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Salvi walked into an anteroom and waited to be
acknowledged by receptionist Lee Ann Nichols, witnesses said.
Then he reached into a duffel bag and pulled out a gun.

``He bent down, so I looked back to see why he was bending
down,'' said Jane Sauer, a patient administrator who was the
first to be hit. ``I saw him just reach in his bag and pull out a
gun. Then he took a step to his left, lifted his gun and shot

Sauer said she rolled herself into a ball behind a
supporting column from where she heard Salvi telling Nichols:
``This is what you get! You should pray the rosary,'' as he
fatally shot her.

Later witnesses described the chaotic scene that followed,
as waiting patients, their friends and workers fell over one
another trying in terror to escape to the street with the
gun-toting Salvi behind them.

David Fairbanks, who had left a friend at the clinic to go
to a convenience store, had just re-entered it when he saw people
running toward him. He turned, ran out the front door and dove
from the landing to the sidewalk below, landing on his side. He
looked up to see Salvi step over him.

When Fairbanks got up to run away, Salvi fired three shots
at him, Fairbanks said. All missed.

``Then he turned around and ran like a chicken,'' said
Fairbanks, who stared angrily at Salvi from the stand.

Upon leaving the stand and passing the defense table,
Fairbanks pointed a finger at Salvi's face and mouthed a string
of obscenities. Salvi held a water cup in front of his face but
did not seem to flinch.

Salvi, 23, of Hampton, N.H., is charged with killing
Nichols and a second woman and wounding five others in attacks on
two abortion clinics on Dec. 30, 1994.

Clinic security guard Richard Seron described Salvi's
voice as high-pitched and loud, yet ``eloquent'' and ``like a

Seron, who exchanged gunfire with Salvi, said the gunman's
eyebrows were arched, his brow furrowed, his mouth taut and his
eyes unblinking.

In the first cross-examination of the trial, Salvi's
lawyers Thursday challenged the suggestion that their client had
been motivated by his anti-abortion views, rather than by
delusions and a belief in a conspiracy against Roman Catholics.

Seron said he saw Salvi picketing outside the clinic two
to three weeks before the shooting. Yet he admitted under
cross-examination that he did not correctly identify Salvi from
police mug shots he was shown immediately after the attack.

``Is your memory better now than it was a year ago?'' said
defense attorney Janice Bassil, who asked Seron if he was
motivated by the $100,000 offered for information leading to the
gunman's capture.

Seron, who was shot while exchanging gunfire with Salvi at
the clinic, said he wasn't influenced by the reward, and had
received no money.

When he was asked to point out the man who shot him, Seron
stood slowly, extended his left hand and pointed his fingers like
a gun at Salvi. Salvi stared expressionless at the defense table.

Salvi's lawyers had not previously cross-examined any of
the witnesses. They said in opening statements Wednesday that
Salvi was insane and believed in a conspiracy against Roman
Catholics by Freemasons, the Mafia and the Ku Klux Klan. The
shootings, they said, were triggered by a news report about the
murders of four Catholic priests in Algeria Dec. 27, 1994.

Nearly a dozen witnesses and victims from both clinics all
have identified Salvi as the gunman.

At the Planned Parenthood clinic, Salvi's first stop,
witnesses said he calmly entered the waiting room, exchanged
words with receptionist Shannon Lowney and shot her dead before
wounding three others.

Salvi then turned fully around and started spraying the
room with bullets before he backed out of the clinic, still
shooting, the witnesses said.

Salvi arrived at Preterm 10 minutes later.

Prosecutors say Salvi's actions were the work of a man who
was in full control of his senses and had carefully planned his

They say he deliberately targeted the clinics, bought
1,000 destructive hollow-point bullets and stockpiled maps in his
truck with the routes to the clinics highlighted, and got a
haircut in New London, Conn., to change his appearance after his
description was released.

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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 12:40:13 PST

DALLAS (Reuter) - A German citizen who lived with a U.S.
white separatist group assumes he met Oklahoma City bombing
suspect Timothy McVeigh but knows nothing about his activities,
The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday.

Andreas Strassmeir, a former German soldier, told the
newspaper in an interview in Berlin that he did not remember
meeting McVeigh but apparently bought equipment from him at a
gun show and gave him a business card.

