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UPA Madrid 12/15/95

As part of a day of struggle for insumision and freedom for insumisos in
prison, on 12/15 there was a demonstration at 20:00 hrs coming out of Plaza
Chueca. The demonstration wasn't legalized, and for an hour before it there
were police vans in Plaza Chueca and during the protest the police
deployment was limited to controlling it by taking positions in front and at
the tail of the demonstration. In spite of the cold and the rain the demo
was well attended, about 2,000 people, most of them young. The placard at
the head had the motto "Enough repression, insumision". During the
trajectory there was continuous graffitting with spray cans about
insumision. The path of the demonstration went by Hortaleza, Fuencarral,
Malasan~a and as they tried to pass Plaza San Andres towards the ministry of
Justice, the police closed off all exits, preventing the demo from
continuing on. When people tried to exit the plaza by different streets the
police charged with brutal blows and rubber balls so people had to disperse
and there were many jumps. The day ended with a lot of conccusions.
Apparently there were no arrests but the police shoved people inside the
vans and after beating them let them go.

We got the testimony of a young man that reflects the police brutality of
that evening:

"During the disturbances that happened after the demonstration [...] I was
with some female friends by the door of pub Ali Ganzaron, in Corredera Alta
de San Pablo in Malasan~a. A large group of antiriots came and threateningly
forced us inside the bar, which we were doing when one of them hit me twice
on the head and arm, i lost an article of clothing so i bent down to pick it
up, receiving more blows; at that time i tried to exercise my right to know
the agent's badge number, as answer the pig kicked my coat to the ground,
throwing it outside, where his companions were, i went outside, receiving
all kinds of blows, as i came out on the sidewalk blows rained upon me from
everywhere, i was pushed against the van; at that moment a group of people
were yelling at the cops in my defense, from a bread shop across the street,
the police went after them; i was taken to the van where they threw me face
up to hit me in the testicles with their clubs, then they put me inside;
during the time i was in the van they took my data, I wasn't given any of
the agent's numbers, i sat up front to look at the van's number, one of them
noticed it, covered up the number and ordered another cop to sit me in the
back, which they did with more blows; after a quarter of an hour of insults
and threats they let me go and as they saw me trying to get the van's
license plate by going to the back of the van, they beat me again preventing
me from exercising my right to know the number, as they had done with their
badge numbers. I have 6 witnesses that were with me and the bar's owner, one
of the young people that came out to defend me whom I have contacted by
means of the KRA program "Golpe al Estado" broadcast by Onda Latina. I have
a doctor's report on my injuries and I take all of these measures to avoid
the repetition of cases such as that of Luis and Pedro, comrades at old
Minuesa, and later flying benches will come up and earn me 4 years in jail.
Thank you".

In Segovia, within the day of struggle to demand freedom for imprisoned
insumisos on 12/15 the Asamblea por la Insumision y Alternativa Libertaria
called on that day a Work Stop in solidarity with the jailed insumisos at
the middle, professional and university centers of the province, which
didn't have much repercussion. They also organized a demonstration march
attended by about 200 people, most of them high school students. It was a
powerful demonstration for a city not used to this type of actions. A
theater play was set up in the demonstration by people from Asamblea por la
Insumision y Alternativa Libertaria. At the end a placard was displayed from
on top of the Aqueduct 14 meters long that read INSUMISION, this placard
remained in place for two hours until municipal polis took it down.
In the morning of the 15th there was also a show about the insumiso and
libertarian struggle of last year in Segovia with panels full of text,
newspaper clippings, publications etc. The show took place in a central city
street and leaflets were distributed.
Segovia. Asamblea por la Insumision y Alternativa Libertaria.


