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Counter-information bulletin #50 February 1996

Apdo. 3141
50080 Zaragoza
Spanish State/ Spain

Coso #186, bajos
Zaragoza - Spain

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El Acratador (periodical publication)#50 D.L.:Z-174-93 Issues: 2500
AntiC We recommend its loaning and total or partial reproduction citing the
source. This publication only compiles information and articles gathered
from different sources. The editorial staff does not necessarily identify
with the contents nor are they responsible for the same.

1- Acratorial
2- Zaragoza City
3- Insumision, damn!
4- The coming slavery
5- VIII Congress of the CNT
6- They Shall Not Pass!
7- Brief news
8- Cybernews
9- 50th issue of El Acratador
10- Announcements


In the complex world of alternative movements not every project gets to
congeal and some may even split. Well, this is what has happened to CSA
Angel Chueca which dissolved due to political differences. Despite it all,
Ateneo Libertario de Zaragoza will remain at Coso 186, now under the
provisional name of Centro Social Libertario.
Our work will slow down a bit, since we have to redifine the whole project,
but we've already found new comrades in the adventure of forging ahead with
a libertarian self-managed center: The Libertarian Youth (Casco Viejo
section), affiliated with FIJL (Frente Iberico de Juventudes Libertarias).
We have, for starters, rehabilitated a space within the premises for small
concerts (take note you anti-commercial groups reading this) and we'll
continue, albeit in a smaller capacity, with the distribution of
self-produced alternative material mainly written stuff and some music, for
often in the world of alternative music there are quite a few wise guys.
Also a bar will begin to function and a new project is born in our city: A
counter info cafe in which you'll be able to read a good portion of the
alternative information available on the Internet and have a drink in peace.
The new Centre is headquarters to two new collectives, but any individual
may participate, all you have to do is drop by and we'll inform you on how.
So now you know, this is your place too and we'll see you there.

The more fanatical followers of certain religions, such as the Jehova's
Witnesses, refuse to take part in the politico-social awaiting the coming
from heavens of a messiah of redemption that will solve all earthly
problems. Many believers in the current bourgeois democracy do the same. The
Devotees of the Holy Suffrage Every Four Years think that by performing the
Liturgy of the vote out of the ballot will come a saviour politician that
will redeem us of our problems. Meanwhile they'll remain with crossed arms
till the next election. These elections present themselves as a true puzzle,
a right which is the center, a worker's socialism that makes neo-liberal
politics and a left united?, hegemonized by the PCE (Parido Comunista
Espan~ol) limited to demanding lost (or never achieved) benefits of
socialdemocracy and the "welfare state". It's not enough to play the game.
If you want fish get your ass wet. Don't wait for others to solve your
problems. Organize and struggle.


On January 22 Miguel Angel left us after a long illness. Militant homosexual
and comrade in Radio Topo's work besides the everyday struggle in his
neighborhood, La Madalena, more than a comrade in the movement has left us.
Till forever and may the earth be light on you.

In case we had forgotten Corcuera's Law, once again the Government's
Delegation has filed charges against two people from PAZ (Plataforma
Antifascista de Zaragoza) that legalized the antifascist demonstration of
November 20th.
In the charges they are told of the possibility of being punished with a
fine between 50,000 and one million ptas. and they are accused of all that
happened even hours after the demonstration and outside of it (correctives,
graffitti, attack on an Antena 3 TV channel's car ...). They even deem it a
disturbance the burning of nazi symbols. Will the Governor make an apology
of fascism?. For the time being the charges have been appealed and a
resolution is expected shortly.

In January the Plataform of Solidarity with Chiapas of Zaragoza started a
new stage of support for the indigenous struggle with the presentation of
the campaign "A Voice for Chiapas", which tries to raise money to fund a
free radio for the Lacandona jungle.
Likewise, taking into account Zedillo's visit to the spanish state, there
was a gathering in protest on thursday, 1/25, also a video and signature
collection on the 26th. You may buy support bonuses or deposit the money in
the following account CAI, main office, c/c 9853-75.

Several members of Asociacion de Seguimiento y Apoyo a Presos ASAPA
(Association for Prisoner's Support and Follow-up) will be judged on 2/19 at
9:30 hrs for alleged slander against the Daroca Prison management team.
This trial is consequence of a campaign the collective did in 1994
denouncing inhuman conditions in one of the harder prisons in the state,
that of Daroca. The report denounced, among other things drug traffic by the
prison's doctor with the complicity of the prison's management as well as
torture and ill-treatment to the prisoners.

