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*** *** *** A-INFOS SPANISH STATE *** *** ***


counterinformation bulletin made by:
Apdo. 3141

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1.- Antimilitarism/Insubission
2.- Ecology
3.- Antisexism
4.- Euskadi
5.- Antifascism
6.- Repression
7.- Laboral
8.- Squatting
9.- Others
10.- A-Infos Addresses


11.06 A New Penal Code is carried. Insubmission subject: insubmission to military service 6 months to 2 years imprisoned and 10-14 years total disqualified. Insubmission to civil service: 8-12 years total disqualified. Total disqualified doesn`t allow you the acces to work in public jobs, to obtain grants or driving licence,...
11.06 GRANADA. 8 antimilitarist people chain themselves to court door protesting about New Penal Code. Some hundred antimilitarist people gather in front of the court, police break them up. 10 people were arrested and a lot of people were wounded.
11.07 SAN SABASTIAN. 8 insumisos don`t go to sleep to prison so they break off Penitentiary Third Degree
11.10 BARCELONA. During an informative gathering about Euroarmy and insubmission some cops on motorbikes drive through gathering people beating them. During this afternoon police arrested 14 people, among them a journalist who was informig of the act.
11.11 ZARAGOZA. Pro-insubmission and against militarism gathering(150). After gathering people march to jail and made a gathering with torch in front of it.
11.11 SAN SEBASTIAN. March on bike for desmilitarization of the town.
11.11/12 ZARAGOZA "IV Insumisos` families and friends associations Conference".
11.12 SAN SEBASTIAN. Demo(300) in solidarity with 2 insumisos who were arrested when they shut themselves in Ventas military quarters(Irun(Guipuzcoa)).
11.12 GRANADA. A group of antimilitarist people wall up PSOE (Ruling party) office supporting insumisos and against New Penal Code. 40 antimilitarist people shut themselves in CCOO (comunist Trade Union) protesting police repression on 11. 6th.
11.14 LIZARRA Gathering(100) protesting arrest of an insumiso from the town on 11. 11th.
11.15 EUSKADI. 40 demos and gatherings supporting insubmission. Clashes in Bilbao where police attacked demostraters and detained 12 people (one of them was finally arrested), in Basauri, police surrounded a pub to arrest a young man.
11.16 EUSKADI Student struggle day against conscription. SAN SEBASTIAN demo(some tousand people, clashes with police, 2 people were arrested)PAMPLONA (5.000), BILBAO(200), VITORIA(1.000), DURANGO(1.200) and many others without skirmishes.
11.17 TOLOSA (Navarra). Pro-insubmission demo(50), clashes with police in wich some people were wounded. BERMEO(100).
11.18 ORUELLA. PORTUGALETE. Sabs against conscription.
11.18 EUSKADI. Pro-insubmission action day. Demos in some towns, PAMPLONA(2.000), SANSEBASTIAN(+1.000), BILBAO(1.500), PORTUGALETE(800),...
11.19 VITORIA(Some hundreds) demo supporting insubmission, BILBAO (100), RENTERIA gathering (200).
11.23 PAMPLONA 5 antimilitarist people (2 of them insumisos who broke off Penitenciary Third Degree the day before) chain themselves to a military van parked while some tens of people gather supporting them. Police arrive, cut off the chains, arrest an insumiso and break up gatehered people beating them. 4 people were arrested.
11.25 ZARAGOZA. Pro-insubmissio march(100).
11.25 ELCHE (Alicante) demo(500) wich ends in front of the court whersan insumiso was being judged.
November ZARAGOZA. Town Council forbides a conference about war in former Yugoslavia because of participation of "Collective of Insumisos` Fathers and Mothers" on it.
Noviembre EUSKADI. Created the community of Basque villages (23 villages) to coordinate advise and drive forward the right of youth people to become insumisos and no collaborate with army anyway.
12.02 ROTA (Cadiz) Demo (some hundreds) against Rota Military Base,it`s a former American military base and now NATO military base.
12.18 International Amnesty declares Manuel Blazquez as conscientious prisoner. Manuel deserted from the ship where he was realizing military service during Gulf War in 1991. He was arrested some days before and sent to prison.
12.23 ALCALA-MECO PRISON (Alcala de Henares (Madrid)) Demo(100) supporting imprisoned insumisos and against dispertion of them in different prisons.
12.28 Anniversary of Conscientious Objetion Law. Acts in many towns supporting insubmission.
12.29 SANTURZI Pro-insubmission demo(150).

