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Periodically, AFIB will post updates on topical events of
interest to subscribers. Unlike the regular weekly
bulletin, supplements will provide coverage of breaking
events and alternative views not found in the "mainstream"


CONTENTS: Supplement 11

2. (ATS) Freedom Now! Coalition to Hold Conference on
U.S. Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War
3. (DHKC) Kurds Arrested in Germany After Warning From
Secret Service!
4. (MEXPAZ) MEXICO UPDATE, Vol. II #60 [excerpts]
5. (AP) Haitian Police Fire Into Carnival Crowd; 2
Dead, 57 Wounded
6. (AP) Honduran Military Faces New Accusations Of
Death Squad Involvement
7. (AF-WEB) The Antifascist Web Has Been Updated
8. (AFIB) List Alert! Racist Booted From AFIB!
9. (AFIB) Notice To Subscribers: Cut Down on


From owner-antiracism-eur-l@sonne.comlink.apc.org
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 23:27:23 +0100
From: mag2@euronet.nl



On saturday 24 february in the town of Zwolle, the Netherlands, a
march will be held by Dutch racists and fascists from the
Centrumdemocraten party and de CP'86 neo-nazi party. The Mayor of
Zwolle has given his permission for the march. We, the
undersigning organisations, call strognly upon every-one to take
part in the counter-demonstration!!!!

The Centrumdemocraten party announced recently that they will
hold the march in Zwolle together with CP'86. By now we know that
the leaders of both parties, the notorious Hans Janmaat and Henk
Ruitenberg will attend and will try to make speeches. Also
neo-nazi's from Germany have announced to come to Zwolle.

The Mayor of Zwolle, mr.Franssen, says that he has given
permission for the fascist march because of the freedom of
speech. He also stated that he gave the fascists certain
conditions, e.g. that there can be no discriminatory, racist or
antisemitic signs, slogans or shouting. If there are, police will
(try to) disband the march. The march will be held at 11.00 in
the morning, starting from the square in front of the railway
station. After their march, police will load the fascists into
busses and will put them on trains, so the Mayor claims. In this
way he tries to prevent the precense of fascists during the
counter-demo at 14.00. We don't think that this will be very

On the eve of the remembrance of the february strike of 1941, we
will show that we won't tolerate fascists and racists marching in
Holland. AFA (Anti Fascist Action) and other progressive
organisations will do a counter-demo in the afternoon, starting
at 14.00 hrs. also from the square in front of the railway

The following organizations support the counter-demo:

DIDF, Nederland Bekent Kleur, KMAN, Nederlands Centrum
Buitenlanders, Migrantenforum, Magenta, Jonge Socialisten,
Amsterdams 4/5 mei Comite, UNITED, HTKF, ATKB, TDID Utrecht,
GroenLinks Zwolle, LSVB, AFA, KURF, ANJV, Foundation Netherlands
International Centre for Human Rights, Marokkaanse Vrouwen
Vereniging Nederland, Jongeren Tegen Racisme Europa Offensief,
HTIB, Met Recht Anders, Liberaal Joodse Gemeente Den Haag,
Steunfunctie Organisatie voor Surinamers in Amsterdam e.o.(SSA),
Stedelijk Marokkaanse Raad, Centrum Buitenlanders Oost-Brabant,
ARGAN, FTDVT Twente, School Zonder Racisme, SAP.

More info: mag2@euronet.nl

Magenta Foundation, Amsterdam


Date: Wed, 21 Feb 96 16:58:01 -0800
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>
Subject: Conference On Political Prisoners In Boston


When: Feb. 23, 7 pm and Feb. 24, 9 am to 4:30 pm

Where: Northeastern University, Ell Student Center, Boston, MA

Speakers: Ahmed Obafemi (New Afrikan People's Organization),
Rafael Cancel Miranda (Puerto Rican Independence Movement), Alan
Berkman (North American Anti-Imperialist), Eve Rosahn (grand jury
resistor), Pamela Africa (MOVE and Int'l Friends and Family of
Mumia Abu-Jamal), Lourdes Lugo (Puerto Rican Independence
Movement), Kazi Toure (New Afrikan Independence Movement), Bobby
Castillo (American Indian Movement, Apache Survival Coalition),
Eddie Hatcher (American Indian Movement).

There will be an open forum and press conference on Friday night
in the Ell Student Center Ballroom at 7 pm, where the public and
press are invited to ask questions of Cancel Miranda, Castillo
and Obafemi regarding the existence of political prisoners in the
U.S., the varying definitions of political prisoners, and the
abuses that the prisoners are subject to. On Saturday, February
24, the day-long conference will include a plenary session in the
morning and workshops in the afternoon, a report back with
decisions made, and ending finally with a party to celebrate our
active opposition to repression, starting at 9 pm at Roxbury
Community College. The three concurrent workshops will address:

1) Solidarity with the Political Prisoners and POWs and the
Movements they Represent

2) Combating the Most Critical Human Rights Abuses

3) Building A Broad Movement to Support and Liberate the

For more information call Freedom Now! Coaliton - Boston at
617/497-8361 or 617/445-8887 ext. 131.