News reports have said Strassmeir is being investigated
for possible ties to McVeigh, accused along with army buddy Terry
Nichols of blowing up the Alfred. P. Murrah Federal building in
Oklahoma City April 19. The blast killed 169 people.

``All of this sounds like a witchhunt to me,''
Strassmeir, 36, told the Morning News.

``(McVeigh told investigators) he had met me at a gun
show in Tulsa some years ago and sold a pair of trousers and
gloves to me. I only believed what McVeigh said because he knew
what I had bought,'' he said.

Strassmeier said he was living at Elohim City, a camp of
white separatists near Muldrow, Oklahoma, when he met McVeigh.

He said he apparently gave McVeigh a business card with
a phone number there. The FBI reportedly has been investigating a
call McVeigh made to the camp April 5 a few minutes after he
rented the truck used to carry the bomb.

Elohim City founder Rev. Robert Millar has said that
camp residents recall someone calling that day for Strassmeir and
requesting permission to stay at the settlement.

``Funnily enough, nobody in Elohim City ever told me
about this phone call,'' Strassmeir told the Morning News. He
said he had been contacted by members of McVeigh's defense team,
but not by federal investigators.

Stephen Jones, attorney for McVeigh, told Reuters Monday
that he has hired a London firm to investigate possible links
between the Oklahoma City bombing and German neo-Nazi groups.

``We are investigating and pursuing that line of
inquiry, along with others,'' Jones said. ``I think both our side
and the government's side are exploring those links.''

The Times of London reported Sunday that both Jones and
the FBI were looking into connections between McVeigh and
European groups. The investigation, the paper said, centered on
the possibility that the Oklahoma City bombing was retaliation
for the Arkansas execution of white separatist Richard Snell.

Snell, convicted of murdering a black Arkansas state
trooper and a pawnshop owner he believed was Jewish, was put to
death April 19 a few hours after the blast.

Strassmeir told the Morning News he had lived in the
United States off-and-on and attended a 1993 Ku Klux Klan
gathering in Houston, but he denied involvement with right-wing

Strassmeir reportedly is the son of a former member of
the German Parliament. Strassmeir's attorney is Jack Lyons, who
has defended white supremacists and is representing survivors of
the April 19, 1993 Branch Davidian fire in Waco, Texas, in a
lawsuit against the U.S. government, the newspaper said.


Subject: TTT: Deacon Alexander Political Prosecution

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Michael Novick

From: People Against Racist Terror (PART)
Turning the Tide Vol. 8 #4, Winter 1995-96
available from PO Box 1990, Burbank CA 91507

Unemployed Council Organizer
L.A. Black Activist Charged with "Terrorism"
by Camilla Cracchiolo

Deacon Alexander is an African American man and long-time
community activist in Los Angeles. This summer, he was arrested
and charged with terrorism in connection with the labor
organizing efforts of the Los Angeles Unemployed Council. He and
other members of the group have been visiting contractors in
South Central Los Angeles and trying to get them to hire African
American workers at union wages at construction sites in the
area. Charging Alexander with terrorism for this fundamental,
grass-roots, bread and butter economic organizing is very
alarming and represents the latest application of the law to
repress any political activity. It's a measure of how, despite
the L.A. City Council's repeated declaration that the city is a
"racism-free" zone, racism continues to be as fundamental to the
"re-building" of L.A. as it was to the city's original

After nearly three months in jail, during which he became
ill from lack of proper medical treatment in the jail, Deacon
Alexander was freed on $100,000 bail on Sept. 25. With $75,000 in
cash raised in L.A. and New York, and $100,000 in individual
property collateral, Deacon is now free to work in the community
on his own defense, and to help continue the Council's work.
However, three other members of the the L.A. Unemployed Council
have been jailed on highly questionable charges. The most
recently arrested activists are Derrick Jeff, Mark Jackson and
Deshawn Edmond.

Alexander's bail, originally set at $185,000, was reduced
after several prominent community figures stepped forward in his
behalf. These were Congress member Maxine Waters, L.A. School
Board member Barbara Boudreaux, Judge Vaino Spencer and community
activist Danny Bakewell. Those participating in Alexander's
defense come from a variety of organizations including the Free
Geronimo Pratt Committee, the L.A. 4+ committee, Mothers R.O.C.
(Reclaiming Our Children), and the Los Angeles Committee of

Lennox Hinds, past president of the National Conference of
Black Lawyers has joined the defense team for Alexander.
Meanwhile, motions to drop the terrorism charges and for
Alexander to act as co-counsel with his attorneys have been

The defense committee is trying to raise $25,000 to cover
court costs, legal services and defense expenses. Your help and
support continue to be needed. Donations can be sent to address
at the top of this article.

