Workers Solidarity 47 Now on WWW

Andrew Flood (
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 11:53:47 +0000 (GMT)

Hi All,

the latest edition of the Irish anarchist magazine
Workers Solidarity can now be found at

The contents are as below, if anyone wants one
of these articles but does not have web access
e-mail me and I'll send it.


Stuff the Water charges

For Starters

513 Anarchists arrested in Greece

Anarchist students win in Australian NUS elections

That's Capitalism

Cork Workers Strike Against Low Pay


Bans or legalisation?

Direct Action Against Drugs: Murder & Thuggery



Travellers March against Shanty Towns

A new world in their Hearts: Spain 1936

Divorce Victory: Clerical Power Weakened

Irish Delegation visits Mexican rebels

Review: BAD - The Autobiography of James Carr

*** Mikhail Bakunin ***

About Mikhail Bakunin

Books by and about Bakunin


*** World Anarchist News ***

South African Anarchists Organise

Czech Anarchists battle Fascists

French Workers Take on their bosses


Uncle Sams Torture Trade

Thinking about Anarchism: Anarchism & Democracy

Other Irish anarchist papers

Feed the World don't Arm the World

Check out for
a web page of HTMLised (ie pretty) WSM texts on anarchism
and Irish Politics. Now updated to include fully HTMLised
version of Issue 1. of Red & Black Revolution.