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Sat, 24 Feb 1996 10:28:22 -0800 (PST)

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(I found this address on the Spunk Press resources page, associated
with "Anarchist Studies", the journal, and I asked if it was still
a contact address (email) for the journal... it seems that Tom used to
be the editor, but he got sick. - JH)

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From: (Tom Cahill)
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Not really, although it was a while back,
Write to:

Sharif Gemie (no email)
School of Humanities and Social Science
Univ of Glamorgan
Mid Glamorgan CF37 1Dl

... for anything to do with editorial stuff. He is now the sole editor.

Publisher is White Horse Press:
10 High Street
Cambridge CB3 8NR

...or for subscriptions:

White Horse Press
1 Strond
Isle of Harris

Hope that is useful. Feel free to ask me what you want to know as well. I
can always phone Sharif from here, and pass the message on, as he is not
yet hooked up to the Net.



Subscription rates for "Anarchist Studies":
(2 issues of 96 pages per year)
Individuals: 16 pounds ($30 US)
Institutions: 32 pounds ($55 US)

Send cheques or full VISA/Mastercard details to:
The White Horse Press, 1 Strond,
Isle of Harris, Scotland, PA83 3UD.
Fax: 0 (44) 859 520 204

The journal welcomes articles on anarcho-communism, libertarian socialism,
and anarcho-syndicalism, and is in this respect one of the best
anarchist journals (printed in english) today, next to Libertarian
Labor Review. Articles submitted should be of well-researched intellectual

(Another good anarchist journal is "The Raven", from Freedom Press...
there is also the journal "Social Anarchism", but this publication
seems pretty bland and liberalistic in content... perhaps they
will carry more articles about syndicalism & revolutionary
anarchist history eventualy.)

- JH