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the blocking of oil wells by peasants and fishermen affected by
Pemex operations. In the morning of February 7 Federal and State
police started an operation of repression in Nacajuca. During
this action two persons were wounded, one of them PRD leader
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and five more were arrested. Among
those arrested are Dorilian Diaz, a municipal officer, and Rafael
Lopez, PRD State president. In the afternoon of the same day, the
Army and the police corps intervened again using tear gas and
beating local citizens indiscriminately, while helicopters flew
over the site.

According to the Tabasco Human Rights Committee (CODEHUTAB)
lawyer, who was watching this action, several person were

This happened while a commission of the dissenters was holding
talks with the Ministry of the Interior.


Several civilian organizations, among them the human rights net
'Todos los derechos humanos para todos' (All the Rights for All),
Convergencia de Organismos Civiles por la Democracia, and the
Alianza Civica, protested against the manipulation of the
information given by the media, and especially by television,
about the Tabasco situation, where the peaceful protest of
peasants affected by ecological degradation is being handled as a
threat to the country's economy.

February 9


One year after president Zedillo announced the order of arrest of
EZLN leaders, PRODH presented a report of the process which
included "illegal arrests, torture, false legal assitance,
phantom accusers and inconsistencies...". The report outlines how
the Federal Department of Justice presented 134 accusations
against twenty presumed Zapatistas, who were imprisoned around 9
February 1995. Up to now 72 of the accusations have been declared
unfounded. This confirms that, political more than juridical
reasons have prevailed in their arrest. The Department of Justice
has contradicted president Zedillo's statement that no one is
above Law, stating that contra to the official position, the law
is still being applied arbitrarily.

The report staes that in Tabasco, today, the law is being
enforced repressively, while in the case of the presumed
Zapatistas, its application is being omitted. Soon will begin the
sentencing of the presumed Zapatistas. All of them should be
freed if no political pressure is exerted.

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Boston Globe AP on the Globe Online
The Boston Globe

Victims, Eyewitnesses Give Glimpse Of Clinic Shootings

By MICHAEL TIGHE, Associated Press, 02/17/96

BOSTON (AP) - It was one of the days on which the Planned
Parenthood of Greater Boston clinic performed abortions, so the
usual half-dozen protesters were outside.

Receptionist Shannon Lowney, a Fairfield, Conn. native,
sat at the front desk. Counselor Anjana Agrawal was in back with
patients. In the waiting rooms, Laura Silva and Brian Murray
waited with friends, and Antonio Hernandez sat with his wife.

John C. Salvi III went on trial last week for puncturing
that tableau of the clinic's usual routine with a hail of
hollow-point bullets from his .22-caliber rifle fitted with a
banana-shaped, large-capacity ammo clip.

He's charged with killing two receptionists and wounding
five other people at Planned Parenthood and another clinic,
Preterm Health Services.

In riveting testimony, prosecutors, victims and witnesses
for the first time detailed Salvi's rampage through the clinics
on Dec. 30, 1994.

Salvi's attorneys have acknowledged that their 23-year-old
client was the shooter. They plan to present an insanity defense,
while the prosecution is aiming for a first-degree murder
conviction that could net Salvi a life term without possibility
of parole.

Agrawal was standing near Lowney's desk as the
receptionist pushed a buzzer to open the front doors.

In walked a young man with black, puffy hair, later
identified as Salvi, who approached Lowney as she slid open the
window separating her from the patients. Salvi was dressed all in

In a hushed courtroom, Agrawal described what happened

Salvi made a ``sudden movement, a downward movement, an
upswing, and a rifle was pointed at the window. He pointed it
directly at Shannon ... aimed and fired.''
Lowney put her hands up, but two shots pierced her hands
and neck, severing an artery, prosecutor John Kivlan said.

As Agrawal tried to escape into the rear section of the
clinic, she said, ``He then moved to the left and pointed the gun
directly at me ... and I took two bullets in my right side.''

