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Periodically, AFIB will post updates on topical events of
interest to subscribers. Unlike the regular weekly
bulletin, supplements will provide coverage of breaking
events and alternative views not found in the "mainstream"


CONTENTS: Supplement 9

1. (NAZI.EX) From The Nazism Exposed Web Page: Nazism,
Fascism and Extreme Nationalism in European
2. (PRODH) MEXPAZ Bulletin 59: Human Rights
3. (AP) Salvi Trial: Victims, Eyewitnesses Give
Glimpse of Clinic Shooting
4. (CIABASE) Haass -- Unleashing the CIA
5. (AP) Head of White Group Also Leading Buchanan
6. (FTR-PA) Antifascist Discussion List -- Pennsylvania


From the Nazism Exposed Web Page


Nazism, Fascism and Extreme Nationalism in European Countries


The hardcore nazi movement is small but extremely violent.
The Volkstreue Ausserparlamentarische Opposition (VAPO) was led
by Gottfried Kussel till he was jailed for ten years in autumn
1993 for trying to retrieve Hitler's NSDAP.

In December 1993, VAPO launched a letter bomb terror
campaign in revenge for Kussel's inprisonment. A woman TV
reporter was disfigured, a Catholic priest seriously wounded and
the mayor of Vienna lost fingers in the bomb attacks. VAPO nazis
were arrested in December 1993 in possession of hundreds of
automatic rifles, bazookas, grenades, pistols, mines and 20 kg of
TNT. Some VAPO members have fought as mercenaries in facist units
in Croatia.

Nationalist extremism also have its respectable face in
Austria. The racist Freiheitliche Partei Osterreichs (FRO), led
by Jorg Haider, is now the third biggest party in Austria and the
second biggest in Vienna. In early 1993, Haider collected more
than 780,000 signatures for a petition to end imigration.


The main forces of organised racism and right-winged
extremism in Belgium are in the Vlaams Blok (VB) which has 10,000
member but whose political impact far exceeds its numbers. In the
Belgian parliamentary elections in November 1991, the VB won
401,251 votes (6.7%) and gained 5 seats in the Belgian Senate and
12 seats in the Lower Chamber. Most significant was the 25.5% it
won in Antwerp, the captial of Belgium's Flemish region. The VB
is now biggest single party in the city. The VB's politics
consists of naked demands for the expulsion of foreigners under
the slogan "Our own people first." The party also demands an
amnesty for wartime Nazi collaborators.

Part of the VB originates in the former nazi Vlaamse
Militante Orde (VMO) which was outlawed for terrorrism in the
mid-1980s. Supporters of both the VB and VMO engage in violence
against migrants and poilitical opponents. In French-speaking
Belgium, several fascist and nazi groups are active: Agir, the
Parti des Forces Nouvelles, The Front National and L'Assaut.

Fascist organisations in the Netherlands are small. The most
important are the Centrumdemocraten (CD) and the Centrumpartij 86
(CP'86). The CD has 1,200 members. CP'86 has 500 members. Like
the CD, it stands for virulently racist policies. Opinion polls
forecast 8% for nazis in 1994's elections. In local elections in
March 1994, these parties won more than a hundred seats.

There are three hard-line nazi groups: Voorpost, which has
been busy recruiting mercenaries to fight alongside other
European neo-nazis in Croatia; Hou Kontakt, a nazi bonehead
network and the Aktiefront Nationale Socialisten (ANS), led by
oft-convicted Eite Homan. Dutch fascist are violent. Racist
attacks doubled in 1992.


The collapse of Stalinist dictatorship has brought fascism
and nationalism in its wake across the entire former East Bloc.
In the December 1993 elections to the Russian parliament, the
fascist Liberal-Democrats, led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, won 23.4%
of the vote. Zhirinovsky was close contact to the German nazi
Deutsche Volksunion.

In Russia, the fascist movement, sometimes called Pamyat, is
not one party but more than 120 different groups, all violently
anti-Jewish. The US nazi terrorist NSDAP-AO publishes two
newspapers in Russian for groups like The Word of Russia. Fascist
collaborate with former Communists in Red-Brown alliances at
local level.

Elsewhere in Eastern Europe, fascist and ultra-nationalists
are active: the Polish National Party in Poland, Vatra Romanescu
in Romania, the Republican Party in Czech Replublic, Hungarian
Truth in Hungary. In the Baltic states in the Ukraine, illegal
German nazi publications are printed and public gatherings have
been organized by former members of the Waffen SS. In the
Ukraine, the Union of Ukranian Officers and the Ukrainian
Nationalist Associastion (50,000 members) have a big popular

The nazi skinhead phenomenom is also widespread, especially
in Poland and Hungary, where massive violence has been committed
against Roma people and against Jewish cemeteries. German nazis
are frequent visitors to Russia and Hungary and have established
connections with nazis in these countries.

