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||| *** Volume 1, Number 3 **** February 7, 1996 *** |||


The SS did not fool German bureaucrats into cooperation.
Rather, the Wannsee conference illustrates how Nazi-
dominated society created a social consciousness that both
facilitated the extermination program and denied its
existence. The "legalization" established at Wannsee (and
in related laws and decrees) achieved a relatively smooth
linkage between the surface world of wartime life and the
officially denied world of mass extermination.

-- Christopher Simpson


This week's focus: AFIB examines "The Cyber-Nazi Group." Part 1
-- Nazi Internet strategies. Employing counter-intelligence
techniques and tactics, neo-Nazi organizations are coordinating
their activities. BBS's, hate-lines, newsgroups, e-lists and the
Web constitute the "new front" for spreading racist hate and
fascist terror.


1. Introduction: Cyber-Nazi Group (CNG) -- A Fascist
Strategy for Usenet and Beyond
2. "Thule Network Frightens ZOG"
3. "The Manifesto of the CNG"
4. "The CNG: An Idea for On-Line Organization"
5. "CNG Logo and Operative Divisions"
6. Publications of Interest


Fascism does not emerge from a political vacuum; it is
neither an "aberration" of "pluralist" society, nor an
"irrational" ideological system created by a "few" deranged
individuals. Coldly logical and calculating, fascism is both a
by-product and the _rational_ development of totalitarian
solutions to the multiple crises' plaguing capitalism today.

Within this context, _transnational_ neo-Nazi groups are
opening lines of communication, establishing networks, building
structures. As they do so, they are also sharing intelligence,
compiling "enemies lists," intervening on new fronts, and
acquainting themselves with the use of communications
technologies, including computer networks. In a word, fascists
use the media to prepare for _war_.

The activation of a "Cyber-Nazi Group" (CNG) in North
America is a sign that the methodology of Germany's "Thule Net"
has been embraced by home-grown American and Canadian racists.
But Thule Net isn't simply a disparate collection of BBS's; it
functions as a critical communications link vital for
coordinating attacks against immigrant workers and leftists (the

Like Thule Net, the CNG have launched a propaganda blitz
targeting groups described as "enemies of the white race": Jews,
queers, racial/ethnic minorities. Similar to Nazi networks in
Germany, strategic and tactical differences among the various
groups are shunted aside when critical issues, that can be
exploited, arise. In this respect, it is entirely accurate to
describe such networks as "formative organizations." (see "The
'Einblick' Trial," Part 2, next week)

On the net, as elsewhere, Nazi propaganda seeks to exploit
racial, linguistic and cultural differences, using them as
emotional wedges for increasing tension they hope will incite
attacks on populations demonized by the "mainstream," i.e.
"welfare cheats," the urban poor, immigrants, women seeking
abortions, homosexuals. Whether employing the tactic of
"leaderless resistance" or through open recruitment and
organizing, fascist organizations have expanded the effective
range of their activities.

In addition to crude racial or homophobic stereotyping, CNG
operatives employ subtler methods for spreading racist hate.
Within _moments_ of last Fall's verdict to the O.J. Simpson
murder trial, a _coordinated_ plan for intervening on multiple
newsgroups, went into effect. This was not a spontaneous gesture
by net Nazis. For weeks, speculation and debate raged on the
_Stormfront_ list, facilitated by "former" Klan "Grand Dragon,"
Don Black.

Tapping into the racist attitudes of whites, CNG "cyber-
guerrillas" posted hundreds of messages alleging, among other
things, that whites were "victims" of "reverse discrimination,"
"Black racism" or the ravages of "ZOG-inspired" political
correctness. A similar methodology is employed when posting on
the issues of immigration, abortion, homosexuality, etc.

But ideas, after all, have consequences, as racist pogroms
and imperialist military adventures throughout the 20th century
amply demonstrate. History teaches we cannot "ignore" the
fascists; we do so at great peril. Nor can we rely on an
authoritarian system that spawns fascism, to "defend" us from
Nazi or other forms of racist and sexist violence.

