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"Psychological Operations" campaigns in which U.S. propaganda
could be rapidly disseminated to a wide audience. He adds, "The
U.S. might be able to employ the Internet offensively to help
achieve unconventional warfare objectives." Swett does not delve
into details on how the Internet could serve such a mission. But
he tosses out one possibility: communicating via the Internet
with political and paramilitary groups abroad that Washington
wants to assist while "limiting the direct political involvement
of the United States." Imagine this: contras with computers.

Swett does point to a few potential problems. The Internet
is chockful of chit-chat of no intelligence value. Retrieving
useful nuggets will require monumental screening. He also
predicts that one day video footage of military operations will
be captured by inexpensive, hand-held digital video cameras
operated by local individuals and then up-loaded to the Internet.
Within minutes, millions of people around the world will see for
themselves what has happened--which could lead to calls for
action (or calls to terminate action) before government leaders
have had a chance to react and formulate a position. Such a
development, he observes, "will greatly add to the burden on
military commanders, whose actions will be subjected to an
unprecedented degree of scrutiny." And opponents of the Pentagon
might try to exploit the Internet for their own devilish ends:
"If it became widely known that DoD were monitoring Internet
traffic for intelligence or counterintelligence purposes,
individuals with personal agendas or political purposes in mind,
or who enjoy playing pranks, would deliberately enter false or
misleading messages." The study ends with a series of vague
recommendations -- all to be carried out "only in full compliance
with the letter and the spirit of the law, and without violating
the privacy of American citizens."

The Swett paper is "refreshingly candid," says Steven
Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, who placed a
copy of the document on the FAS web site on government secrecy,
where it is being downloaded about twenty times a day (at
http://www.fas.org/pub/gen/fas/sgp/.). The I.G.C. staff is
amused by Swett's interest. "We must be doing something right,"
notes George Gundrey, program coordinator of I.G.C.Us PeaceNet.
"But it is interesting that all of his [I.G.C.] examples are the
most left-wing items [on the network]." Swett's study is not the
first of its kind. Under the rubric of "information warfare,"
other Pentagon outfits and military contractors have studied how
to use computer networks to collect public information,
disseminate propaganda, politically destabilize other
governments, and plant computer viruses into the information
systems of foes. (The latter task is particularly foolhardy.
Deploying viruses into cyber-space -- even if targeted against an
enemy -- would likely pose a danger to the United States, since
this country is more networked than any other.) But Swett's
office -- the Pentagon's dirty tricks shop -- is a newcomer to
this scene, acoording to David Banisar, a policy analyst for the
Electronic Privacy Information Center. Banisar's group has been
helping international human rights groups use encryption to
protect their global e-mai, "so the spooks don't listen in" It is
natural that the national security gang will try to infiltrate
and use a communication medium like the Internet to its

What is most troubling about Swett's paper is its
preoccupation with left-of-center travelers in cyberspace and
_domestic_ political activities. In the appendix, Swett
reproduces four examples of notable e-mail. One (written by
progressive activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven)
calls for 100 days of protest in response to the Republican's
Contract with America, another announces plans for a
demonstration at the 1996 G.O.P. convention in San Diego, the
third relays to lefties information on the U.S. Army exercise at
the Miami Beach hotel, and the last is a communique from the
Zapatistas of Mexico. Swett's use of these cyber dispatches can
be explained one of two ways. Either the left has made much more
progress in cyber-organizing than the right and "such fringe
groups" as PETA, or Swett, true to institutional tradition, is
overwrought about the use of the Internet by a certain parties.
In any case, the would-be watchers in the defense establishment
ought to be watched closely -- especially if Swett's report
refelcts broader sentiment within the Pentagon.

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Boston Globe AP on the Globe Online
The Boston Globe

Prosecutors Try To Paint Salvi As A Calculating Killer

By JAN CIENSKI, Associated Press, 02/20/96

DEDHAM, Mass. (AP) - After spending last week detailing
how John C. Salvi III gunned down two abortion clinic
receptionists, prosecutors are now trying to show that he was
sane when he pulled the trigger.

Salvi's lawyers do not deny that their client walked into
the two Brookline clinics on Dec. 30, 1994, killing two
receptionists and wounding five others. But they say that Salvi
was insane.

Testimony in the trial was to continue today.

Prosecutors spent Tuesday trying to portray Salvi as a
calculating anti-abortion extremist who knew exactly what he was
doing when he fired the gun.

Prosecution witnesses told of Salvi's involvement with the
pro-life movement and painted a picture of a man who carefully
planned his crime.

An FBI agent testified that authorities searching Salvi's
home the day after the shootings found empty gun boxes,
anti-abortion literature and laminated photos of aborted fetuses.

Agent Leonard C. Cross, who led the search, said officials
combing Salvi's Hampton, N.H., apartment also found an
instruction manual for the rifle, a pamphlet for a shooting
range, target shooting glasses and a Bible with marked passages.

