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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
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Madrid.AFAPP.Eguzki Irratia. 1/10/96

Right now the situation in the prisons of the spanish state is explosive:
The ETA prisoners, as well as those from PCE(r) and GRAPO are in a hunger
strike to demand regroupment and respect for the law in the prisons. This
prison protest was also joined by 3 insumisos imprisoned in Basauri jail.
Since beginnings of January almost all GRAPO and PCE(r) political prisoners
are in an indefinite hunger strike. 58 prisoners scattered throughout 18
prisons in the country have seconded the protest to demand the reunion of
all political prisoners belonging to these organizations in the same prison,
freedom for the seriously ill prisoners and for those political prisoners
who according to the law have served their sentences. From inside the prison
they make an appeal to solidarity since they know that "their effort and
sacrifice are not enough to break down criminal politics ... Support from
the street is needed ... a solidarity movement".

For their part the almost 600 basque political prisoners started a "dynamic
of permanent struggle" which includes a rotating hunger strike every fifteen
days by regions. They demand with this protest the reunion of the basque
prisoners in Euskal Herria. For now 58 basque prisoners in Pau (southern
France), Martutene, Langraitz, Basauri, Irunea, El Dueso, Santander,
Logron~o, Soria and Burgos declared a hunger strike on monday january 15th.
Three of them had to abandone the protest on the 22nd. In solidarity, the
family associations Senideak and Gestoras Pro Amnistia have called many
mobilizations (demonstrations, gatherings ...).

The Demands:
The protest was initiated by five prisoners on January 9 in Almeria, Madrid
(Valdemoro) and Albacete, which was successively joined by prisoners from
other prisons which have people from these organizations. The last hunger
strike done in 1990 by GRAPO and PCE(r) prisoners ended with the death of
Jose Manuel Sevillano and serious consequences for a large number of
prisoners. That strike lasted for over a year, due to the forced intravenous
feeding the strikers were subject to. Before that, in 1982, during a similar
protest Juan Jose Crespo Galande died. The demands are as follows:

- Reunification in the same prison with dignified living conditions for all
prisoners belonging to these organizations. Likewise demand the transfer to
Euskadi and Galizia of the independentist prisoners.

- The application of article 60 of the Penitentiary Regulations that allows
for the freedom of seriously ill prisoners. A total of five political
prisoners should be freed due to the extremely serious medical conditions.
In particular two political prisoners should be set free based on this
article, but the management of the penitentiary institutions violate their
own rules. We're talking about Milagros Caballero Carbonell that suffers
Korsakov's syndrome as a consequence of the latest hunger strike and has
serious neurological problems that prevent her form walking, and Jose Manuel
Perez Hernandez - imprisoned in Tenerife - that suffers senile degenerative
dementia, also caused by the latest hunger strike.

- Freedom for those prisoners that have served 3/4 of their sentence.

The Solidarity:
A communique signed by "Comandos for antifascist resistance" claimed
responsibility for 30 acts of sabotage in Madrid demanding freedom for J.M.
Perez Hernandez. The acts took place at dawn on january 6th and 7th. The
targets were telephone booths, 18 bank branches, 5 real estate offices and 3
leather good stores in the Bravo Murillo, Castellana, Principe de Vergara,
Retiro, Vallecas and San Blas districts. These attacks are a continuation of
those made during november 1995 (51 acts of sabotage in response to the
arrest of 16 people allegedly linked to GRAPO and later released without
charges) and december 1995 (31 acts of sabotage demanding freedom for J.M.

The AFAPP (Association of relatives and friends of political prisoners) is
carrying out a campaign to mail postcards to the Penitentiary Overseer
judges responsible for J.M. Perez and Milagros Caballero demanding their

The ETA prisoners have in turn started a rotating hunger strike (every 15
days) on january 14 demanding their regroupment in Euskal Herria prisons.

Prisoners in Almeria declared a hunger strike indefinitely starting january 9th.

Salamanca.UPC. 1/24/96.

Insumiso Jose Casquero has been inhabilitated for the exercise of his
profession as a school teacher by the Ministry of Education and Science.
He's the first person given this serious sentence for the crime of
insumision. It so happens he had just got out of prison in conditional
freedom after serving 2/3 of his sentence. Jose was sentenced by a Salamanca
judge to two years, four months and a day. The Ministry of Education
informed him of his definite termination as an employee of said ministry. In
order to inhabilitate him for life from any public office, the
administration made use of a Franco-era law from 1964 to expel this
functionary who "always discharged his duties in an exemplary way".
According to UPC Salamanca, two other insumisos from the city, Nike and
Pablo Roman, sentenced to 2 years, 4 months and a day and whose case is
pending acquittal by the government, could receive a similar punishment if
finally the council of ministers doesn't acquit them.
On February 1st the trial of insumiso Manolo Garcia will take place in
Alcala de Henares. A gathering in front of the courthouse (Penal Court #2)
has been called for 10:30 hrs. On february 8 the trial of PSS insumiso
Manolo "Cien", accused by the UGT, will take place. The citation is for 11
hrs at the Plaza Castilla Courthouse.

Madrid. UPA. 1/24/96.

On wednesday january 24, at 11:30 hrs, at Penal Court #8 in Madrid, the
trial against PSS insumiso Jaime Zamora was planned. This insumiso, like
Ivan who on tuesday the 23rd declared himbelf in rebellion, refused to
appear at the courthouse as he "doesn't accept having his antimilitary
conscience tried and criminalized". Jaime's lawyer delivered a writ
explaining his position to the judge, who for now has informed the D.A. and
awaits his answer (he'll probably ask for search and capture orders). As far
as Ivan is concerned, the judge imposed yesterday an inmediate search and
capture order and if arrested would be jailed until his trial.