UPA Madrid 12/21/95

This past 12/14 Antonio P.M., insumiso from Madrid under search and capture
for not showing up at his trial was arrested by national police when he
returned to his house. After several hours at the police station he was
transfered to Carabanchel prison. The judge set the initial hearing date
against this insumiso for friday 12/22, but unexpectedly moved it forward so
that Antonio was tried this past monday 12/18. Taken from jail to the
courthouse Antonio attended an oral hearing in which the D.A. asked a
sentence of 2 years, 4 months and a day in prison. Later he was returned to
the jail. That night at 23:00 hrs he was set provisionally free until the
judge rules a sentence. According to sources near the insumiso, the judge
will probably sentence him to 3 months in prison so that the insumiso won't
have to go back in jail and a certain time of inhabilitation according to
the new penal code. Even though the insumiso was already free the illegal
demonstration took place since according to the organizers, "there are still
300 insumisos in jail".
During his stay at Carabanchel Antonio met an insumiso from Gazteiz
(Vitoria) that had been jailed for a month in preventive arrest to be judged
and placed in provisional freedom on 12/19.
The demonstration of 12/21 at Carabanchel prison was very lively and
combative. At the call more than 200 people came. During the march all the
lines of Ave. de los Poblados that runs from Aluche past the jail were
taken. Once in front of the prison people got close to the fence and shouted
slogans at the inmates who also shouted back for over half an hour. Once the
demo was over the police surrounded the Aluche Metro station and the few
demonstrators remaining who were still carrying the placard, remained for
more than 20 minutes shouting slogans at the police. Eventually it ended
without incidents.
On wednesday, 12/20 during the night insumiso Julio Fernandez was arrested
at Madrid's Barajas airport as he returned from Paris. Within the strategy
of total insumision he did not appear at his trial and he had been under
search and capture for over two years by order of a judge from Alcala. His
arrest, however, was sort of a surprise since it wasn't the first time he
went out of the country and he had even served a house arrest sentence of
several days without the police acting on the order for his arrest for
insumision. He was detained at Barajas police station and later taken to the
macro-station at Moratalaz. On friday the 22nd after his mother and attorney
had spoken with the judge, a trial date was set for march 28th and he was
set provisionally free. The D.A. asked for a sentence of 2 years, 4 months
and a day, the same sentence that same Alcala judge imposed on another
antimilitarist young man a few months ago. We have also informed about the
trial of insumiso Jose Luis Lozano for 1/11 at 11 AM at the courthouse in
Plaza Castilla.

During the protest for two dance parties at Toledo's Infantry Academy,
antimilitarists called gatherings for 12/5 and 12/7. The first mobilization
didn't have a good attendance, but the second one united about 50 people
with placards. The militaries in gala dress displayed an aggressive and
threatening attitude as they walked in front of the demonstrators.

The walk to Basauri (Vizcaya) jail, in solidarity with jailed insumisos was
called by antimilitary organization Kakitzat under the motto "Contra el
ejercito y su represion" on 1/5. There are 90 jailed insumisos here.

Insumision protest at El Sadar (Irunea) soccer stadium. A group of insumisos
assaulted yesterday the soccer field at El Sadar and chained themselves to
the goal posts for 10 minutes. These young people, carrying a placard that
read:"Insumisoa. Ejertzitorik ez" broke into the soccer field minutes before
the Osasuna-Badajoz match was to begin. As the national police attempted to
get them out, the Field delegate from Osasuna opposed them. Later the whole
Osasuna team approached the goal posts where they were chained and after a
brief conversation the insumisos opted to leave the field, although they
didn't leave the stadium until after the end of the game. During the action,
the fans from the southern bleachers, from Pen~a Indagorri, sang slogans in
favor of insumision.

Almeria UPA 1/96

On September '95 a school in the town of El Ejido (Almeria) that had been
empty for two years was occupied. The school functioned as Centro Social
Autogestionado with several activities such as phjotography shop,
silkscreening, theater, juggling, ecological agriculture, there was also a
bar and they had planned antimilitarist days and a concert.
The eviction happened the morning of 12/1. No resistance against eviction
had been prepared since it was not expected, although three days before they
had received an order to vacate. This order was proccessed by the Mayor,
Juan Megino of the PP (Partido Popular, Popular Party, right wing T.N.),
with the blessings of the judge that had supported a previous attempt. As
proof that nobody expected it, there were only 11 of the 20 people that
lived there. Even the firemen came to the eviction. The police suggested
that the inhabitants come out without incidents, but they went up to the
roof to resist. The firemen directed the hoses to the roof so that no one
could lean over and touch the ladders which the cops were climbing, who,
upon reaching the top, started beating people. With all the water, the
squatters couldn't even see where the blows where coming from. A young lady,
already in handcuffs, was hit with a club on her hands and suffered a broken
finger. Ten dogs that were there were taken to the pound and a cat was found
dead. The police was very nervous and harshly insulted the okupas.
A couple of squatters that were outside at the time of the eviction,
contacted their lawyer who gave them a letter for the police in which he
told them that the eviction was illegal and to wait for his arrival. As the
okupas arrived in a motorcycle to deliver the letter, the cops threw them
down with blows and took the letter away. Finally the 11 squatters and the
couple on the motorcycle were arrested. The news got to their comrades from
El Ejido, Adra and Almeria who demonstrated in front of the Guardia Civil
headquarters shouting and spraying graffitti. The next day there was a
gathering in front of the courthouse by about 30 people with the local
press. At 14:30 hrs they came out in provisional freedom with incredible
charges and all of them beat up. The couple on motorcycle is accused of
throwing themselves, kamikaze style, at the police with the intent of
running them over. The accused plan to present recourse and denounce the
municipal police's and firemen's performance in dissolving the people's
gathering. They're also planning to re-occupy the school and they'll call
for a demonstration around the first of february to protest against the
brutal eviction and those to which inmigrants that work in these lands, who
live in subhuman conditions, have been subjected to.

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