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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
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*** BRIEF NEWS ***

The art show by Paco "Rey Acratador", organized by Ateneo Libertario de
Zaragoza continues exhibiting his prison drawings and right now is on tour
through Alto Aragon, we remind you that you may solicit it taking care of
transportation expenses and being responsible for its safekeeping.

It can be considered a true step backwards the ruling by the National Court
that sentenced a woman to six months in jail for having an abortion in a
portuguese locality under abominable conditions of health and safety. The
woman suffered a ruptured uterus as a consequence and has been recovering
for a long time, in spite of which the Court upheld the reasoning of the
most ultra sectors of integrationist catholicism.

Canary Islands independentist Angel Cubillo's stabbing case has been
reopened in order to arrive at a definite clarification. The incident
occurred in Argel in April 1978. Cubillo was victim of a dirty plot in which
then minister of Interior Rodolfo Martin Vila (today of the PP) had a lot to
do, trying to stem the rising tide of Canaria's independence movement. From
the beginning it was established that the material authors of the
assasination were agents of the spanish state but this was one of the topics
buried by the much talked about transition (Victoria Prego didn't tell us

56 PCE(r) and GRAPO political prisoners have started a hunger strike in
several of the state's prisons to protest living conditions to which they're
subjected by the Penitentiary Institutions and to demand the regrouping in a
single prison, against the political dispersion the State forces upon them
that keep them hundreds of kms from their home towns in many cases. Likewise
several prisoners denounce the health condition of some of their comrades
severely ill and who present diverse consequences after the almost one year
long hunger strike they did in 1990.
The basque political prisoners in various state prisons are also carrying
out a rotating hunger strike protesting the policies of dispersion as well
as internal dispersion within the prison, the inhuman living conditions, the
frequent beatings and ill treatment, the regular vexing searches even to
visitors, the change of cells and the illegal confiscation of mail. In
solidarity with this hunger strike there have been many actions in
Euskalherria, though the majority haven't even been published by the mass media.

A newe squat for living quarters and Social Center done in December was
evicted on january 9th. The okupas had begun to rehabilitate the building
with much enthusiasm, they were working a garden and had other projects.
On the other hand, Kasal Popular de Valencia, one of the most important
okupations in the State, continues although we expected that by the 15th the
owner would show up with the architect to inform about the building's
"renovation" (of course they didn't plan to open the door). They ask for
solidarity in view of the inminent eviction, so if you have a few days stop
by 6 Flora St. Valencia.

Edurne Goni, member of Iniciativa por el Des-Censo electoral (Initiative for
electoral De-census) that was tried on November 30th for refusing to attend
an electoral table, objecting to it previously (see Acrat #49) has been
finally sentenced to 1 month and 1 day in jail, 100,000 ptas fine and 6
years inhabilitation to vote and be elected. The ruling, "which understands
the defndant's reasoning" says that conscientious objection only applies to
military service (obviously they forget the doctors that object and refuse
to perform abortions). A very unjust sentence that hasn't been appealed,
although it has enjoyed many shows of solidarity, self-blame and of course
our rejection of a robe's opinion having more weight that a large part of
the People: Democracy is a farce.

On 12/22 anarchist students ocuppied the Dean's Office at Valencia's Faculty
of History as protest for the 520 anarchists arrested at Athens University.

Felix Likiniano kultur Elkartea (LIKI) and distributor DDT have moved to a
larger and better located place. They're at c/ Ronda 12 48.005 Bilbo New
phone/fax (94)4790120

McDonald plans the opening of 110 new junk food establishments in the
spanish state.

(Molotov)In Sept '95 an old school at El Ejido (Almeria) was okupied, a
Centro Social Autogestionado was created for diverse activities. The
eviction came December 1st. The okupas climbed to the roof, as well as the
pigs aided by the firemen with high pressure water hoses. The pigs
repeatedly beat the okupas. A squatter arriving with a lawyer's letter
comenting on the eviction's illegality was also beat and the letter was
taken away. Thirteen okupas were arrested and ten dogs were sent to the pound.

- An international art show entitled "Art and Writings Against the Death
Penalty" is taking place, by political prisoners worldwide to denounce the
plight of Mumia Abu-Jamal and political prisoners in general. For more info:
Political Prisoners Unite
272 Hutton St. Jersey City New Jersey 07307 - USA

-CNT's National Comittee has a new address at c/ Magdalena 29 - 2nd 28014
Madrid. Phone (91)369-0557

The well known argentinian philosopher and writer Angel J. Cappelletti, one
of the main broadcasters of anarchist ideology this last part of the century
died in Rosario (Argentina) he was 68 years old.
Cappelletti authored a large body of work, mainly dedicated to the
compilation of historical and theoretical libertarian ideological material
and was a great student of libertarian philosophy (Hechos y Figuras del
Anarquismo Hispanoamericano, La Ideologia Anarquista).
Cappelletti had been to the spanish state several times and gave conferences
on a variety of subjects, besides an extensive production of articles, many
of them published in CNT. If you want to know more about him and his work
several of his books have been published by libertarian editorial Madre Tierra.

Radikal is an alternative magazine, linked to the autonomous movement with
more than ten years of history. It has been continually persecuted by the
state prohibiting its sale and propagation. At this time four people have
been in jail for several months accused of publishing RADIKAL and several
more people have dissappeared. The pretext is the publishing of RAF
communiques. In spite of police searches in apartments and other premises,
the prohibition and jailings and the flight of its key members a new issue
has been published and distributed throughout Germany. On December 16th 6000
people took part in a demonstration in support of Radikal in Hamburg. Once
the demo was over there were incidents in different points of the city. The
police deployed almost 4,000 antiriot agents. Finally 100 demonstrators were
arrested. A way to show support is to perform actions and send protest
letters and faxes to Germany's consulates and embassies.