To defeat Nazi strategies on Usenet and beyond, their media
operations must be studied, understood and unmasked...their
operatives exposed; they must be confronted and their structures
smashed -- on the streets, on the net, _everywhere_.

Genocide is not debatable...


** Topic: Thule Network Frightens ZOG **
** Written 2:31 PM Jun 27, 1995 by bf221@FreeNet.Carleton.CA in
cdp:alt.politics.white-power **

Thule Network Frightens Germany's ZOG Oppressors

German Nationalists have long been the target of oppressive
measures to rob them of free speech. Their political
organizations have been outlawed. Their homes have been searched
without recourse and they have been subject to constant
monitoring by Germany's Thought-Police.

Now, with the help of encryption software, they are able to
communicate through a network of about a dozen bulletin-boards.
Hundreds of the estimated 50,000 German Nationalists are
utilizing this network, which authorities have called an
"impenetrable electronic fortress", to access materials which are
outlawed under German law including material considered to be
anti-Semitic, racist or which denies the "facts established at
the Nuremberg trials".

German authorities are now facing the same dilemma which the
ZOG is facing elsewhere "how can one nation's speech control laws
be enforced in a borderless cyberspace".

One of the top investigators working in opposition to the
German Nationalist movement, who spoke to the _Associated Press_
on condition he not be identified by name said: "When someone
disappears into one of these bulletin boards where the
information is encoded, the authorities might as well call it
quits. There's nothing we can do. And that is surely the danger.
They are out of reach."

A German Nationalist with a modem-equipped computer and
encryption software, such as _Pretty Good Privacy_(TM), can now
enjoy the freedom of speech for the first time in fifty years
without the persecution of an oppressive autocratic state. This
technology coupled with identity checks for access to sensitive
BBS areas has created a secure communication system, the greatest
enemy of the ZOG, which is called the Thule Network.

According to authorities the operators of the Thule Network
have been able to avoid prosecution because the of the difficulty
in proving the origin of electronic information

Two bulletin boards were raided in October and equipment was
seized but no charges have yet been filed against their

Charges of distributing bomb recipes leveled against the
Network's main board, Widerstand, were dropped by the prosecutor
after he determined that the explosives documents were likely
planted by leftist saboteurs.

With the 1994 firebombing of a synagogue, the first since
Nazi times, and the recent letter-bombings in Austria and Germany
many experts fear a terrorist campaign organized by "neo-Nazis"
employing network and encrypted communications technology.

"Those who can use this kind of sophisticated technology are
the real war-makers, the real violence-producers," said Berlin
professor Hajo Funke.

Written By
Rick Knight
ANA Chief Editor

The ANA (Aryan News Agency) is an on-line Internet news
service providing news and opinion from an Aryan Racialist

Those interested in subscribing to this free service may
send E-mail to Rick Knight at:


** End of text from cdp:alt.politics.white-power **


X-within-URL: http://www.io.com/~wlp/aryan-page/cng/mani.html

Let Your Life be a Lightning Bolt!

The Manifesto of the CNG

1. In order for the forces of darkness to triumph, it is
sufficient that good men do nothing: Positive and militant steps
are required to check the spread of evil in the land. Our theatre
of operation is cyberspace; Our philosophy is dynamist: Action is
essential in all things, and at all levels. Conflict is the
crucible from which the superior man is born.

2. We are a White Nationalist organization. We represent the
heart and soul of the White nation, arrayed against all
destructive alien influence, and all utopian/Marxist schemes.
There will be no one-world government so long as we are here,
except it be a White one. Mankind will remain divided along
racial lines, and we will remain intransigent examples of the
impossibility of such notions.

3. We are the enemies of Marxism, Communism, and any
manifestation of the destructive Jewish influence which places
money above all other considerations. We represent a nation that
puts culture before commerce -- that protects it people's
heritage, not just from foreign threats, but from internal
exploitation by unscrupulous individuals. We represent protection
against the exploitation of cultural ideals by ruling financial
and commercial interests.

