[ENG] Re: AT&T buys a Bill

Robert Stauffert (r.stauffert@utoronto.ca)
Sun, 11 Feb 1996 00:17:58 -0500

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996 19:28:53 -0500 The Anarchives wrote:

> So why is AT&T claiming they're going to be
> building the infohighway? Cause they're going to buy
Northern Telecom.
> NorTel has recently scored contracts in China, Brazil, and
the U$.
> They're the company building the networks of the world.
With the money
> from the divestiture AT&T could easily buy NorTel.
> If they were really keen, they could increase there 2%
stake in Bell
> Canada Enterprises, thus buying NorTel, Bell, and Bell
Northern Labs,
> securing the world's best equipment corp., Canada's top
R&D lab, and the
> Ontario and Quebec telecomm markets. Thus AT&T would be
creating the
> foundation for North American corporate governance.

The CRTC (Can. Radio and Telecommunications Commision) could
stop this from happening. Unfortunately I don't have much
faith in the them. However, they are the people to protest
to if this ever comes to pass.

> Yet how does AT&T dominate the market, and how will they
continue to
> dominate and eventually conquer the market?
> The easy and obvious answer is of course capital. AT&T has
more, and
> controls more, and this certainly helps with ye olde
> organization. However that is not the key focus of their
> AT&T will conquer markets as a result of the strategic use
of artificial
> intelligence and neural networks.
> Artificial intelligence to navigate information networks,
to manage
> marketing campaigns, to handle statistical and research
data, to manage
> capital, and to manage the huge networks that are emerging
as the global
> information infrastructure.
> This is the technology that AT&T markets as 'Intelligent
Assistants', and
> this is the technology that will give AT&T the competitive

Neural networks aren't good for anything telecommunications
related. Unless AT&T is trying to build an army of robots
to conquer the world, I don't think neural net research will
do them much good. What they are used for is control
system, particularly movement. They are also good
discriminators which is why they form the basis for the
smart weapons in Amerika's arsenal. I must qualify this
though, as some techniques might be applied to database
software to make it more intelligent. As for intelligent
agents scouring the Net for the Death Star, maybe.
However, MIT is the leader in that field of research.
Though, AT&T has been known to foot alot of the research
bills at the university and who knows what kind of licensing
agreement they've worked. Having AI agents can make you
really rich in a market where speed is of the essense. (i.e.
stock market)

Rob Stauffert =:o)
Cognitive Science Student Association (U of T) webmaster