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On December 6 through the 10th took place the VIII Congress of the CNT in
Granada. Under the theme "For dignity for the working class" the congress
sessions were celebrated, attended by some 400 delegates and many guests and
observers from everywhere in the State. The congress started with greetings
from all the AIT sections and different collectives and organizations from
the libertarian milieu, also Pablo Serrano sent a moving salutation. The
different delegations debated and discussed on Social and Union Actions, on
Historical Heritage, Organizational Norms, Confederate Press etc. Important
note was the massive presence of young people (both male and female), as
well as the attendance of collectives, ateneos and alternative publications
such as El Acratador, which was a guest to the Congress.
The issues that generated the most discussion were Union Action, Historical
Heritage, Organizational Norms and Social Action (antimilitarism, feminism,
ecology ...) fundamental points for the future of the CNT and to face the
anarcosyndicalist struggle in the XXIst Century.
To clarify the difference from other organizations, CNT is based on direct
democracy, that is to say, the people that come as delegates limit
themselves to transmitting the decisions of the assemblies, decisions that
are thoroughly debated by the different unions. On the other hand, there are
no paid positions, the work is voluntary and not paid for. But the debates
are passionate and intense, and of course there are differences among the
delagations. They had to do some fine work when it came time to cast all the
agreements in order to obtain the largest consensus possible.
Parallel to this there were Cultural Days with many talks about feminism,
the power of the press, history of anarcosyndicalism etc, there were also a
puppet theater, movies, theater, mime ...
The great challenge of the CNT at this time is to overcome the crisis of
social struggle, faced with the "german style" syndicalism of the "majority"
unions. CNT has to bring its message to the young people facing labor
reform, the ETTs, the lack of living quarters etc, it must have answers to
the actual situation of society, with new types of contracts, of jobs and of
labor relations. While UGT and CCOO make pacts to mediate strikes, CNT must
have a presence in the street, in the different social and worker struggles,
to show itself as an accessible union, open and with modern means, in which
realism in face of the actual situation and the struggle for a more just and
equalitarian society combine.


- On 12/2 a young man was hit with a bottle in the Leon XIII area and had to
go to the hospital with injuries that could have been serious.
- Bar Candombe was stoned during the night of December 29th, with two broken
window panes, by a group of nazis that dissappeared in a nearby street fair.
- On 1/17, a member of Ateneo Libertario who had reproached a nazi for
spitting on the door of the Ateneo was hit by this nazi and his girlfriend
at Plaza de la Magdalena and as a result he received three stitches on his
eyebrow and his glasses were broken. He pressed charges.
- On 1/18 a student from Escuela de Artes was stalked as he came out of the
center by a group of 5 nazis and assaulted at noon receiving serious
injuries in one eye. He has, together with the school's director, pressed
charges and have made known the existance of a group organized in the
school's vecinity that has already done several assault attempts and
threats against other students.
- We've also received news of the beating of a married black couple of
mature age by a group of nazis. The attack wasn't worse thanks to the
intervention of several passers-by.
- A homeless person sleeping in a Zaragoza square was kicked by a group of
nazis that broke his collarbone and caused other serious injuries.
- An antifascist young lady was attacked by a nazis as she was shopping. She
pressed charges and identified the assailant.
- On 1/28 the well known Baeta and a pal attacked a man on Pignatelli St.

- A bar patronized by neonazis in General Sueiro was attacked by a group of
antifascists on the night of December 18th. As a result two nazis received
extremely severe correctives and many others were lightly rebuked.
Unfortunately a young antifa was arrested and a few days later the secret
police visited the home of another antifa, keeping him and interrogating him
at the police station in an absolutely illegal fashion.
- On 12/14 at Vasconia St. several nazis doing military service in Zaragoza
that beat up a young man wearing an antifascist patch were conveniently
corrected resulting in five of them injured, one of them with a broken nose
and another with a split rib. The police came instantly and emptied a
neighborhood bar searching for weapons allegedly used in the attack and the
nazis claimed to identify six people among the bar's customers, who were
arrested even though they didn't take part in the corrective. These six
young people, several of whom are FIJL militants, spent the night at the
police station, one being set free the next morning without charges and the
rest that afternoon, with one charge of aggression for now.
- On 1/25 as a response to the attack on the young man from the Escuela de
Artes, 300 of the school's students, supported by people from PAZ had a
gathering against racist and fascist attacks that had a lot of good press.
- On 1/27 Bar El Foro, where nazis from Ligallo meet, was threatened with a
bomb and had to be evacuated.

A Zaragozan youth that was attacked in a Madre Verduna St. bar accussed the
owner of the bar where the attack took place because they refused to help
him and call an ambulance besides impeding the arrest of the assailants.
During the trial the young man has finally been found guilty of injuries on
top of sustaining serious brain injuries from which he is yet to recover.

