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Today, 24th January, at 11.30am the trial of Jaime Zamora, charged with
*insumision*, was due to take place at the Penal Court number 18 in Madrid.
This *insumiso*, along with another the previous day (whose name is Ivan),
declared himself in 'contempt', refusing to appear before the judge since he
'refuses to allow his anti-militarist conscience to be judged and
criminalised'. Jaime's lawyer submited a document explaining his position to
the judge, who for the moment has decided to simply inform the Attorney and
is awaiting a reply (probably in the form of an arrest warrant)

In the case of Ivan an arrest warrant was immediately granted and in the
event of his arrest he will be held in custody until his trial.

In solidarity and in support of these two *insumisos*, today Wednesday 25th
January at 11.30am, a group of 25 anti-militarists (including 12
*insumisos*) have occupied the buildings of the General Management of
Conscientious Objection in 22-24 Calle Rios Rosas in Madrid. Around a dozen
persons have supported the action down below in the street (non-violently)
handing out leaflets to passers by and displaying a banner. During the two
hours that the building was occupied the doors to the building were closed
by security guards preventing the public from gaining access. In turn the
protesters overan the building handing out leaflets to civil servants,
interupting their work and also a national meeting, with delegates from all
areas, of the National Council of Conscientious Objection to whom they
voiced their motives and demands (freedom for all *insumisos* held in
prison, an amnesty for insumisos in 'rebellion' and denouncing the
Conscientious Objection Law...) the anti-militarists left the building
peacefully without being bothered or having their ID checked by the police.
Only three @Z@ cars from the National Police were positioned in front of the
doors for an hour and left the area without any checks.

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