++++ stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal ++++
++++ if you agree copy these lines to your sig ++++
++++ see http://www.xs4all.nl/~tank/spg-l/sigaction.htm ++++

Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist collective based
in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide variety of
material, including political prisoners, national liberation
struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism, the fight
against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our writings,
research, and translation materials in our magazine and bulletins
called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P7 Canada

E-mail: ats@etext.org
WWW: http://burn.ucsd.edu/~ats
FTP: ftp.etext.org --> /pub/Politics/Arm.The.Spirit


Date: Sun, 18 Feb 96 02:23:30 -0800
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>

Kurds Arrested In Germany After Warning From Secret Service!

German police have released by noon about 90 Kurds who had
been taken into custody in Baden-Wuerttemberg yesterday. This was
reported by a spokesman of the Stuttgart Interior Ministry. The
Kurds had been preliminary arrested during a police operation in
the wake of an expected illegal rally by the outlawed workers'
party PKK. An arrest warrant was issued this morning against the
PKK representative in south-western Germany. The investigative
judge at the Karlsruhe Federal High Court accused her of heading
and participating in a terrorist organization.

Forwarded from the DHKC Information Bureau <ozgurluk@xs4all.nl>
Please be so kind and visit the URL:
For regular information about the Classwar In Turkey and


** Topic: MEXPAZ # 60 Information **
** Written 3:43 PM Feb 21, 1996 by information@uibero.uia.mx
in cdp:reg.mexico **
From: MEXPAZ_information <information@uibero.uia.mx>

MEXICO UPDATE, Vol. II # 60 February 21, 1996
produced by Equipo PUEBLO
This edition of MEXICO UPDATE contains 3 sections:
Democracy, Economy, and Chiapas. Comments welcome at E-mail:
pueblo@laneta.apc.org or by fax: (5) 672-7453 in Mexico


Nine Massacred in Guerrero

Nine people (coffee producers and cattle ranchers) from
Atoyac, Guerrero were murdered in three apparently related
incidents on February 19. In all three cases, the crimes
were presumably committed by the State Judicial Police.
Around 11:00 am on Monday, February 19, the state police
attempted to kidnap three men near their ranch. The men
fought back and wounded one of the police officers before
they were all murdered. When family members of the victims
learned that the wounded police officer was in an Acapulco
hospital, they set out to find him to ensure he would be
prosecuted. Around midnight on the highway between
Zihuatenejo and Acapulco, the five were reportedly murdered
by police agents. In the third incident, a friend of the
families=EF was found dead after having helped to investigate
the original murders.

The official story from the director of Judicial Police
regarding the second massacre was that the five men were
heavily armed and attacked the police on the highway.
However, the truck they were traveling in has bullet holes
in the back, which would indicate that it was the police who
attacked the murdered men.

The President of the Coffee Producers Cooperative La
Pintada, Arturo Martinez Nateras, said that the murders were
the result of "violence tied to drug trafficking." He said
that the state and federal police "allow the harvesting of
stimulants, and then when producers sell their crops they
steal their money." (La Jornada, 20 February).

Protesters Suspend End Oil Well Blockade

After 18 days, PRD activists and indigenous peasants agreed
to suspend the blockade of oil wells in Tabasco in the hope
that this will contribute to a negotiated solution to the
problems created by Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX) in the region.
During the past two weeks, 106 activists have been arrested,
many of whom were imprisoned with no bail.

The PRD in Tabasco has developed a list of ten points they
want addressed. The ten points include payment of
indemnification to peasants and fishers; installment of non-
polluting equipment in all Tabasco installations; that Pemex
establish integral development programs where they are
active around the state; that they provide detailed
information regarding how the more than 277 million pesos
they paid the state were spent; and that they drop all
charges against the activists involved in the blockade,
among others. PRD leader Lopez Obredor announced a deadline
of 30 days (March 17) for Pemex and the government to
address their concerns. At that time, the PRD will hold a
"popular assembly" to assess advances and decide on next

Meanwhile, PEMEX commissioned a study on the environmental
impact of their activities in Tabasco and other states. The
Batel Corporation, the University of Texas and other
institutions will participate in the study, which will
provide initial results in three to six months. (Reforma,
La Jornada, 17 February).

Unemployment Rebounds Again

After four months of declining unemployment rates, the
official unemployment figure climbed to 6.4% in January, an
increase of 0.9% over December. Officials estimate that an
additional 317,000 people lost their jobs in the formal
economy during the past month. The area with the highest
unemployment rate is Mexico City, with an official rate of
8.4%. (Reforma, 20 February).

Minimum Wage - Lowest in History

The daily minimum wage is at its lowest level in history,
since it was established in 1935. Since 1977 (its highest
point) it has lost 80.8% of its purchasing power. According
to a study by El Financiero, the number of workers making
one minimum wage or less increased from 6.7% to 8.5% during
the past year. Given the economic crisis that most
businesses continue to confront, expectations are low for a
significant improvement in wages this year. Even if the
government's optimistic forecast of 20% annual inflation
came true this year, the real minimum wage would still fall
8.75% (El Financiero, 18 February).


Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 12:32:54 -0800
X-within-URL: http://www.usa.net/gtwork/today/wor100.html


Associated Press

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Jumpy policemen fired into a Carnival
crowd after a man pulled a gun near a float Wednesday,unleashing
a panic in which more than 50 people were injured. Six policemen
were shot.

At least two civilians were reported dead from gunshot wounds,
but it was unclear who fired the fatal bullets.

The shots rang out suddenly during a live broadcast on state
TV of the final hours of Haiti's three-day carnival.

The television footage showed one man falling to the ground
bleeding heavily and a wounded woman being led away as hundreds
of screaming revelers fled the area.