Nazi Jose Luis Baeta Hidalgo was again tried for the assault on a chinese
woman several months ago in the Leon XIII area. He was sentenced again to 28
days in jail and a fine. He argued in his defense that the woman attacked
him and some of his nazi colleagues, which set the room roaring in laughter
as the woman is very short.
This sorry ass character, a short time after his release from Daroca prison
intimidated and assaulted a student and forced him to produce his identity
papers by force without being arrested for it as of this time. So that he
starts learning how not to be so bad, Baeta received a corrective on January

(CNT) We've received, with some delay, information on the antifascist
demonstration in Granada that was attended by over 1000 people and from the
beginning was boicotted by City Hall, the Civil Government and sectors of
the "official left" such as PSOE and IU, and even some suppossedly radical
After the demo, a large group of people went towards the Cathedral, where
about one hundred fascists celebrated a mass in honor of the dictator, and
the antiriots generated the usual riots until well past midnight with the
crossing of barricades, rock throwings etc. During the confrontations the
flower crowns at the Jose Antonio monument were burned and Falange
headquarters attacked with molotov cocktails.

The trial for the murder of antifascist SHARP member Guillem Angulo
continues. Several sources have told us of the accusations of manipulations
to which this trial is being subjected coming from pseudo-fascist daily Las
Provincias and its director, the well known ultrarightist Consuelo Reyna.
This newspaper accuses Guillem of carrying brass knuckles, a knife, of
having started the fight and they seem to forget he was the deceased in
Montanejos in 1994. He's also accused of being a member of Boixos Nois and
of assaulting a fan of Albacete, all of these gratuitious accusations and
lacking any proof.
At the trial the plaintiffs have been denied the appearance of witnesses
such as the president of Valencia F.C., the president of ultra group Yomus
(who showed a banner with the phrase "Guillem fuck you"), the manager of
Levantina de Seguridad (enterprise where a bunch of nazis work) or the Mayor
of Valencia. This devalues the trial since it will be limited to a sentence
against the material authors of the murder while the whole of Valencia's
fascist apparatus remains beyond suspicion.

As you surely know 10 inmigrants died and more than fifty were injured, some
of them seriously at an inmigrant's refuge where they slept in the german
city of Lubeck.
Now the police denies racist motives and blames a lebanese for the crime.
The arrested has denied being the author of the deed but they have used the
excuse of internal fights to wash their faces in view of worldwide
indignation. Germany's police is famous for information intoxication, which
they've already tried in other nazi attacks.
Likewise the living conditions in the refugee shelters are unbelievable,
veritable miniature concentration camps where non-europeans are stowed away,
exposing them to nazi attacks.
That same day in Hannover another shelter was assaulted with molotov
cocktails and a few days later the number of nazi attacks in Germany was
made public, it is about 8,000 in 1995.

After an insumision demonstration that took place in Madrid, a group of
people threw rocks at the headquarters of Movimiento Social Espan~ol, party
founded by the well known ultra assassin Saenz de Ynestrillas.
The fascist came out personally to "avenge" the attack and assaulted two
young fifteen year olds that happened by, being arrested and sharing a cell
with several people arrested after the insumision demo, from whom he was
prudently separated to avoid further evils.

Judge Ana Ferrer may again put away the Susana Ruiz case, even though the
autopsy revealed that she was strangled and the evidence points to members
of Bases Autonomas from very influential families. This dirty business has
been around for several years and there seems to be no will to solve it.

(Molotov) Santiago Botana injured in an explosion on Nov. 17 (Acrat #49) is
already free on bail of 500,000 ptas since January 11. On November 27th he
testified at the National Court denying the accusations of terrorism and
membership in an armed group that the police charged him with, he was denied
provisional freedom and went to the infirmary in Carabanchel prison. On
January 10 the judge inhibited from the case, sending it to the ordinary
jurisdiction (removing the accusations of terrorism and armed group) and
ruling provisional freedom. His health has improved a lot. There's an
account in Cajamadrid #3000887077. Office #1179. Entity 2308.

At year's end a prostitute was murdered by blows in Madrid. The evidence
points to neonazis. A bank's video camara recorded the event. The police is
jealously guarding this tape. In January David Gonzalez died of knife wounds
by bakaladero nazis for refusing to sing "Cara al Sol". The facts aren't
clear. It could have been an argument among fascists since the victim was a
member of Ultra Sur. On the other hand there is more proof that young Susana
Ruiz found dead in a field outside the kingdom's capital was assassinated by
nazis linked to Bases Autonomas. There's a hidden agenda in this case since
the death was labeled as "natural" and the case closed. At the family's
insistance the case was re-opened.

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