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Sat, 10 Feb 1996 03:38:44 +0100



Those political prisoners of GRAPO and PCE(r) held in Almeria prison have
begun an indefinite hunger strike since the 9th January last. The rest of
those imprisoned and belonging to these organisations are to support the
protest as from 19th Jan. The ETA prisoners began, in turn, a rotating
hunger strike (every fortnight) on the 14th January.

The demands of the strikers are:

- bringing the prisoners together in one prison under dignified living

- application of article 60 of the Penitentiary Regulations. This article
stipulates the release from prison of those prisoners suffering from fatal
and incurable illnesses. There are two prisoners who should be released
under this article but the management of the Penitentiary Institutions is
violating its own regulations: Milagros Caballero Carbonell is suffering
from Korsakov syndrome as a consequence of his last hunger strike and
suffers from a nervous disorder which prevents him from walking and Jose
Manuel Perez Hernandez - imprisoned in Tenerife - is suffering from
progressive dimentia also because of his last hunger strike.

- freedom for those prisoners who have completed three quarters of their

- this latest hunger strike by prisoners of GRAPO and PCE(r) was caused by
the death of Jose Manuel Sevillano and has serious portents for many
prisoners. The strike has spread in recent months due to the forced feeding
the strikers were submitted to. Also to be noted, a communique signed by the
'Anti Fascist Resistance Commandos' claims a total of 30 acts of sabotage
which demand the release of J.M. Perez Hernandez. These actions were carried
out in the early morning of the 6th and 7th January. The targets were
telephone boxes, 18 bank outlets, 5 estate agents and 3 fur shops in the
areas of Bravo Murillo, Castellana, Principe de Vergara, Retiro, Vallecas
and San Blas. These attacks are a continuation of those carried out in
November 1995 (51 acts of sabotage in response to the detention of 16
members of GRAPO who were later released) and December 1995 (31 acts of
sabotage to obtain the release of J.M. Perez).


CNT Confederal Offices. January 1996

On 20th November last, no less than 100 fascists came together to pay
hommage to Franco and Primo de Rivera at Grenada cathedral. At the same time
more than 1000 demonstrated against fascism in the city centre. This protest
ended in confrontations with the police since the latter prevented the demo
from getting near to the cathedral.

The demo left the Plaza Nueva de Granada at 8 o'clock in the evening with
calls of 'Down with Franco and Carrero Blanco', 'Felipe for the Eurovision
Song Contest singing Cara al Sol' (TN fascist anthem), 'If Franco were alive
he'd join the PSOE '(TN socialist party) etc. There were a few moments of
tension when the march passed by in front of the government building where
it stopped. Later the demo went as far as the Triumphal Gardens at which
point the demo legally ended. However, nearly all the demonstrators
continued to march through the old town towards the cathedral.. but the
police intercepted them. From then onwards there were confrontations, stone
throwing etc. until midnight. The laurel wreaths hung on the monument to the
founder of the Falangists (TN Spanish fascist party) were burnt and the HQ
of this group was attacked with molotov cocktails. At about 1am the town
centre saw cars and dustbins overturned in the streets (...) The following
day the local press was full of insults for the anti-fascists.

According to information received by the CNT an attempt was made to abort
the march by the PSOE and the IU. Despite everything the protest went ahead
with the support of the CNT, CAMPI, SHARP, PCPA and various individuals.