4. We represent a nation that protects the health of its
people over the convenience of foreigners, or over concern for
some international "reputation." We represent a nation that will
not sacrifice the lives of its youth in that name of abstract
principles like "peace" or "containment." Our soldiers are here
to KILL those foreigners who pose a direct threat to their women,
children, and homes. They are not here to "keep the peace" or,
for that matter, to "build roads in Haiti."

5. We believe that the Jew must be removed from positions of
cultural, legal, and economic influence. In these positions, he
has enriched himself through lack of principle, corrupting our
culture, perverting justice, and destroying our economy in his
quest for lucre. Furthermore, we believe that all government
financing of Israel must be eliminated: A State which cannot
exist on its own has no right to exist.

6. We believe that homosexuality must be restigmatized to
discourage such unstable, diseased, and non-procreative practices
from becoming common. 80 years of psychoanalytic observations
have established the environmental cause of homosexuality.

We demand that all cultural and educational influences which
encourage such behaviour, which present it as normal --including
advocates of this kind of behaviour-- be rooted out and
destroyed. For these practices: a) result in the death of our
young from disease, b) result in lack of White procreation, and
c) undermine our culture, traditions, and even civilization --for
all great civilizations require a greater degree of sexual

7. Immigration was increased in North America to maintain the
tax-base against under-population by the White-race --which is
currently reproducing below replacement level. This short-sighted
policy, which pays no attention to the reasons why people are not
reproducing -- the insecurity about their children's future,
health, education, and employment-- is a betrayal of the White
peoples by a government which has abandoned principle for money.

We believe that immigration must be White to preserve our
culture and land. all Non-whites must be either exported or
segregated to prevent further bastardization of our people,
domination of our land, jobs, and positions of education and
employment. We support a government that protects the security of
the White race and culture over concern for money.

by Jeff Vos,
written Sept. 1995


From: bf221@freenet.carleton.ca (Rick Knight)
Subject: ANA Editorial -- CNG

Disclaimer: the distribution of the following proposal by the ANA
does not imply endorsement of its ideas. Comments, criticisms,
and hate-mail can be sent to "Jeff" at: graczyk@gaul.csd.uwo.ca
or, if you wish to remain anonymous (from me):
an261104@anon.penet.fi --Jeff

The CNG: An Idea for On-Line Organization, Jeff Vos, 1995

1. Introduction

Some time ago, I had a dream of creating a group of on-line
right-wingers. It was to be called the CNG, which could stand
for "Cyber Nationalist Group," "Cyber Nazi Group," or "Computer
Nationalist Group," etc...It's main function was to collect
intelligence on the enemy and to create effective and innovative
propaganda[1] for use by right-wing posters. In retrospect, I
believe that this function did not go far enough, and also, that
the rigid hierarchy I had envisioned was unworkable in practice.
I have revised my vision into what I consider to be a workable
method, which I present here, and which can be disseminated
freely without restriction.

Because of my belief in the primacy of symbolism to the
right-wing, and because I supposedly possess "artistic"
abilities, I even went so far as to design a logo[2] to represent
the organization. This logo contained a triskelion which
symbolized the three "fronts" of our movement --which oppose our
three distinct enemies.

2. Enemies of the CNG

a. Jews
b. Homosexuals
c. Ethnic Minorities

The enemies are ranked in order of the threat they pose, as
evidenced by the consequences of posting against them. One can
post a message saying "let's kill all niggers" with relative
impunity, but just try making the same suggestion about Jews! In
fact, don't try it. Jews have the ability to create trouble for
you on a global scale. Homosexuals, who also can create an
amazing amount of trouble are usually restricted to national
sources, while ethnic minorities (by comparison) are remarkably
ineffectual. Whether we attack the least-protected enemies, or go
straight to the most dangerous, I leave up to the individual.