Assistant clinic coordinator Mary Hummel was in a rear
room and thought she heard firecrackers. Other nurses yelled:
``Shannon's been shot! Bring the emergency cart!''

Hummel went into the hallway, saw Agrawal coming toward
her and put out her arms to catch the wounded woman as she fell.

Hummel then saw Lowney back into the hallway with her
hands at her neck. She called her name and Lowney turned toward

``She gestured to me with her hands open in a gesture that
looked like frustration,'' Hummel said. ``Shannon crumpled over.
I couldn't see any wounds because she was bleeding so heavily.
There was blood everywhere.''

Lowney died within three to seven minutes.

Salvi then spun around and sprayed the waiting rooms with

Murray pushed Silva to the floor when the shooting

``I remember a bullet whiz by me. It was right in front of
me. I spun around and fell straight to the floor,'' Murray said.

He was shot in the left side. The bullet bounced off a rib
and tore through his intestines, liver, stomach, spleen and
pancreas before lodging near his right lung, where it remains.

While everyone else ducked, Hernandez walked toward Salvi.
He was shot in the left arm, back and abdomen and suffered a
collapsed lung.

Then Salvi backed out of the clinic, jumped into his
pickup that had a picture of a fetus on the rear window, and
drove two miles up the street to Preterm Health, Kivlan said.

There, he approached the reception desk, where 38-year-old
Lee Ann Nichols was talking on the phone. He turned to bookkeeper
Jane Sauer and asked: ``Is this Preterm?''

After Sauer said it was, ``He bent down ... I saw him just
reach in his bag and pull out a gun. Then he took a step to his
left, lifted his gun and shot me,'' Sauer said.

Sauer was hit in the arm and buttocks. She rolled herself
into a ball and tried to hide behind a column while Salvi said to
Nichols: ``That's what you get. You should pray the rosary.''

Nichols shouted ``No! No! No! No!'' as Salvi shot her 10
She died at the scene.

Guard Richard Seron heard the commotion and came out to
the reception area drawing his pistol. He was shot in the arm,
shoulder and hand.

Others trampled each other as they tried to run out the
doors, followed by Salvi.

David Fairbanks, who took a friend to the clinic, returned
from getting a cup of coffee to see a crush of people running
toward him.

``I hit a railing with my leg and wiped out,'' Fairbanks
said. ``I looked up and he was stepping over me. He had a gun in
his right hand.''

Salvi sprayed shots at passers-by, hitting no one, then
ran down the sidewalk. As Fairbanks got up, Salvi turned and
fired three more shots in his direction.

``Then he turned around and ran like a chicken,''
Fairbanks said.

The trial continues Tuesday.

AP-DS-02-17-96 1533EST


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Intelligence Reform

(New Information to earlier post--the information is taken
from internet and personal discussions). Richard N. Haass in
addition to writing two op-ed pieces in the 2/15/96 issues of
both the Washington Post and Washington Times, appeared on
Frontline, and reportedly testified before the Senate
Intelligence Committee. If this is not enough, he also hosts the
New York Times Web site, International Forum. As stated below,
this media barrage is designed to stop any reform of the CIA and
re-empower it to ravage the world.

Intelligence Reform

Richard N. Haass, principal author of a study on the future
of U.S. Intelligence published by the Council on Foreign
Relations, has op-eds in both todays Washington Post and the
Washington Times. The Post's op-ed is entitled "Don't Hobble
Intelligence Gathering."

In the article, Haass argues to abolish restraints on the
CIA. He ignores the CIA's egregious intelligence failures and
inabilities, the multi-year counterintelligence failure of the
Aldrich Ames betrayal, the distribution of intelligence from
known Soviet double agents that caused "incalculable" harm to the
U.S.; and, the severe domestic and international impact caused by
CIA covert operations. Haass argues for allowing the
intelligence community to use the cover of the press, the clergy
and the Peace Corps. He decries rules that discourage preemptive
attacks on terrorists or support for individuals of unsavory
reputation. He asks that orders prohibiting conspiring to engage
in assassinations be repealed. Haass as the spokesperson for the
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), has immense influence derived
from that organization.