*** ECOLOGY ***

11.09 BILBAO 6 insumisos chain themselves to French Cosulate door protesting about french nuclear tests in Mururoa. The six ones are arrested.
11.25 PAMPLONA Demo(25.000) supporting Itoiz reservoir. Many town councils set up free bus+sandwich to every one who wanted go to the demo.
11.29 HUELVA. REPSOL Petrol Co. plans make prospections to extract gas in Donana Natural Park, it would contamine all park.
12.16 ERANDIO(Vizcaya). demo(2.000) against installation of a rubbish incineration plant.


11.02 BILBAO Some hundreds women demostrate against sexist Basque Country and Navarra chief prosecutors because of statements about rapes which put the blame on raped women not on rapist men.
12.02 EUSKADI. Acts against sexist agressions TOLOSA (Navarra) (500), PAMPLONA (600), BILBAO (500), VITORIA (some hundreds).
12.17 SOPELA Demo(100) against sexist agressions.
12.21 VITORIA demo (some hundreds) against sexist agressions.

*** EUSKADI ***

11.03 Demos supporting hunger strikers Basque political prisoners take place ALTSASU(400), ARRASATE(800) ONATI(200) ARTXABALETA(200), VITORIA(250).
11.04 VITORIA Demo (+10.000) organized by "Jarrai" against campaign of criminalization to this collective made by Medias and State.
11.07 60 gatherings(4.600) for freedom for Eukal Herria. DEUSTU(500), PAMPLONA(600), VITORIA(300) with clashes with police, the others ones took place with no problems.
11.11SAN SEBASTIAN Strong clashes, 1 seriously wounded man. BILBAO demo(300) clashes with police, 2 wounded people, one of them could loss one eye by a gumball shot by police.
11.11 23 buses(1.200 people) wich drove to "Rigth of Asylum and Against Macro Trial" demo in Paris were stopped by police in French-Spanish border cops forbade the buses enter France. After an assembly in the road they decided drive to Sevilla-II prison, where Basque political prisoners are in hunger strike and they demostrated arround the prison.
11.13 65 Gatherings(4.500) asking for freeedom for Euskal Herria. BILBAO(1 arrested), LLODIO (2 arrested), PAMPLONA (7 arrested people and some wounded ones), the others gatherings took place with no problems.
11.14 PAMPLONA. During a gathering supporting a basque political prisoner who was traslated to the town to participate in a relative funeral, guardia civil agents break up gathered people shooting into the air.
11.15 SAN SEBASTIAN. Gathering protesting a beating given by 12 jailers in sevilla-II prison to a basque political prisoner.
11.15 TENERIFE-II PRISON (Tenerife). Basque political prisoner Inaki Bilbao is beaten up by jailers, it`s the second beating in a week. He starts a thirst strike added to the hunger strike he started one month ago.
11.17 TENERIFE-II PRISON (Tenerife). Basque political prisoners end the hunger strike because all reivindicatrions are been satisfied. Hunger strikes in Sevilla-II and Salto del Negro prisons still go on.
11.17 Acts supporting hunger striker Basque political prisoners take place ARRASATE(700), BILBAO(800), LEZAMA(200), SANTURZI(500) and in many more towns.
11.18 Demos supporting hunger strikers basque political prisoners take place. PAMPLONA(2.000), ALTSASU(350), AZPEITIA(500), PASAI ANTXO(1.500), an others.
11.18 Student struggle day for an euskaldun education. Demos in a lot of towns SAN SEBASTIAN(2.500), VITORIA (1.000), PAMPLONA(3.000), BILBAO(1.500). Whole particopation 15.000 students.
11.20 70 gatherings (4.500) for freedom for Euskal Herria.
11.20 Homage demo to abertzale leaders Santi Brouard (murdered 11 years sgo) and Josu Muguruza (murdered 6 years ago).
22.11 LOGRONO PRISON (Logrono). Basque political prisoner Jon Iturriaga is freed. 11.24 5.000 people participated in homage to Jon wich took place in Bilbao.
11.15 DONIBANE-LOIZUNE (French Basque Country) Demo (8.000) against french and spanish repression to Basque People.
11.26 RENTERIA Demo(3.000) against repression takes place.
11.27 73 gatherings (5.000) asking for freedom for Euskal Herriatake place. Skilmishes in Pamplona, Barakaldo, Algorta and Llodio, resulting some people wounded , one of them hospitalized, 2 people is arrested(Llodio).
11.29 MALAGA pRISON (Malaga) Basque political prisioner Jon Etxendia received a beating by some jailers provoking him serious injures in his head and arms.
SABS (with fire bombs) banks (30), public properties (phone boxes, buildings,...)(33),cars and car shops (8), buses (5), cars property of cops (11), cop cars (5).
ACTS (gatherings(-250 people), setting up barricades, cut up road,...) (175).
12.01 Student struggle day supporting Basque political prisoners. Demos take place BILBAO(1.000), VITORIA(1.000), SAN SEBASTIAN(1.200), PAMPLONA(1.500), TOLOSA(300), ONDARRU(300) SANTURZI(250) all with skilmishes, many more take place whith no problems.