3. Theory of CNG Effectiveness

There are two qualities that are excellent in a USENET poster:
the first is creative, abstract, theoretical abilities; and the
second is blunt, down-to-earth, practical abilities. In other
words, the poster must be a good "idea man" as well as a good
"man of action." Since these qualities are not necessarily
related, we can assume that a cross-section of posters will yield
some, but not complete, overlap between the two groups. What's
worse, some people with a strong educational background may have
prestigious jobs and therefore necessarily shun any publicity at

In the worst case we will have over here, a person who has lots
of good ideas and no way to bring them into action --a person who
avoids publicity as much as possible. And over there, a person
who can post with impunity, hold his own in an online scrap, or
has the resources to deal with the real-world consequences of
postings, but he has nothing significant to post. To make every
poster an effective poster, we must bring the "men of action" and
the "idea men" together.

Ideas are cheap, and anonymity of the idea men makes their
position easy--therefore, we should recognize that for every
poster, there will be MANY idea-men; and the poster will simply
examine their collected "suggestions" and choose which action, or
use which facts, he feels most prudent under the circumstances.

Since the poster is the one who must ultimately deal with the
consequences of posting, it is up to him to decide what to post.
He has a right to criticize and reject ideas which do not appeal
to him --and he should foster competition among his "idea men" to
cultivate his favour by coming up with the best ideas. He should
also never reveal the name of one idea-man to another (since they
require anonymity).

4. Types of CNG Operative

Foreground operatives: Men of action, visible workers. They
maintain a respectable but spirited right-wing presence on News,
acting nobly, even as they advance the cause. They are the human
face to the organization. All of these people post propaganda
from background workers, on their discretion, and they distribute
policy info amongst themselves. This policy info, propagated
only through e-mail among foreground workers can originate with
KNI, POL, TCT, or even PSI divisions. Foreground operatives
"advertise" for background support by a method given at the end
of this article.

KNI - KNIGHT - Fights the good fight, defends ideas (Same for

MIL - MILITARY - Is part of (or leads) a right-wing group in

PUB - MAG - Is related to a right-wing publication or magazine

MUS - MUSIC - Is related to a right-wing music group POL -

POLICIES - USENET policy info creators TCT - TACTICS -
Real-world application policy info creators

Other kinds of foreground operative:

DIS - DISSEM - A subtle disseminator of information. Places it
on ftp-sites, and make subtle references to or endorsements of
such info on News (usually pretending to be a disinterested

PIR - PIRATE - A person who will "pirate" an account for a
one-shot high-saturation dissemination of propaganda.

IMP - IMPERSON - Impersonates the enemy in posting, embarrassing
the left and infuriating the public.

INF - INFILT - Infiltrates the enemy camp.

Background operatives: Idea men, secret workers. They are
creative thinkers who place their resources at the disposal of a
particular foreground operative. The can create both class of

INT - INTELL - Gathers intelligence on enemies, writes

PSI - PSY-OPS - Same as INT, but also writes policies (Class I
info) and does this especially for psychological type operations.

The PSI operative can only describe himself with this title at
the discretion of his foreground worker, since he has increased
access to Class I information (and can create it). He can be
thought of as a "graduate" INT worker.

HUM - HUMOURIST - Write humourous jokes, stories, from our
perspective. WRI - WRITER - In general

5. Types of Information

This classification scheme is recommended. The appropriate class
for information should be placed somewhere in the document
--preferably on the first line.

Class II - Information for wide dissemination (propaganda)
Class I - Restricted information, for policies. There are four
sub-types of this class:

GREY - USENET policies, illegal, KNI, POL, PSI
BLACK - Real-world policies, KNI, TCT, MIL
blank ---> - Real-world policies, illegal, KNI, TCT, MIL

Class I information, the most sensitive, must be subject to
greater restriction. We maintain this restriction by making this
information available ONLY to people who are actually posting out