Clothes were scattered on the living room and bathroom
floors at Salvi's apartment, and his bed was unmade, Cross said.
Two empty gun boxes - one for the rifle and one for the magazine
- were found behind the couch.

Prosecutor John P. Kivlan also called witnesses who
remembered seeing Salvi at abortion protests outside the Planned
Parenthood clinic and Preterm Health Services.

Barbara Bell, a member of Operation Rescue and a founder
of Massachusetts Blacks for Life, said she saw Salvi on May 14,
1994, at one of the weekly Saturday prayer vigils outside the
Planned Parenthood clinic.

Bell said she saw Salvi for the first time that spring day
and introduced herself before taking two photographs of him. Bell
said she has taken thousands of photos of anti-abortion
demonstrators and clinic workers.

``When I started taking pictures, he started cussing and
swearing,'' she told the Norfolk Superior Court jury.

Bell, who described Salvi as ``a little aggressive,'' said
she introduces herself to other protesters to see ``if they're
dealing with a full deck.'' She said she didn't want to see the
kind of violence that had already struck other abortion clinics
around the country.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Janice Bassil
suggested that Salvi was different from most other anti-abortion

``You said there is something off-base with him ... he is
not in tune with the rest of us,'' Bassil told Bell, referring to
previous statements Bell had made.

Bell said Salvi didn't appear to be participating in the
May 14 demonstration and was facing away from the other
protesters. Disturbed, she asked other participants in the
demonstration to keep an eye on Salvi.

He had ``no emotion, no feelings that I could see,'' Bell

Bassil said Salvi's behavior was in stark contrast to that
of most of the anti-abortion demonstrators who were solemn,
reciting the rosary or singing hymns.

``People treat this as though they were in church,'' she

The jury also was shown one of Bell's photographs of
Salvi, wearing a baseball cap, from the May 14 demonstration.

Salvi did not show any reaction to Tuesday's testimony,
only glancing occasionally toward the jury.

Bassil and attorney J.W. Carney Jr. are arguing that Salvi
was insane when he committed the shootings, haunted by the
delusion that there was a conspiracy against Roman Catholics. The
defense has been trying to show that Salvi was not heavily
involved in the anti-abortion movement.

Salvi has denied guilt and insisted he was sane.

If convicted, Salvi faces life in prison without parole.
If acquitted by reason of insanity, he would be sent to a state
mental institution and could be released when found sane.

AP-DS-02-20-96 2207EST


{AFIB Editor's note: The post below originated from The Journal
For Patriotic Justice in America, a far-right organization that
operates in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.}

From: company account <hmcom@eskimo.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 00:57:39 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Operation Rolling Thunder

Forwarded message
Subj: Rolling Thunder
Date: 96-02-17 00:37:08 EST
From: DavidRMil@aol.com



WHAT IS IT? Operation Rolling Thunder is a weekend of maneuvers,
training, communication and demonstration of commitment to the
cause of preservation of the United States of America and it's
Constitution. Rolling Thunder is a nationwide operation.

It will be held on Labor Day Weekend of 1996. Activities will be
nationwide with satellite technology connecting participants.

At present, militia groups from numerous states have agreed to
participate and Rolling Thunder has been approved by such
notables as Mark Koernke and J.J. Johnson. All who love liberty
are encouraged to join in this event. Groups both large and small
are invited to participate.

This will be a unique oppurtunity for us to build bridges of
communication that will serve us into the future. Meet, work
with, and learn from others who think as you do.

An organizational meeting for Operation: Rolling Thunder is being
held to coincide with the Class III Shoot that is being held at
Knob Creed Gun Range in Shepherdsville, Kentucky the weekend of
April 12-14. the meeting will be held in the Meeting Room of the
Best Western Hotel in Shepherdsville, Kentucky at 4:00 p.m. on
Saturday, April 13th. All commanders are invited to attend this
meeting and to participate in mission planning.

David E. Rydel, Executive Officer, Michigan Militia
Phone: 810-391-0798
Fax: 810-391-3528
Email: DavidRMil@aol.com
Knob Creek Gun Range: 502-922-4457
Best Western Hotel: 502-543-7097


Distributed by the Journal for Patriotic Justice in America,
P.O.B. 21605, Seattle WA, 98111-3605 (e-mail: hmcom@eskimo.com)