12.01 Acts against Basque political prisoner disperssion take place SAN SEBASTIAN(400), ANDOAIN(200), BERGARA(250), LARRABETZU(100) DEUSTU(70) all with strong skilmishes. RENTERIA(700) IRUN(200) ORDIZIA(500) ARRASATE(400) TOLOSA(400) HERNANI(600) OIARTZUN(500) BARAKALDO (300) BILBAO(300) VITORIA(600), PAMPLONA(550) and another 35(50-200) with no problems.
12.02 BILBAO Demo(13.000) against represive way of Ertzaintza (Basque autonomic police) takes place, in the end skilmishes break out.
12.03 PORTUGALETE Clashes between police(5 cops were wounded) and demostrators break out, a young man loss his eye by impact of a gumball shot by a cop (the forth in this year).
12.04 71 gatherings (4.500) asking for freedom for Euskal Herria take place.
12.06 ONDARROA Demo(300) supporing basque political prisoners takes place.
12.06 Day of Spanish Constitution. Demos against it and supporting independence of Euskadi take place. BILBAO(4.000), clashes with police, 1 wounded man, SAN SEBASTIAN (4.000), VITORIA(400), PAMPLONA (some hundreds). Student struggle day against spanish constitution with acts in many towns.
12.09 SEVILLA 20 members of Senideak (organization of suport to basque political prisoners) occupied news agency EFE office protesting the non presende of medias to a press conference about hunger strike of basque political prisoners in some prisons.
12.10 ITSASONDO Mikel Otegi shot to death to 2 cops, quickly the new is sprayed by medias calling the facts as a murder in cold blood against 2 unarmed cops. Some days after it`s kown that cops weren`t unarmed and they used their guns and also it`s known that Mikel was strongly harassed by police for last three years. This day 500 people from the town demostrate giving solidarity with Mikel.
12.11 66 gatherings (4.300) asking for freedom for Euskal Herria take place. The gathering in Pamplona 7 people were arrested, they were freed some hours later.
12.12 BILBAO 2 young girls who were arrested and jailed charged with burnt a bus at 09.26th are acquitted in the trial.
12.14 ORDIZIA When people were going to a gathering supporting Mikel Otegi, cops attacked them and broke them up to let clean the area for the demo, organized by Basque Autonomic government , supporting police. Some meters in front of the demo police beat all groups of people they sow. 4 people were arrested.
12.16 Demos take place in VITORIA(600) and PAMPLONA(300) supporting hunger strike basque political prisoners.
12.16 SEVILLA-II PRISON (Sevilla) Basque political prisoners who were in rotative hunger strike since 12.4th end the strike because of removal of some prisoners to another prisons and removal threats to the others.
12.17 ALTSASU Demo(700) supporting basque political prisoners.
12.18 VALLADOLID Y BURGOS. ETA explodes two strong bombs causing big damages.
12.20 GUIPUZKOA Struggle day against police harassement.SAN SEBASTIAN(1.000) HERNANI(some hundred) clashes with police break out in the two ones and others with no problems, whole participation 3.000 people.
12.21BILBAO All day rotatory gathering (50 people each 2 hours) asking for basque political prisoners regrouping in Euskadi prisons. A demo (some hundreds) took place in the evening.
12.23 SAN SEBASTIAN. Second turn (15 people) in rotatory hunger strike asking for regrouping of basque political prisoners.
12.26VITORIA. Demo(1.000) takes place supporting arrested people early in this morning charged with membership to ETA. In the end some fire bombs were thrown to a police station.
12.25 SAN SEBASTIAN An unknown man on motorbike fires at navy commander`s headquarters.
12.28 VITORIA. Gathering(1.000) itakes place n front of Autonomic Parliament where a proposal made by Herri Batasuna (leftist abertzale party) ask for regroupment of basque political prisoners in Euskadi prisons. After gathering people demostrated through downtown.
12.29 some demos takes place suporting arrested at 12.26th charged with membership of ETA VITORIA(1.000) SAN SEBASTIAN(350)
12.29 MADRID. High Court declares as possible the tortures to comando Bizkaia of ETA militans when they were arrested in 1992.
12.31 SAN SEBASTIAN relay in rotatory hunger strike asking for basque political prisoner regrouping takes place.
12.31 BILBAO demo (some tens of tousand) takes place asking for basque political prisoners regroupment. Some skilmishes occur when cops tried to arrest some masked people who made grafittis in a police station wall.
SABS (with fire bombs) banks (40), public properties (phone boxes, buildings,...)(41),cars and car shops (12), buses (16), cars property of cops (8), cop cars (8).
ACTS (gatherings(-250 people), setting up barricades, cut up road,ect.) (180).