Over 3000 people demonstrated in an act called by the Coordinator of the
Torrero-Venecia and La Paz neighborhhods, against the third belt on january
21. The demonstrators spilled garbage at the door of Confederacion
Hidrografica del Ebro protesting Aragon's Imperial Canal situation, which
has been a dumping ground for years.
It looks as if finally City Hall, as usual not caring much for the people's
opinion will continue with the third belt project without taking into
account the neighborhood's alternative, a little more expensive but much
more beneficial to the neighborhoods' livelyhood and Zaragoza's environment.

A few months ago the Bloque Anticapitalista was formed in Zaragoza, an
initiative against labor reform and worker's exploitation. Several
alternative unions and collectives, among them Ateneo Libertario, take part
in the block. The first act was a demo on 1/26 attended by over 200 people.
During the same there was graffitti painted on benches and stickers against
labor's slavery were placed.


During December and January the following prisoners of conscience were set
free: Javier Clarimon, imprisoned in 2nd degree after his last stand and the
third degree prisoners Alberto Perez, Miguel Mut and Jose Manuel Santo
Tomas, who with 23 months has beaten the record of imprisonment in the open
section. Also freed was Nacho Contel, who had been returned to the 2nd
degree for allegedly bad behavior.
On the other hand, four insumisos, all of them already out, were tried on
January 30th for a stand taken in December '94. A sentence hasn't been ruled

Already there are 5 insumisos under search and capture for not showing up at
their trials in this andalusian province and three are in prison. The latter
are carrying out a campaign to denounce the work brigades that the prison
forces the third degree prisoners to take part in, where they're forced to
unload trucks, take garbage out and other "uncomfortable" tasks that the
prison's personnel refuse to do. Also at Zaragoza's jail there are similar
brigades that have been repeatedly denounced.

On December 28th, anniversary of the promulgation of the Objection Law, 4
insumisos in the Pamplona-Iruna open section broke the 3rd degree, being
joined by another 4 on January 4th. It took several days for them to be
re-arrested after preforming several spectacular actions among which their
chaining to the goal posts at El Sadar Stadium on January 7th, before an
Osasuna soccer game, which was solidly applauded by a group of fans who
shouted slogans in support of insumision.

On 1/24 Gorka Arteaga, insumiso from Llodio, together with others chained
themselves to the City Hall's balcony while a group of people gathered at
the door as his trial was going on in Vitoria. Th insumisos were violently
removed, arrested and booked. Gorka is the first insumiso from Alava
province that doesn't attend his trial.

Before it was PSOE, and now PP who, seeing clear possibilities of victory,
now promises that which it knows it can't deliver for the moment. Thus they
promise reducing military service to six months even when the Army has
already let out the most severe criticism and has leaked internal reports in
which there are outrageous proposals such as the progressive incorporation
of women in the Army, a lengthening of military service or the forced
conscription of inmigrants.
In spite of Europe's tendency to do away with compulsory military service,
for instance in Holland it disappears next August 31st and in France by 2002
(although of course the army will remain) the spanish military continue
showing shameful backwardness.
As far as the supposed reform goes, it is as usual a patch job adding to the
many already put on a subject that's not being addressed realistically. The
triumphant declarations of the military during Easter on antimilitarism, in
decay according to them, only reveal a certain preocupation for a scheme
such as forced conscription, which is falling moment by moment.

The government has fired Jose Casquero, school teacher of Navarredonda
(Avila) for insumision. The teacher was serving a 3rd degree sentence. The
government hasn't waited for the new Penal Code to take effect and bases its
decision on a 1964 law from Franco's era, out of use today. Students and
parents have taken positions in favor of the insumiso and refuse to return
to school. MOC has appealed the sentence. It is the first time a government
employee is fired for being insumiso, prior attempts were not carried out.

At Zaragoza's schools, on the initiative of Casas de la Juventud, on January
30th, "School Day for Peace" blue ribbons were tied in reference to Ayala,
Ortega and Cordon, kidnapped by armed organizations. They forgot the more
than 30 Zaragoza's neighbors, many of them students and the more than 300 in
the spanish state kidnapped in prisons for refusing to collaborate with
militarism and engaged in the struggle for peace. The well paid youth
workers from Casas de la Juventud utilized their mobilization powers to
return the favor to the politicians who finance them. Before it was PSOE,
now it's PP. Your peace stinks, it is the peace of the graveyard.