In solidarity and support for these two insumisos, at the same time as the
trial, on wednesday at 11:30 AM a group of 25 antimilitarists (among whom
there were 12 insumisos) occupied the offices of the Direccion General De
Objecion de Conciencia, c/ Rios Rosas 22-24, Madrid. About 10 people
supported the action from the street, distributing leaflets to the people
and displaying a placard. During the two hours the building occupation
lasted, access doors were shut by those responsible for security, impeing
the public's access. For their part, the people who took part in the action
went through the building distributing leaflets to the workers, interrupting
their work, as well a state's meeting attended by delegates from all the
autonomous regions, of the Consejo Nacional de Objeccion de Conciencia
(CNOC). After a meeting with the Genearl Director, to whom the motives were
explained and demands were made (freedom for insumisos in prison, amnesty
for insumisos in rebellion, the repeal of constientious objector laws ...)
the antimiliatrists abandoned the building peacefully, without being
bothered or identified by the police. Only three "Z" National Police cars
were at the door for one hour, leaving later without IDing anyone.

Madrid.Cien. 1/25/96.

Next february 8, at 11 AM Manolo G.R. "El Cien" will be tried. This PSS
insumiso has been accused by the UGT, a union in favor of PSS (Prestacion
Social Substitutoria, community service in lieu of military service T.N.).
The D.A. asks for 2 years, 4 months and a day. There's a demonstration
planned in front of Court #8 at Plaza Castilla demanding the abolition of
the state and in solidarity with all insumisos.

Canarias. El Baifo. 1/25/96

Twenty two lawyers signed a manifest in solidarity with Juan Carlos Estevez
Rosas, lawyer and insumiso from the Islas Canarias in prison at Salto del
Negro (Gran Canaria). The manifest says :"We want to make public our
absolute rejection of the stereotyping of insumision, as we understand this
is the last of the crimes of conscience, which should not exist in our country".

UPA. Berlin 1/9/96.

KOMITEE: militant autonomous antifascist, antiimperialist group. Last year
they attacked an army barracks, in protest against new Germany's imperialist
policies and in support of Turkey. Later they tried to destroy the alien's
deportation jail at Berlin-Grunau, again protesting Germany's racist and
imperialist policies. Due to technical problems and bad luck, the police was
able to abort the act. The decided to disperse considering that due to their
errors, people outside the group had been implicated. They wanted to do the
action sometime before the Autonomous Congress in April this year, to once
again open the debate about the convenience of direct action in the
movement. The repression against Komitee consisted of harrassing a part of
the autonomous movement. Some homes are searched daily, even twice the same
day and at times more than 60 homes were searched simultaneously.

A.I.Z. (Antiimperialistiche zellen - Antiimperialist Cells)
This group appeared out of the break up of RAF during an internal
discussion. At that time it was decided to suspend the armed struggle in
order to facilitate the freedom of prisoners. This talk turned out to be
very self-critical about the direction and goals of the organization.
Ideologically, AIZ is based on international antiimperialism. In their
opinion at this moment the antiimperialist struggle is being carried out by
communist and islamic revolutionary groups. AIZ attacks the homes and
workplaces of CDU (Christian Democratic Union) activists and officers. There
are no victims in these actions, but the artifacts used are potentially
lethal. The last action was against the home of CDU's defense delegate.
They placed a warning siren next to the artifact to avoid victims. With this
action they denounced Germany's imperialist policies and their intervention
in the former Yugoslavia war. Apparently the police doesn't know who they
are and repression is carried out by means of indiscriminate searches.

Mobilizations in Zaragoza.

On January 25 there was a gathering against mexican president Zedillo's
visit. In addition, the "Asamblea Contra la Reforma Laboral", the Red
Autonoma collectives coordinator and other groups called a demonstration for
the 26th against Capital and labor reform creating an Anticapitalist Block.
A Day of Rage was called later, with the motto "Organize your own action"

Uncontrolled elements continue attacks against the abertzale left.

At dawn on friday 1/19/96 several people went inside Bar Katxetas of Estella
after breaking the window glass. Once inside they sprayed gasoline and threw
several molotov cocktails, fleeing in the direction of the Guardia Civil
headquarters. The bar belongs to a former city council member from HB whose
car had been set afire in 1991. Demonstrations of solidarity have been
constant from the beginning, since that very same friday numerous people
were working at fixing up the bar and that night it opened provisionally for
an act of support. Also on friday there was a meeting in front of the
Guardia Civil in which these were accused as the authors of the arson
attack. The protest was watched closely by guardia civil agents equipped
with antiriot gear.

Confrontations in Geneva (Switzerland)

On November 21st there was a parade by the Swiss Armed Forces in Geneva, as
"approachment and brotherhood with the people". It's been six years since
the last military parade in Switzerland. In 1989 the people of Geneva voted
no in a referendum on the existance of the army. As protest over 1000
pacifists and antimilitarists met by the monument honoring 13 workers killed
in 1932 during confrontations with the army during a strike. Hundreds of
antiriot police protected the march. A while after the end hard
confrontations started which lasted over three hours with burning
barricades, molotov cocktails, broken benches and a military vehicle set on
fire. At night the disturbances repeated. There were 10 arrested and many
These have been the most serious incidents in the Swiss capital since the
1988 Meeting of the Worldwide Anticommunist League, a worldwide extreme
right wing organization.Zaragoza. El Acratador 1/96.

The police burst into an art show in solidarity with Cuba in Cadiz,
confiscating paintings and ceramic by two political prisoners accused of
defending terrorism. The show's objective was the collection of funds for
the cuban people and was organized by the Jose Marti Association, CCOO
(Comisiones Obreras) and AFAPP.
AFAPP.Eguzki Irratia.


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