Richard N. Haass, per a post on internet, apparently
appeared recently on Frontline. He also is the author of the
book, The Use of American Military Force in the Post-Cold War
World. In the book he argues for military intervention
unrestrained by a lack of popular support for any such action. He
further states that any decision to intervene be made by the
foreign policy elite.

The CFR is at the apex of the corporate, academic,
foundation, government structure and John Deutch, the current CIA
Director is a member of the CFR as has been most CIA directors.
CIA officers regularly brief CFR meetings that are more secret
than even the Agency's own sessions. Most top officials in every
presidential administration at least since the end of World War
II have been members of the CFR as are many members of House of
Representatives and the Senate.

Reform of the CIA is the subject of three ongoing efforts,
the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence
Committee, and the Presidential Commission on the Roles and
Capabilities of the Intelligence Community. These groups might as
well plagiarize from the CFR report, issue it as their own and
pack up their bags. The decisions have been made. All that
remains to be done is a media barrage to sell the idea to
the American people.

Ralph McGehee

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Head of White Group Also Leading Buchanan Effort

Associated Press Writer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- One of Republican Pat Buchanan's
county campaign chiefs in Florida said Friday that she also
serves as local leader of the National Association for the
Advancement of White People.

On her home telephone answering machine, Susan Lamb first
gives out information on the organization for whites, then asks
for volunteers for the Buchanan presidential campaign.

Lamb, acting Duval County chairwoman for Buchanan, said she
sees no conflict in her two roles. The county in northern Florida
is anchored in Jacksonville.

On Thursday, Buchanan's national campaign co-chairman, Larry
Pratt, stepped aside after reports linked him to white
supremacists and right-wing militia leaders. Buchanan said he was
certain the charges, which Pratt denied, were untrue.

Responding to the Pratt controversy, Buchanan said Thursday
in New Hampshire: "If there's a group supporting white supremacy
in America, my country, I don't want anything to do with this."

The Buchanan campaign did not immediately return telephone
calls Friday regarding Duval's involvement in the campaign. The
Florida Times-Union of Jacksonville first reported Lamb's
connection in Friday editions. Bob Dole's presidential campaign
distributed copies of the story to newsrooms.

Ms. Lamb said the NAAWP, founded by former Ku Klux Klan
leader David Duke, is not a racist organization but that she
would relinquish her campaign role if asked to do so.

"If the Buchanan campaign says you need to choose which you
are going to do, we need to bow out, that's no skin off my back,"
she said in a phone interview. "I'm still going to vote for Pat
Buchanan and in November, I'm going to vote for who the
Republican candidate is. It's not like I'll be brokenhearted if I
can't do this job."

Ms. Lamb said the NAAWP "is not a supremacist group, it is
not an extremist group, it is not a separatist group."

"NAAWP is no different than the NAACP (National Association
for the Advancement of Colored People)," she said. "It is founded
on the same principles: defense of one's race's interest,
culture, and heritage. To condemn the NAAWP is to condemn the

Ms. Lamb is one of the founders and former vice president of
Liberty and Justice for All, a Jacksonville organization formed
in 1992 to support a judge fired for derogatory remarks he made
about blacks. In December, Liberty and Justice for All dropped
its charter and some of its members joined the newly formed NAAWP
in Jacksonville.

NAAWP literature states that it advocates education, not
violence or bloodshed. The organization demands equal rights for
all and special privileges for none.

The group Liberty and Justice for All also fought to remove
"The Autobiography of Malcolm X" from school libraries.

AP-WS-02-16-96 1631EST


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FTR-PA Mailing List Manager

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This mailing list focuses on the Pennsylvania area only.

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