In former Yoguslavia, nazis from Croatia, France, Austria,
Sweden, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands have fought in the
Croatian HOS mercenary army and have admitted atrocities against
both Serbs and Bosnian Moslems.


The biggest Right-extremist and racist group in France is
the Front National (FN), headed by Euro-MP Jean Marie Le Pen,
which claims 75,000 members. In general elections in March 1993,
it won 12.5% with 3,159,477 votes. Though it lost its only
parliamentary seath, the party has 673 local councillors, 239
regional representatives and ten members in the European
Parliament. In addition it controls a radio station in Paris and
has a national daily paper Present and two weeklies. FN has its
own strong-arm squads and many party-activists have taken part in
and been convicted for violence. The neo-nazi groups which hover
around the fringes of the FN are openly violent.

Two of these groups, the Faisceaux Nationalistes Europeen
(PNFE) recently merged to form a single organisation with around
200 members and to become the French arm of the US-based nazi
NSDAP-AO. Both organizations, have an alarming record of
violence. The FNE has been involved in gun-running and the PNFE
was responsible for a series of murderous racist bomb attacks in
the south of France at the end of the 1980s. Also actively
engaged in terror are nazi boneheads. The Jeunesses Nationalistes
Revolutionnaires (JNR) is notorious for violence against


Nazi terror exploded across Germany after the annexation of
former East Germany. Since 1990, there has been more than 13,000
nazi attacks including pogroms like in Hoyerswerda and Rostock,
hundreds of asylum-seekers' homes burnt down, Jewish property
desecrated, thousands injured and 75 people killed by facists.

The nazi terror has been principally directed at refugees
and asylum-seekers and at Roma people. But also singled out are
the handicapped and the homeless and there is evidence of
mounting antisemitism. In the first half of 1993, there were more
antisemitic attacks - 372 - than in the five years before 1933
when Hitler was on the march to power.

Nazi hate politics has some support from the population. For
example, one week after the pogrom in Rostock, a poll by the
authoritative Infas Institute found that 51% of Germans agreed
with the slogan "Germany for Germans."

In April 1992, the fascist 24,000-strong Republikaner Partei
led by ex-Waffen SS man Franz Schonhuber won 538,000 votes in
wealthy Baden-Wurttemberg. In March 1993, the Republikaner and
their facist rivals of milionaire Gerhard Frey's 26,000-strong
Deutche Volksunion won 273,000 votes in Hessen. Also active is
the Deutche Liga fur Volk und Heimat.

Facist activists number 66,000 in 82 different groups. State
bans have been purely cosmetic to improve Germany's image abroad.
Media suggestions that the violence is perpetrated by mainly
unemployed, mainly skinheads and mainly in East Germany do not
fit the facts: 80% of all nazi attacks occour in west Germany,
fewer than 9% of those arrested for violence are skinheads, fewer
than 8% are jobless (Source: Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz.)

Nazi violence is centrally directed by organizations like
the Gesinnungsgemeinscaft der Neue Front (GdNF), linked to the US
nazi NSDAP-AO, Direkte Aktion and the Freiheitliche Deutche
Arbeiderpartei (FAP) as well as to nazi boneheads who number
6,500 nationwide.


Racist violence in Britain stood, according to figures
issued by the police, at a total of 7,793 incidents in 1992. This
figure is generally regarded as an underestimate.

The criminal activities of the 2,000-strong British National
Party (BNP) and the 1,500-strong nazi bonehead network Blood and
Honour, have raised racial tensions and fear to boiling point
with their "Rights for Whites" compaigns.

The BNP's top leaders including John Tyndall, Richard
Edmonds and Anthony Lecomber have convictions from crimes of
violence and several BNP members are currently in prison for
violent activity. The BNP has spawned Combat 18 - the British
"anti-antifa" - led by convicted drug pusher Charlie Sargent.

C18 thugs have been responsible for violent attacks on
political opponents and on black people as well as acting as a
protection squad for the antisemitic writer David Irving.

The young are key targets for facist propaganda. The BNP has
been behind the distribution of the antisemitic hate sheet
Holocaust News to school students. Over 100,000 copies of this
material have been circulated.

The National Front is in rapid decline but former National
Front and BNP members, using the vehicles of the Revolutionary
Conservative Caucus and the European Book Society, are now
infiltrating the Conservative Party.

Though the BNP and NF whose combined vote in 1992 general
election was 10,800 votes are no serious electional threat under
Britain's current voting system, they are a danger to community
relations and public order. Senior police officers have described
C18 as a "terrorist organization."