Most important, Deacon Alexander and the other folks from
the Unemployed Council need our support at the trial. The next
court date is Tuesday, Jan 23, 1996 at 8:30 AM in Dept. 130 of
the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bldg. on Temple and Spring.
Please be there!

For more information call: 213-232-8316
or write to: S. Deacon Alexander Defense Committee
3870 Crenshaw Blvd. Box 776
Los Angeles, CA 90008

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News Update January 96 {excerpt, AFIB}


Ulla Jelpke, member of the German Bundestag and speaker for the
PDS (Democratic Socialist Party) on German affairs, has published
figures (presumably obtained from a parliamentary question) on
racially motivated crimes in Germany for 1995.

"Xenophobic and extreme right crimes (up to and including
November 95):
arson attacks: 33
attacks against persons: 282
other acts (incitement to racial hatred,
riotous assembly, etc.): 1248
injured persons: 351

Antisemitic attacks, damage to property, holocaust denial and
other crimes (in the first nine months of 1995):
arson attacks: 2
personal injuries: 8
desecration of graves: 31
damage to property: 50
other crimes: 662"

It should be recalled that these are only the "official" i.e.
reported and registered, figures.


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Thursday February 15 1:40 PM EST

Buchanan Aide Under Fire, Steps Aside

MANCHESTER, N.H.(Reuter) - A co-chairman of Pat Buchanan's
Republican presidential campaign took a leave of absence from the
Buchanan campaign Thursday after charges he has links with white
supremicst and militia groups.

Campaigning for next Tuesday's first-in-the-nation New
Hampshire primary, Buchanan told a news conference that Larry
Pratt, head of the Gun Owners of America and a leading backer of
the conservative commentator, asked for the leave so he could
answer the charges against him.

Buchanan said Pratt had told his sister, campaign chairman Bay
Buchanan, that the allegations he was involved in racist
activities were ``vicious and false'' and contrary to his
religious beliefs. Buchanan called Pratt a loyal friend.

Further, Buchanan said he did not want any white supremist
supporting his presidential campaign, which he said was designed
to bring all Americans together.

Pratt is a member of the Congress for Racial Equality and Jews
for the Preservation of Firearms, Buchanan noted.

The Washington-based Center for Public Integrity made the
charge against Pratt, one of four co-chairman of the conservative
pundit's surging nomination campaign, in a report titled ``Under
the Influence,'' which looked at the people advising the
presidential candidates.

``Why did Pat Buchanan name as his co-chairman Larry Pratt, a
political activist and head of the Gun Owners of America, who has
has a track record of working with leaders of the Aryan Nations,
a white supremacist organization that organizes neo- Nazi
skinheads and leaders of the militia movement?'', Charles Lewis,
chairman of the center, said in presenting the report at a
Washington news conference.

Buchanan finished a strong second behind Sen. Bob Dole in
Monday's Iowa caucuses and is hoping for a strong finish in the
New Hampshire vote.

At a Washington news conference, Lewis told reporters: ``I
think Buchanan has to answer that, and quickly.''

The center's report cited various examples of Pratt's alleged
interest in promoting the concept of armed private militia groups
and of instances when it said he gave speeches to groups
promoting white supremacy.

Specifically, it cited a speech Pratt gave to a group
organized by a group supporting white supremacy in Estes Park,
Colorado, in 1992 in which he elaborated on militias, a concept
he also discussed in his 1990 book Armed People Victorious.

Pratt scheduled a news conference in Washington to answer the


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The European Crosspoint Anti-Racism is on-line!!


Go visit, and find lots of links to anti-racism and other related
organisations all over the world, listed by country In addition
to this, the Crosspoint has a very useful list of e-mail
addresses. Send an e-mail to magenta@euronet.nl to get your page
and/or e-mail address listed. Let's go for a totally clickable
anti-racism movement!

Ronald Eissens
Magenta Foundation, Amsterdam

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