11.03 MADRID High Court refuses to extradite nazi Geral Honsk to Austria.
11.05 VALLADOLID Some naziskins are arrested charged with beat up 2 young boys.
11.04 ZARAGOZA. Second attempt of burning Ateneo Libertario site, only damages in the door.
11.04 ZARAGOZA. A group of 50 antifascist young people go hunting fascists through the city, antifascists give some correctives to hunted fascists in the end clashes break out with cops. 3 young people are arrested.
11.08 TARRASA(Barcelona) 5 nazis beat up a young guinean girl who had to be hospitalized.
11.09 ZARAGOZA. Gathering(300) against fascism and racism takes place.
11.09 SAN PERE DE RIVES A young girl(16 years old) is beaten up by a group of nazis. Thenazis acussed she of being "catalanista" (pro-independen of Catalonia.
11.15 GIJON (Asturias) 2 nazis are convicted to 2 years, 4 months because of agression to 2 young people.
11.15 ALCALA DE HENARES (Madrid) A group of nazis threw a fire bomb to a high school. The high school headmistress is militant in IU (leftist party).
11.16 OVIEDO (Asturias) A student in beaten up by 8 nazis and he must be hospitalized with his back broken. Antifascist demo takes place supporting agressed student.
11.16ARANJUEZ(Madrid) Some nazis threw a 25kg concrete block to a homeless man who was sleeping on the street broking him his two legs.
11.17 SAN ADRIA DEL BESOS (Barcelona) A group of nazis stab to death a young man. His crime: be drug addict.
11.17 MALAGA Antifascist demo(200) takes place.
11.17 MADRID An antifasist boy is wounded when he was managing explosive material to use it for making speleologie. Police arrests him and the 3 people who lived in the same flat and applies them antiterrorist law. medias say he was preparing a bomb to set up it in fascist gathering at 11.19th trying to criminalize the antifascist demo wich took place at 11.19th. The other 3 arrested werere freed with no charges and the antifasist young boy was freed with no charges when he declares to the judge when his health was better. This show the false accusations by medias
11.18 GIJON(Asturias) A group of nazis trhew down a homeless in the middle of the road who die when a car run over him.
11.18 ZARAGOZA. Cops attack a pub where an antifascist gathering was taking place to prevent attacks by nazi football hooligans. 5 people were arrested and 8 ones were wounded. Arrested people were beaten up in police station. Next day they were freed charged with attack to police. On 11.28th a grafitti was made to denounce the facts. On 11.30th police arrests another antifascist boy charged with be involved in 11.18th skilmishes.
11.18 ALCALA DE HENARES (Madrid) antifascist gathering takes place.
11.18 MADRID 5.000 fascist people participate in traditional mass in memory of Franco (fascist dictator who ruled Spain after civil war(1939) till his death (11.20.75) in the place where hi is buried.
11.19 BARCELONA 2 naziskins are convicted to 4 and 8 years imprisoned because of attack to a waiter who tried to defend an inmigrant man who was being beaten up by a group of nazis.
11.19 MADRID. 6.000 fascist people demostrate in memory of Franco.
11.19 Antifascist demos take place MADRID(7.000), BILBAO(1.000), VALLADOLID(1.500), BURGOS(500), OVIEDO(300), VIGO(300) and in many more towns.
11.20 Anniversary of Franco`s death. Masses in his memory with no many participants (most of them are old fascist people). Antifascist demos take place in many towns ZARAGOZA(3.000), CADIZ(400), SABADELL(200), LEGANES(Madrid)(100), PAMPLONA(300) AVILES (Asturias)(250).
23.12 ZARAGOZA A nazi is convicted to 2 years and 4 months imprisoned because of attack to a young boy on 08.28th.94. The young boy was kicked when he was sitting in the door of a pub and his teeth was broken.
11.26 After a protest campaign Ministry of Social Affaires unauthorize to fascist sect "nueva Acropolis" (New Acropolis) the use of oficilal antirracist slogan "we`re different, we`re equal".
11.29 ALMERIA A house where some inmigrant from magreb people lived is burnt by fascists.
11.30 MELILLA. Car caravan (100 cars) against ill-treatment given by police to arrested people mainly to muslim ones.
12.13 ZARAGOZA. A group of nazis threaten with a gun to 2 men who catch them when they were making fascist grafittis.
12.16 It`s kown that Public Railway company RENFE is using an old coach to installe all inmigrant passengers who are not allowed to accede to oher coaches in wich "normal" pasengers travell .
12.18 ZARAGOZA 2 naziskins are convicted to 30 days arrested because of an attack to an antifascist young boy.
12.19 MADRID. High Court acquits famous racing car driver Carlos Sainz`s father of killing an inmigrant man sooting him because the inmigrant stoled his wife`s bag.
12.23 4 naziskins brutally beat up a homeless who was sleeping on the street.
12.28 MADRID Democracia Nacional (Ultrafascist party) leader, Ricardo Saenz de Ynestrillas attacked 4 boys (14 years old) because he thought they were insumisos, as he said to police.