(Molotov) An intentional fire occurred this past november at the archives of
the squatters movement and political center ROTE FLORA of Hamburg. Damages
have been heavy. The building has been okupied for 6 years and is a
reference point for Germany's alternative left. 95% of the archived material
was destroyed by the fire. The building's structure was not damaged and its
rehabilitation has begun.

(CNT) According to sources from the USA, native american political prisoner
Leonard Peltier has been moved to Atlanta prison, considered one of the
harshest in the world without knowing exactly why. We expect a strong
international response. We'll keep you informed.


On January 12, over 22 members of Jacksonville's tactical police including
the SWAT team and forensic technicians staged a raid at the home of the
Anarchist Black Cross and the Youth Action Movement of Jacksonville
(Florida, USA) arresting Robert Cluesman. Rob was kept arrested and
interrogated for three days before being released with a traffic violation.
During the raid, the police held the other three members of ABC-YAM locked
in a room of the house while others illegally searched the premises and
confiscated 2 legally obtained shotguns, political literature, sprays and
stencils as well as computer diskettes. The officers said these things would
be held as evidence in an "investigation".
On January 24th, 8 Jacksonville cops once more staged another raid in the
same house. Unlike the first, the police this time brought a warrant for the
arrest of three ABC members. The three have been charged with criminal
malice which is a felony in Florida. They face fines of $3500 and 2 years in
prison each. After the raid, the media televised several interviews in
support of ABC and their work in the community, such as free food and
literature distribution.

In the morning of January 25, a group of anarchists ocupied the central
offices of Roma's newspaper Il Manifesto. The occupation was an act of
protest against disinformation about the italian anarchist movement, which
they're trying to criminalize.

On January 30th around 120 students took the Chancellory of the Republic to
put pressure on the government to solve the 6% problem (amount being asked
by the students for the university).
They kept 84 people hostage, among them Chancellor Ernesto Leal, the
embassadors from Bolivia, Pakistan, The Phillipines and a Canadian Minister.
The occupation was peaceful, they didn't even paint graffitti. The diplomats
were released after 7 hours. The students had agreed to leave peacefully at
3PM the next day, however the police staged an operation and the students
were violently evicted. After the police took the premises, they threw tear
gas, they beat them repeatedly, took away their personal belongings:
watches, backpacks, chains, medicines etc. According to witnesses that
escaped the police said :"Let's grab the girls and rape them".
107 students have been arrested and are in different police stations waiting
to be criminally processed by the courts.

At the end of January there was in Paris the V European Encounter in
solidarity with the zapatista rebellion, attended by 43 collectives (6 from
the spanish state). They all signed a letter addressed to Mexico's
president, Ernesto Zedillo. He has been on an official visit to Spain where
some acts have been suspended so as to shield him from pro-Chiapas actions.
The EZLN has called the First Intercontinental Encounter for Humanity and
Against Neoliberalism, to take place between April and August in the five
continents. At the european level it will probably start in Berlin.


El Acratador celebrates its 50th issue (51st counting #0) since October 1989
much has happened. We've improved the presentation, we increased our
printing. Many themes have filled our pages, we have supported many
campaigns and struggles. We have come out of the libertarian world to
support all struggles that question the state or capital.

There have been many difficulties. Economic ones, having to put a lot of
hours and a lot of work to be done for a long time. Many have not liked it:
threats from the fascists, police harrassment, judicial investigations,
censorship in the prisons, attempts by a cyberfascist to erase our Internet
news server and accusations in the sensationalist provincial yellow press of
making the apology of terrorism. Although what probably hurts the most is
the destructive criticism from "alternative" people from our city that envy
a serious and continued counterinformation project very far from the
ephemeral projects that dessappear with the same enthusiasm with which they

There's much that is positive, letters of congratulations and support. The
700 subscriptions (almost 200 from Europe and America). Having created an
ample network of contacts, informers who send us news from their areas, we
receive dozens of publications that once quoted in El Acratador bulletin or
radio program are available for your perusal in our local.

El Acratador acts as a net of counterinformation exchange. Part of what we
receive is put in the bulletin, an important part that can't be published
for reasons of space is broadcast by our two weekly programs from Radio Topo
and Radio La Granja. We also send El Acratador and other publications to the
Internet. We have been part,for several months now, of A-infos network,
publishing in castillian and english the A-Infos Estado Espan~ol bulletin
which is sent to subscribers abroad together with El Acratador and via Internet.

This continuity and serious work allow us to become informed of what really
happens not months after the facts or through the mass-media. To cite a
couple of examples, the day of the arrest of the 520 anarchists in Greece we
received a fax, so we knew about it before it was published in the press. We
knew via Internet of the police invasion of Leoncavallo (Milano) the next
day, an event that's been silenced by the mass-media.


The Asamblea Universitaria por la Insumision has organized a film cycle
about antimilitarism. Showings are tuesdays and thursdays at the CMU Cerbuna.

We're still at Coso 186. By the way, we're changing the name. Any suggestions?

Weekdays 6 to 9 PM, and saturday evenings.

And what's there?
-Counterinformation Cafe
-Art shows
-Board Games
-Humor, love, respect, ideas, illusions.
-Something else?

500 ptas = 10 issues
-Deposit in Caja Postal c/c 00-19.860.916 payable to E. Gracia and send a
copy of the recipt.
- In mail postage, 11ptas denomination (Apdo. 3.1414)

Listen to El Acratador
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Organize your rage ...
... Come over to the Resistance!

50 issues of El Acratador
During February at our Social Center:
Coso 186

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