{AFIB Editor's note: The excerpts below are from the C-NEWS mail
list. The organization from which the post originates, the
National Center for Public Policy Research, is a rightist outfit
with links to "suit and tie" Nazis and clerical-fascists. For
example, Laszlo Pasztor, is a "former" Hungarian Nazi who was a
member of the Arrow Cross; he served in Berlin at the end of
World War II. Pasztor is a leader of the Republican Heritage
Groups Council, an ethnic outreach arm of the U.S. Republican
Party. The organization was exposed as a front of the Anti-
Bolshevik Block of Nations (ABN), a member of the fascist-linked,
World Anti-Communist League (WACL). J. Michael Waller was a
principle author of _A New Inter-American Policy for the
Eighties_, also known as the "Sante Fe Document." Issued by the
Council for Inter-American Security (CIS), their recomendations
became the basis for Reagan Central American policy: destruction
of the Nicaraguan Revolution and the FSLN; massive military
support to regional death squad states such as El Salvador and
Guatemala; subversion and destruction of the Cuban Revolution.
These projects are _on-going_. AFIB will issue a report at the
end of the week, _A SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: Larry Pratt, The
Council for Inter-American Security and Domestic Fascist
Networks_. Stay tuned, this one's HOT!}

Date: 19 Feb 96 19:49:40 EST
From: Amy Moritz <73317.1576@compuserve.com>
FROM: <c-news@world.std.com>
Subject: C-NEWS: Scoop 116

Scoop (tm)

Your Inside View to the Strategies and Activities of the
Conservative Movement in Washington

Issue 116 * February 19, 1996

The National Center for Public Policy Research
Amy Moritz, President
300 Eye Street N.E. Suite 3 * Washington, D.C. 20002
(202) 543-1286 * Fax (202) 543-4779
E-Mail: 73317.1576@compuserve.com
World Wide Web: www.nationalcenter.inter.net/

**Activities at the January 18 and January 4 Stanton foreign
affairs meeting chaired by Laszlo Pasztor of Coalitions for
America and Amy Moritz of The National Center for Public Policy

* Group Broadcasting to Cuba Says 1996 is the Year Castro Will

Dr. Emilio-Adolfo Rivero of the New Cuba Coalition, a former
political prisoner of Fidel Castro (imprisoned from April 23,
1961 to October 13, 1979), discussed the extent of opposition to
Castro within Cuba and Castro's political difficulties, which are
greatly exacerbated by Cuba's economic crisis. Dr. Rivero
predicted that Castro's government will fall this year, explained
the basis for this prediction, and distributed a handout. The
New Cuba Coalition was established December 1989 as a non-profit
organization aimed at producing detailed studies on how Cuba is
to reconstruct itself after the Castro era, and to help find and
allocate means for that reconstruction. Among other activities,
it publishes bulletins, broadcasts by radio into Cuba and
sponsors an informational World Wide Web page
(http://tribeca.ios.com/~new_cuba/new_cuba.html) in English and
Spanish on events in Cuba. Contact Dr. Rivero at 301/927-2167 or
by e-mail at new_cuba@tribeca.ios.com.

* Analyst Criticizes Defense Secretary for His Praise for and
Aid to the Russian Military

Dr. J. Michael Waller of the American Foreign Policy Council
updated participants on events in Chechnya, calling Russian
government actions in the Chechnya hostage situation "barbaric"
and criticizing Secretary of Defense Perry for labelling the
action "entirely correct." Waller also criticized Secretary
Perry for ordering U.S. assistance to Russian Navy vessels while
Russian Navy vessels were shadowing U.S. ships. Waller
distributed a January 15 op/ed he wrote for the Washington Times,
"Return of the Old Soviet Guard."
Contact Dr. Waller at 202/462-6055.


** Topic: Immigrant defense march 5/11 @ SF **
** Written 10:00 AM Feb 20, 1996 by rtlorg in
cdp:misc.activism. **

There will be a march and rally to defend immigrants in San
Francisco on Saturday, May 11, 1996, starting at noon at Cesar
Chavez and Mission Streets.

The goals of this march are:

Stop the INS Raids and Police Harassment!

Stop the Deportations!

Mobilize to Abolish Proposition 187!

Defend the Rights of All Immigrants, Documented and Undocumented!

Mobilize to Make the Mission an INS-Free Zone!

Defeat the English-Only Campaign! Defend Bilingual Education!

Organize Our Neighborhoods to Defeat the INS, and to Stop
INS-Police Collaboration Against Immigrants!

The march is being organized by a coalition which was initiated
by BACOF, the Bay Area Coalition Opposing Fascism. BACOF's
participants include AYUDA (an organization working with poor and
homeless Latino immigrants), Workers' Voice, and the Freedom
Socialist Party.

Others who support the above demands, and believe in organizing
immigrant defense actions independently of the courts and big
business politicians, are welcome to join the coalition which is
planning the march. For more information, come to one of the
weekly coalition meetings at the AYUDA office, 2940 16th St.,
Room 323, near 16th and Mission in SF, every Tuesday at 6:30 PM,
or call the BACOF voicemail for more information, 415-789-8165.

Para informacion en Espanol, llame a la oficina de AYUDA,

Workers' Voice

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