11.02 LEIOA Struggle day against authoritarism in university. Demo (3.000) through the campus, in the end clashes broke out with police for some hours.
11.03 Operation against armed group GRAPO (Grupo de Resistencia Antifascista Primero de Octubre(Antifascist Resistance Group First of October)) and PCE(r) (Partido Comunista de Espana (reconstituido)(Communist Party of Spain (reconstituted)) 15 people are arrested BARCELONA (2), PATERNA(Valencia)(4), QUART DE POBLET(Valencia)(1) CADIZ(8) most of arrested people were freed some days after because their connection with GRAPO was to participate in solidarity acts with GRAPO prisoners, the arresting of people in Cadiz was a trying to punish social struggles against shuting oh shipyards in September.
11.08 New Penal Code is set up, it`s called as progresist but it suposes more repressive measures against social struggles.
11.19 MARTUTENE PRISON A mentally retarded inmate is beaten up by jailers.
11.30 PAMPLONA Trial to Edurne Goni, member of "Initiative for getting out from electoral roll", because she didn`t participated as substitute secretary in an electoral college in council an european elections on June 28th of 95. She is convicted to 1 month arrested and 100.000pts fined.
November DAROCA PRISON (Zaragoza) counterinformation bulletin "el Acratador" sent to an inmate is confiscated by prison direction because of "injurious sentences to judicial authority " inside it.
12.01 Asotiation Against Torture publishes the annual report about tortures and ill-treatments in 1994. 307 torture cases, 533 (jailers, cops, militars,...) are involved on them.
12.13 LEIOA Demo(1.000) takes place against repression in university.

*** LABORAL ***

11.07 MADRID. Demo(1.000) against new education law wich transform schools in a kind of factories, with all departments privatized to the detriment of education.
11.26 BARCELONA Demo(15.000) against Europe of Capital takes place at the same time as Euromediterranean Conference was carry on.
12.01 MADRID A gathering takes place to reveive three columns (they started 10.12 from Vitoria, Sevilla and Valencia) in campaign against Unnemploiment and poverty.
12.06-10 GRANADA CNT (Anarchosyndicalist union) VIII Congress is carried on. Also an Anarchist Cultural Conference was carried on at the same time.
12.15-16 MADRID At the same time as UE leaders is carrying on, acts against Europe of Capital take place. 12.17 a demo(some tousand) takes place.
December. Protest acts of EN Santa Barbara workers against company trying of reduce jobs (from actual 2.300 jobs, 1.500 will disapear).12.28 LA CORUNA hard clashes break out between workers and police.


11.10 LOS HORNOS(Cordoba) a building property of council is squatted to set up a Social Center.
11.28 CADIZ A group of people squat a building to set up a Social Center. A neighbour called to the police an in a moment cops arrived evicting squatters.
11.24 SEVILLA Squatted a building property of council. 11.28 riot cops arrived and evicted 15 squatters who were sleeping in that moment. 2 squatters go up to the roof to resist evicting but, helped by firemen, cops caught them, they beating them and they charged with attack to police, as well as a woman who asked for cops to identify themselves.
12.02 VALENCIA 40 people squat a former pub to create a Social Center.
11.05 MADRID A lot of riot cops evited a squat sited in Relatores st., no15. When eviction occurs only 2 squatters were inside who were evicted and door and windows inmediately walled up.

*** OTHERS ***

11.24 According to official data 28% of inmates suffer AIDS.
11.25 MADRID Gay and lesbian demo(4.000) takes place asking for equal rights and to obtain a law for couples who live together unmarried wich reconize to them the same rights than married ones.
11.25 In Spanish Developping Aid Founds 35% goes to buy arms and only 12% goes to education, health and water provision.


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