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Subject: Academic anarchist journal

Dear Researcher on Anarchism,
Not all of you will know about the journal Anarchist Studies. It
is now on volume 3 number 2 (Autumn 1995), and is published twice a year.
Were there to be a few more submissions of reasonably high quality
articles, then it would go to 3 per year. I am writing this short note to
remind you all that any articles you fancy submitting would get a
reasonably courteous and fair reading, even if they are not accepted. The
last issue has the following articles:
"Feminism, Privacy and Radical Democrcy" by Val Plumwood
"Chomsky, Propaganda and the Politics of Common Sense" by Tom Jennings
"Communitarian Anarchism and Human Nature" by David Hartly
Review Articles on:
Active Currents by Karen Goaman
Ecology and Politcs by John Crump
Encounters with Marx by Michael Levin
The Legacy of Paul Goodman by Colin Ward
The Anarchism of George Woodcock by Peter Marshall
There are also a number of shorter book reviews.

The journal is always looking for people who wish to referee papers
submitted, in your specialist area (all articles are refereed by at least
two readers). The book review editor is always looking for people to do
book reviews, especially recent titles they know about and would like to
review. In fact, as people come and go on the editorial board, the editor
is always looking for new blood, people willing to commit themselves to a
lot of work doing reviews of article submitted. So there is plenty of
oportunity to become involved in the project.

As you can imagine, publishing a journal on anarchism is not
exactly a big money maker. But the publisher has stuck with the project,
although it makes him nothing, but on the other hand, apparently, is not
losing much either. Should you have any clout with a Library, it would be
dead useful to get them to subscribe to it. About twenty more subs from
Libraries throughout the world and the journal would survive for a few more
years. Just now it is very borderline indeed.

Sharif Gemie
School of Humanities and Social Science
University of Glamorgan
Mid Glamorgan CF37 1DL
He's not yet on email, so if you want instant answers, you can write to me.
I was the founder of the journal and edited it until recently.

Book Review Editor
Carl Levy
Dept. of Social Policy and Politics
Goldsmiths' College
New Cross
London SE14 6NW

Publisher and Subscriptions
White Horse Press
1 Strond
Isle of Harris
10 High Street
Cambridge CB3 8NR

One last message. I think this journal could become one of the finest in
the world. There are others, of course, which are close to it in style,
but there is plenty of room for journals which can promote serious writing
on anarchism. I would like to urge all of you spread the word, to offer to
help, to try and get some more subs, to find or submit articles by
yourselves, your friends or your students. These journals are only as good
as the articles and the reviews that people submit. And without a bit of
financial support and few subs, they die. Simple as that. Please feel
free to pass this note on to anyone you think might be interested.

Tom Cahill