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N. 30 New Series, 5 February 1996
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HONDURAS - Luis Alfonso Discua. The founding commander of the
notorious, but official Battalion 316 (INT, 25/33) death squad,
General Luis Alfonso Discua, was recently appointed Honduras'
delegate to the United Nations Security Council by President
Carlos Roberto Reina. Civil rights organization have put up a
clamber, but the appointment will ultimately be in their favor.
On 2 August 1995, shortly after indictments of military members
involved in 14 documented murders and "disappearances" carried
out by Battalion 316, Gen. Discua, as armed forces chief of
staff, called a press conference and declared those indicted
"have my support and solidarity as well as the support and
solidarity" of the entire military institution (INT, N. 27/15).
With Gen. Discua "kicked upstairs" and out of the way in New
York, perhaps Honduran Justice can get down to the delicate
task of "cleaning the stables".


PANAMA - Jose Luis Sosa. On 27 December, Jose Luis Sosa became
National Police Chief, replacing Oswaldo Fernandez. Sosa has
served as Executive Secretary of the Security and National
Defense Council and will probably be implementing President
Perez Balladares's program of reinforcing the police force
without turning it into a military force.


CHILE/URUGUAY - Eugenio Berrios. Although authorities in
Uruguay are not 100 percent sure, they believe the body found
in April 1995 on the El Pinar beach in Montevideo is that of
former Chilean DINA agent and chemical weapons expert, Eugenio
Berrios. The body had four bullet wounds in the chest and one
in the back of the head, its face stripped off and its hands
cut off in an attempt to prevent identification. Berrios
probably produced the sarin nerve gas used to kill three human-
rights victims in Chile. With American Michael Townley,
Berrios reportedly built the bomb that killed Chilean diplomat
Orlando Letelier in 1976 in Washington DC. Berrios avoided
trial in Chile by fleeing to Uruguay in April 1992, and sought
protection from the Uruguayan police on 15 November 1992,
saying he had been kidnapped "on orders from [Gen. Augosto]
Pinochet". The police returned him to the house of Uruguayan
intelligence agent Capt. Eduardo Ravelli from whence he had
supposedly escaped. He was never seen alive again.


BOLIVIA - CIA Expanding Its Brief. Just after CIA Director
John Deutch visited Colombia, accompanied by DIA Director Lt.
Gen. Kenneth Minihan and DEA Deputy Director Steve Green, U.S.
Ambassador to Bolivia, Curtis Kamman, announced, on 22 January,
that the CIA will broaden its activities in the country. He
also denied conflict between the CIA and the DEA Bolivia

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