of

(There will be an action-week in Berlin around this issue from
april, 22nd to the 28th)

You can see a copy of the last issue of the Radikal on WWW:


have a look !!

++++ stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal ++++
++++ if you agree copy these lines to your sig ++++
++++ see ++++

Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist collective based
in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide variety of
material, including political prisoners, national liberation
struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism, the fight
against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our writings,
research, and translation materials in our magazine and bulletins
called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P7 Canada

FTP: --> /pub/Politics/Arm.The.Spirit


Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 09:10:57 -0800

Anti fascist action magazine #2 (#7) Jan-Feb 1996


Neo-nazis have sevreal times attacked Blitz with guns, bombs
and mace. The attack4s show the desperation among the nazi4s.
Today Blitz are the only fysical threat nazis meet when they try
to "take over" the street4s. The nazi4s have over and over againg
been beaten up by anti-fascist4s, and they are trying the best
they can to keep their Trash fascism spirit up with lies and
rewriting events. Only one thing, have all these nazi attacks in
common: the will to kill people, and luck is the only reason that
nobody have been killed or seriously injured after the
nazi-terror attack4s.


Supporters of Carl I. Hagen (the leader of the Progress
Party) throw4s a firebomb into Blitz during a concert with 200
people. The guilty one is given a extremly mild sentence for
trying to set 200 people on fire.


Neo-nazi4s throw a army mace-granade into Blitz during a
concert, over 200 people was inside. No one has ever been

Desember 31. - 1992:

Neo-nazi4s place4s explosives on the wall outside. The one4s
who did it placed some cables wrong and the explotion causes
minimal damage. No one has ever been charged.

Desember 29. - 1993:

Neo-nazis from Anti AntiFa, Radio Nite Rocket and Aryan
Brothers attacks Blitz with a shotguns and firebomb4s. Several
shots was fired at the nightguards who was sitting by the window.
The nazi4s was stoped by the cops, but could leave after a short
search of their cars. No one has ever been charged or been taken
in for interigation.

August 21. - 1994:

A nazi group called "Armed Aryan Cell4s", throw4s a bomb at
Blitz. The bomb is too heavy and they are not strong enough to
throw it over the backyard wall and barbwire fence. It land4s on
the pavement and pulverize4s the bar wall. The bomb was a solid
attemt to kill all the people inside, first they fired two shots
with a gun at the house to draw the attention of the nightguards,
and then the threw the bomb. No one has ever been charged.

November 9. - 1995

The third bomb. It was not as strong as the previous one,
but it could easily have killed the people inside if they had
been unlucky. No one has ever been charged.

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content! or to the list of magazines!

Magazine published and edited by: $y$oP-eRRROr. The zodiac
don4t care and takes no responsibility for the content in
any of these articles, if ya don4t like it; ......EAT


Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 11:27:46 -0800

Position of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement
on the Peace Process

The INLA has said:

"The INLA have thus far refrained from entering into any
dialogue with British government representatives. By their
actions, it is obvious that a question mark hangs over their
commitment to peace. A vision is needed if this 'peace process'
is to have any chance of success. This vision is singularly
lacking from the British government."

"We, for our part, will continue to work to ensure that,
despite our political criticism, the 'peace process' should run
its course unhindered. We renew our support for the political
position adopted by the Irish Republican Socialist Party. We wish
them every success in their ongoing dialogue with the Irish
government and opposition parties."