Fascism is now a serious threat in Italy. In national
elections held in March 1994, the fascist Movimento Sociale
Intaliano (MSI) won more than 5 million votes. The MSI, with its
roots in Mussolini's dictatorship, has an estimated 120,000
members and was responsible for a violent attack on trade union
offices in Naples in 1993 and for a blockade of the Italian
parliament. As a result of the latter incident, eleven MSI MPs
and twenty members of its youth organisation Fronte della
Gioventu were charged with "glorifying fascism" and "insulting

Racism and racist violence are relatively new phenomena in
postwar Italy. However, the past two years have seen a serious
upsurge of ugly racist incidents in which Roma people, Jews and
migrants from North Africa have been singled out for attack by
nazi gangs. These gangs - some with close links to MSI - have a
broad geographical spread and include Base Autonoma with about
1,000 members, Azione Skinhead in Lombardy, the Rome-based
Movimento Politico and Veneto Fronte in Veneto, which claims to
have 500 militants.

Because of its support for a united Italian state, MSI has
seen some of its support drift to Italy's other main
extreme-Right wing force, the so-called Lega. The Lega Nord, one
component of the alliance, led by demagogue Umberto Bossi, won
8.4% of the national vote in March 1994. It's platform is
northern separatist and anti-immigrant.

Italian nazi terrorists like the Armed Revolutionary Nuclei
(ARN) worked closely with the secred services and carried out
many bombings in the 1980s: worst incident was in August 1980 in
Bologna when 86 people were killed by a bomb planted by the nazi


The nazi scene is biggest in Sweden with two arms: the
electoral Sverige Demokraterna (SD) and the terrorist Vitt Ariskt
Motstand/Storm network. Sweden toleratest the existence of the
VAM terrorists who have murdered, robbed banks and attacked
police stations and military depots to get weapons.

VAM has close ties to the German nazi GdNF, to the NSDAP-AO,
to Norwegian Hvit Arisk Motstand, to the British nazi terrorist
Combat 18, to Blood and Honour and to Waffen SS veterans.

Denmark is the playground for some of Europe's most
ideologically committed nazis and racists. Three nazi factions
are active: Nationalpartiet Danmark, Partiet De Nationale and
Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Bev#gelse. The most vocal is
Partiet de Nationale (PDN). PDN has close contacts with the
now-banned Nationalistische Front in Germany.

The DNSB is Denmark's most notorious nazi grouping. It is
affiliated to the NSDAP-AO. F#drelandet the first Danish NSDAP-AO
newspaper has now appeared from the NSDAP-AO, which circulates
bomb-making instructions on computer diskette to its top cadres.
In Copenhagen in March 1992, the anti-facist Henrik Christensen
was killed by a parcel bomb.

The DNSB cooperates with ex-SS man and convicted Holocaust
Denier Thies Christophersen who, though still wanted by police in
Germany, lives openly in Kollund in southern Denmark. A German
nazi death list was posted out (November 1993) from a DNSB

Norway has numerous small racist and nazi groups. Most well
known is the Norge mot Invandringen (NMI) led by convicted bomber
Arne Myrdal.

Other groups of fascists include the Fedrelandspartiet, Zorn
88, the Boot Boys and Hvit Arisk Motstand (HAM). These groups are
small and potentially violent. HAM is the Norwegian arm of the
Swedish terrorist VAM. Norwegian fascists also produce
publications like Norsk Blad and Ung Front but have little
credibillity in international nazi circles.


Attempts by the Frente Nacional (FN) to follow the model of
Front National in France have been a failure. In the most recent
elections, the far-Right scored a pitful one per cent of the
vote. The FN is the most important group with several thousand
members and an experienced leadership in the persons of
ex-Francoist Blas Pinar.

Outside the FN, stands the openly nazi Circulo Espanol de
Amigos de Europa (CEDADE) which pretends to be a cultural
organization. Its leader Pedro Varela plays an important
international role amongst fascists. CEDADE is a member of the
international neo-nazi New European Order which was founded by,
among others, the Belgian former Waffen SS general Leon Degrelle,
a man who until his death in spring 1994 was wanted for war
crimes in Belgium. Degrelle, who was resident in Spain, is a hero
figure for CEDADE and nazis world-wide. Openly nazi and Holocaust
Denial publications like the Austrian magazines Sieg and Half are
printed on CEDADE's presses in Barcelona along with the
organization's own paper, the irregulary produced CEDADE, which
has a print run of half a million.

Nazi youth groups include Nation Joven, Juventud Nacional
Socialistas, Juntas Espanolas and the most violent of them all,
Accion Radicale, has been implicated in racist attacks and the
murder in Valencia, in April 1993, of an anti-fascist skinhead.

[Nazism Exposed]


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