There's a certain attempt to hush, even to bury the business of Labor
Reform, when the plain reality is that it is being applied, and how. You
only have to take a look at labor.
We have a 22% of the active population unemployed, 42% of young people out
of work (don't look at INEM figures, but those from the Census of Active
Population) and a very high percentage in the shady world of junk contracts
and black work. But yes, corporate earnings are at over 2 million ptas per
worker (those that have been declared, of course).
Nevertheless 1995 has been the year in which the State has declared the
labor crisis over and encouraging data carefully manipulated have been
spread. The growth in employment has been purely circumstantial and, this
apparently being the future tone, only applies to very concrete periods. We
dare to affirm that the labor crisis has become sharper and will continue to
do so, although the economic crisis, based on simple corporate data, will be
"overcome". Without trying to appear exhaustive, let's do an analysis by
a) The primary sector continues free-falling, without any hopes of recovery.
The ill-fated agreements on fishing and agriculture forced by the EEC don't
show signs of improving and a competition for the low point is taking hold
in countries such as Spain, in which recently up to 30% of the population
made a living based on fishing, agriculture and animal husbandry, see
themselves on the edge of cutbacks that are emptying the fields and
accenting urban and rural poverty, as more people flock to the cities to
share in the already meager labor pie. At the moment the country's
population dedicated to these activities doesn't reach 20% and the greater
part of this 20% is in agriculture and is over 50 years old.
In the raw materials sector, particularly in mining, the crisis is very
hard, and although the job reduction rate has estabilized momentarily, the
closing of several wells is still pending.

b) The manufacturing, or secondary, sector has been taken over by the
multinationals and enterprise consortiums, apparently sources of secure
jobs, less affected by the crisis, but totally responsive to the slogan
"work today, unemployment tomorrow". Any multinational is guided by a policy
of minimal labor and union costs and only plans its stay in a certain place
temporarily. We all know that Opel-GM which directly or indirectly employs a
third of Zaragoza's labor force, is a portable factory that might very well
decide to move in exchange for compensation to the workers and a policy of
early retirement that for the gigantic multinational represents loose
change. There are already serious reconversion plans in other groups such as
Siemens-Bosch (Balay, FUYMA, AMPER-ELASA) and who knows what surprises other
multinationals harbor. For starters, Dragados y Construcciones is closing
in Zaragoza and not too long ago SEAT, Gillette, Suzuki-Santana ...
As far as small manufacturing enterprises are concerned, in time they'll be
reduced to mere memories, since a good portion of them have been absorbed by
bigger and stronger enterprises.

c) The big winner after the crisis has been the terciary or service sector.
In the last few years, this obscure sector, leader in precarious work,
starvation salaries and illegalities without end has grown spectacularly
with a dual plan: enterprises associated with large corporations, with
production methods approaching piece-work, mainly present in the Hotel
industry. And small enterprises managed in a tyrannical regime by the
stereotypical businessman looking for a maximum profit no matter what the
labor cost. Besides, Europe's plans for a good portion of the spanish state
are clear: Tourism and services. In order to convert our shores into a
gigantic entertainment center for rich Europe, first you have to convert
whole towns in the tourism environment that in many cases will sacrifice all
their work potential for an uncertain and voluble sector.
And in a sector that can't be included with the previous ones the ETT
(empresas de trabajo temporal - temporary work enterprises) are born, which
suppossedly are created without profit motives (deathly joke, what other
motive is there for an enterprise?) but for now keep 10% of salaries and
send the bill to the companies where their employees work.
The ETT have their own conventions, such as very low salaries and are noted
for the lack of any scruples in their personnel selection methods, there
being cases of vexing questionnaires where they ask about everything. Often
the person hired takes a job in a factory where there's a contract to pay a
higher salary and with better conditions, or else he enters the service
sector with a job contract and is terminated one day to the next awaiting an
uncertain trial, where the ETT covers its ass with excellent judicial
recourses and who knows what else. These enterprises likewise become
accomplices in the blackmail imposed on permanent employees who are
threatened if they don't work extra hours, worse shifts etc. The erosion of
employment conditions generated by the ETTs is very troubling. More so if we
take into account that even public capital businesses are beginning to use
their services.
There are also private employment agencies, usually around Professional
Colleges, that only work with superior degrees and are not free, catering
only to privileged minorities.
The different autonomous governments try to find a fix by means of public
employment agencies which are nothing but a poor substitute for INEM, that
has abundantly demonstrated its incompetence. The only advantage they have
is that being public they don't manipulate worker's salaries and are free,
although they can become a source of favoritism, so prevalent in public
Few commentaries on this troubling situation can be made that "majority"
unions, hand in hand with the bosses are busy making even worse, taking in
their hands any form of labor protest that hasn't been agreed to beforehand.
Thus to the strike law we add the mediation of the same, that CCOO, UGT and
some branch syndicates, some of them famous for their yellowishness
(CSIF,SEPLA, etc.), have retained exclusive rights to.

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