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NEWS 1/31/96


Irunea. UPA 1/29/96

The national court has ruled the stoppage of the Itoiz Dam works, but asks
the coordinadora de Itoiz for a bail bond in the amount of 24,000 million ptas.
Next February 17th at 17:30 hrs there will be a demonstration in Irunea.

On January 29th the Navarra government approved a modification to the fauna
and flora laws with the clear intention of securing the legality of the
Itoiz Dam works and more precisely the Txinburrinea quarry. With these
modifications to the law, the natural reserve's protection band that up to
now was 500 m around the reserves, now becomes 250 m. The ecological group
ANAT-LANE who opposes these changes points out that this could be the green
light to other projects such as new highways and buildings in Larra, in the
Belagua zone.


Barcelona. Campi qui Pugui. January '96

During the last two months of '95 two insumisos were arrested and jailed in
Verona (Italy). On November 25th Stefano Capuzzo, military and civil service
insumiso, sentenced to 3 months and 15 days, presented himself at the police
station after the police insistently phoned his parents telling them their
son had to sign a letter urgently. He was jailed that day.
On December 1st, Maximiliano Terzies was sentenced to 5 months in prison for
refusing to perform military or civilian service. Also 5 people were
arrested and jailed and three more accused during a demo in support which
took place in front of the courthouse were the insumiso was being tried.
Both insumisos were jailed at Montorio prison, well known for its high
security and very strict regime, built during the years of the brigade's
armed struggle.
(Extracted from Umanita Nova)

E-mail. UPA 1/30/96

The SINO (Servicio de Informacion sobre Objecion Fiscal) informs that this
year's campaign has been the most successful to date. They have collected
5,308,000 ptas which surpasses the budget for two projects planned with the
money collected this year. One of them is geared to CONAVIGUA (association
of objectors and antimilitarists of Guatemala) and the other to Mujeres de
Negro (Women in Black, former Yugoslavia antimilitary group). That amount
corresponds solely to fiscal objectors that have sent the results of their
objections to those two projects, whereas an indeterminate number of fiscal
objectors have sent their contributions to other projects.

12/2/95 members of Grup de Solidaritat, from Elche demilitarized the street
signs of General Cosido St. and changed them to Carrer de la Insubmissio,
where the PSOE's headquarters are located.
La Karretilla. Elche.

The Colectivo de Objetores por la Insumision and the Colectivo Alternativo
Palmen~o, from Palma, on the three king's day (1/6/96) celebrated a
songwriters/singers concert for Insumision with the sale of alternative
material that was attended by over one thousand people. Right now there are
more than 20 insumisos in Canarias awaiting trial.
A Tenerife building located at Barcelona St. #2, La Laguna has been okupied.
A social center is planned and a shop has opened. This is organized by the
Asamblea de Okupas de Centros Sociales de Tamorague (which means welcome in

Madrid. AFAPP 1/23/96

As the indefinite hunger strike by six political prisoners goes into its
second week, nine days on the part of another 3 in Sevilla II prison and 5
for the remaining members of the colective, this is the particular situation
of each striker:
Fernando Hierro Chomon (Almeria prison) and Aurora Cayetano Navarro
(Albacete prison) after 15 days of fasting suffer weakness and continuous
vomiting. They had already done a 435 day hunger strike that ended in 1991.
As a means of punishment at the begining of the hunger strike, the prisoners
have been dispersed. Guillermo Vazquez (dispersed 4 times in 1995) was
dispersed in January to Valdemoro prison. M. Jesus Romero Vega was dispersed
from the Foncalent (Alicante) jail to the Carabanchel prison on 1/19.
Encarnacion Leon Lara, ten days into the hunger strike, was dispersed from
Almeria to Carabanchel prison, from which she was previously dispersed
12/18/95. Of the two trials scheduled for monday 1/29, that of Encarnacion
L. Lara had to be suspended due to her health. The other took place in spite
of the lawyer's protests.

As far as the solidarity and protest campaign by the AFAPP, they denounce
the almost total media blackout of the strike. Thus they are taking part in
many acts to distribute flyers and dossiers, attending antifascist
demonstrations in Madrid, at the factories doors in Vigo, denouncing the
confiscation of graphics works by two political prisoners from Cadiz,
placing banners on bridges, which in Euskadi were taken down after a few hours.

Support the Asamblea de Insumisos jailed in 2nd degree at Irunea prison for
the hunger strike initiated 1/15/96 on the part of the colective of basque
political prisoners against dispersion and for their regrouping in Euskal
Herria prisons, as well as the hunger strikes initiated by other political
prisoners throughout the state. The Navarra insumisos have also suffered
dispersion since 9/8/94, there are now insumisos from Navarra at the Daroca,
Alcala and Ocan~a prisons. They denounce the added punishment of dispersion
to any prisoner or collective considered uncomfortable.

Extracts from the communique of the Asamblea de Insumisos jailed in Irunea

After 15 days of hunger strike the political prisoners at Iruna, Marlutone,
Basauri, El Duoso, Burgos, Pau, Lagraitz, Santander, Logron~o and Soria
prisons have relieved another 106 basque political prisoners in 7 jails in
the french state and in the jails of Zaragoza, Cuenca Daroca, Huesca,
Terual, Bonxe, Coruna, Moterxo, Ourense, Vigo, Billabona, Valladolid, Leon y
Topas in the spanish state. Alex Belasco, insumiso dispersed in Daroca
prison is also on hunger strike in solidarity with the political prisoners.
Thus, on saturday 1/27 columns from the neighborhoods of Sanduzelai,
Errotxapea, Alde Zaharra and Iturrama gathered at Irunea prison in an act of
solidarity with the political prisoners in which 1000 people took part.
Eguzki Erratia.

Madrid.UPA 1/26/96

On 1/25 there took place, in front of the mexican embassy located at Carrera
de San Jeronimo 46, in front of the Palace of Congress, a zapatista
gathering protesting the arrival in Spain of mexican president Zedillo Ponce
de Leon. About 400 people blocked the street in front of the embassy for two
hours and sang slogans such as "Zapata lives, the struggle continues",
"Zedillo fascist the people zapatista". A mexican representative spoke with
a megaphone. The act was called by the Plataforma de Solidaridad con Chiapas
in Madrid, also integrated by Izquierda Unida (United Left), which had taken
upon itself to legalize the demonstration. On wednesday afternoon, IU
recalled the gathering at the last minute. The rest of the Plataforma had to
speak with the government's delegation to avoid it being called off.
Curiously enough, Anguita, general secretary of IU had scheduled a meeting
with Zedillo (as we know, elections are coming).
As far as the Zapatista Serenade planned for the hotel where Zedillo was
staying, it couldn't take place because the mariachi group that always
performs this type of activity for the Plataforma de Solidaridad con Chiapas
was expelled from Spain the previous week by the government. Even so, there
were people with pots and whistles in front of the hotel.


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