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From: Rebel Worker Subscriptions <rw-subs@chaos.apana.org.au>
Subject: Rebel Worker Magazine Feb96 Contents of Free Email version

Following is a contents page for Rebel Worker Magazine, a publication
of the Sydney, Australia Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation. Feb 1996 edition.

If you would like any of these articles please send email to
stating page numbers as below

If you want the whole lot each month (no graphics)
send a message rw-subs@chaos.apana.org.au saying "lob em at me, fella",
or something similar %-) (human here!)

Well, for the first time I've managed to beat the hard copy edition!
(It's being folded as I type this)

East Timor Action: Activists disarm Jet with Hammers 2
Australian Transport News 3
Metal News: Australia in Transition (IMF and World Bank) 4
Tomato Workers' Win! 4b
Swedish Syndicalist News 5
Visit to Bulgaria 6
USA Labour News: Chatanooga Buses 8
French Syndicalist News 10
Greek Anarchist News 11
Ukrainian Miners' Strike 12
Bangladesh Labour News 13
Call for Anarcho-Syndicalist Conference (Australia) 13b
Book Review: Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism:
an unbridgeable chasm (Murray Bookchin) 14
What is Anarchism? What is Anarcho-Syndicalism? 16
News and Notes 19

regards, dizzie