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Mon, 26 Feb 1996 19:55:06 +0100

In another shooting Wednesday, a policeman was wounded near a
hospital, Tropic FM radio reported. It was unclear whether the
shootings were related.

The incidents raised new fears about security in Haiti only
three weeks after President Rene Preval was inaugurated and eight
days before the U.N. peacekeeping force's mandate expires.

Haitian intelligence sources said the shootings might involve
infighting in Haiti's troubled new security force, between
officers trained at a new U.S.-funded academy and former interim
policemen, including more than 100 ex-army officers.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pierre Michel Lubin said only
that "the shooting began when police tried to arrest an armed

One witness told Tropic FM radio that the fracas began when a
man on a motorcycle drew a gun as a float approached carrying
Sweet Mickey, a rock singer who supported the former military

He said police opened fire, shooting toward the man and into
the crowd.

A woman riding the float said the motorcyclist fired into the
air, but police responded by shooting into the crowd.

Doctors at the general hospital said 14 people, including a
policeman, were treated for bullet wounds, 33 people suffered
stab and slash wounds and about 10 were hurt in the stampede to

Commissioner Lubin said five police officers with bullet
wounds were being treated at Canape Vert Hospital.

Doctors at the general hospital said a young girl, Immaculat
Louis, died there of a bullet wound and a man with papers
identifying him as Jean-Pierre Sere was found dead on a downtown
street with two bullet wounds to the head.

After the carnival shootings, nervous policemen at a roadblock
heard a car door slam and fired into the air in panic, a witness

Haitians have been complaining for months about trigger-happy
responses by the 6,200-member force hastily trained to replace
the repressive army that ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide
in 1991.

More than a dozen violent incidents involving police officers
have been reported, including the Jan. 10 death of a 10-year-old
girl struck by a stray bullet when officers in the coastal city
of Gonaives opened fire to disperse unarmed protesters.

Two officers were charged Monday with severely beating a
prisoner at the police station in Gonaives, the first arrests
since the rookies began graduating last summer.

U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali told the Security
Council last week that Haiti's police often resorted to excessive
force in the "absence of competent senior officers and overall

President Preval, meanwhile, is preparing to name a new police
chief to replace an Aristide nominee rejected by the Senate
because of unproved charges of corruption and nepotism.

Preval's nominee, Pierre Denize, said he was awaiting official
word. Denize is a well-respected, businessman who lived in the
United States for several years and returned to Haiti 10 years
ago to found the country's only drug and alcohol rehabilitation

At Preval's request, the U.N. Security Council is considering
extending the peacekeeping force's mandate in Haiti past Feb. 29.
The vote is expected Friday.


Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 12:33:29 -0800
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Associated Press

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras -- The head of a leading Honduran human
rights organization accused the country's powerful military
Wednesday of reactivating death squads, which murdered at least
six people last year.

The dead include two teen-agers killed after police arrested
them in September, said Ramon Custodio, president of the
independent Human Rights Commission.

"The death squads, reactivated by the armed forces last year,
also killed four soldiers assigned to military intelligence in an
attempt to keep them from testifying about criminal acts
committed by their military chiefs," Custodio said.

Col. Julio Cesar Chavez, chief of the National Police, said
Wednesday that Custodio's claims would be investigated and
"nothing will be covered up." The military has repeatedly denied
links to the death squads.

A 1993 government report blamed the military
counterintelligence agency, Battalion 316, for the slayings of
leftists suspected of aiding rebel movements throughout Central
America in the 1980s, when at least 184 people disappeared in

The report claimed U.S., Argentine, and Nicaraguan advisers
trained the squad.

A human rights group, the Women's Committee for Peace, said
Wednesday it would push for legislation revoking the autonomy the
military has enjoyed since 1957, when it was granted by
then-President Ramon Villeda Morales.

Wednesday's accusations against the military follow a dramatic
radio interview by the former head of Battalion 316, in which he
admitted taking part in kidnappings.

"I ask pardon for having contributed to that history of pain
and suffering that you experienced," Billy Joya said in a message
to his victims during the hour-long taped interview broadcast on
station HRN.

Joya, a former army captain who now owns a security company,
is one of three former officers who have evaded capture since a
judge ordered their arrest on Oct. 17 on charges of kidnapping
and torturing six university students in 1982. The students were
eventually freed.

The case is a landmark in civilian efforts to assert control
over the military, which ruled Honduras from 1963 to 1981 and
retained great autonomy afterwards.


Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 14:03:08 +0100 (MET)
From: <hiworld@dds.nl>
Subject: The Antifascist Web was updated (and a new Mirror)


The Antifascist Web mails you again. There's a new mirror
site in Belgium (Europe), and a major update of the Antifascist
Web took place. Many things have been updated, here's a brief

The index-page has been changed (should look better this
way), and a short description of the Antifascist Web has also
been added at the begining. I removed the counter since it
resetted numerous times, and because it decreased access speed of
the page. A 'HOT'-mark is placed besides the 'Fight against
fascism' worldwide, since this is certaintly the hottest place in
the Antifascist Web.

The USA-page: reports about Knutson, the University of
Vermont, an Interview with Dhoruba Bin Wahad (Veteran Black
Panther and 19-year political prisoner), the Expose the Right!
Campaign, a report about the march for justice for Leonard
Peltier and a report for help for an Antifascist compilation
record has been added.

On the Kurdistan page, there's a text can that is an appeal
to everyone who claims to be human: the fascist Turkish state
(and the media that is controlled by it) printed pictures of
Turkish soldiers posing with the choped off heads of Kurds,
grasping them by the hair. They didn't print these pictures to
condemn such cruelty against humanity, but as a victory!

There's a Japan-page now that reports about the homeless
threated by the Japanese government, there's a Guatemala-page
that reports about street children who are gunned down. On the
Mexico-page an urgent solidarity appeal is added and there's an
announcement of a conference against privatisation.

On the page about the Antifascist Struggle in South-America
and Africa, a report about America's Latin "Empire" has been

On the Peru-page: an editorial from The New Flag (El nuevo
bandera) has been added.

Changes have been made to the 'History of fascism'-page, new
Links added, outdated reports removed.

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