(eng) Antifa-Info-Bulletin, Vol.1-No.3 [2/2]

Fri, 9 Feb 1996 11:46:56 +0100

in the open, in the "foreground," and who are already taking heat
for their views. Such people can share this information with
each other without restriction, or they can share it with
particular background workers --on their discretion. You may
wish to use PGP encryption for Class I information.

6. Conclusion

It may come as some surprise to discover that this is it --that
what I have related above, a method of working, could actually
comprise an entire on-line organization. But nothing more should
be required: disseminate this document widely, advertise for
background support, and that should be enough.

Example "advertisement" for background support, placed in
"Organization:" field of a posting:


Meaning: This person is a Knight of the CNG, who performs policy
creation, and is related to a right-wing publication. He is
looking for a PSY-Ops worker, intelligence workers,
disseminators, and "pirates."

7. Notes...

[1] I should note that the CNG propaganda creation directions,
not included here, explicitly maintain that propaganda should
NEVER engage in a deliberate lie.

[2] The logo: A horizontal rectangle composed of two perfect
squares, side-by-side. The writing is black on both. The
left-hand side has a white background, the right-hand square has
a red background. In the left square, we have a letter "C" which
is perfectly round, being composed of an almost complete circle,
and having the same thickness as other characters. Within this
"C" we have a triskelion, arms pointing clock-wise, all segments
of equal length, and one arm projecting up from center. On the
right-hand side, we have the letters "NG" in smaller type,
vertically-centered --but as close to the edges horizontally as
the "C" is in its square.

Written By Jeff Vos


X-within-URL: http://www.io.com/~wlp/aryan-page/cng/divi.html

CNG Logo and Operative Divisions

An Essay by Jeff Vos

The Hierarchy: The CNG has no single ruler, only a founder
who, aside from establishing the initial pattern, has no control
over the organization. Instead the CNG is composed of "regional
leaders" who work in the foreground, each having several
background supporters working under them.

The highest ranking people in the CNG are those who frequently
post their views out in the open (around 15 times/month) and who
work in genuine right-wing organizations in the real-world. These
people maintain a spirited right-wing presence on News, acting
nobly, even as they advance the cause. They should keep their
image and personal-life reasonably clean, and avoid the sneakier
CNG posting methods.

The next highest rank is for those who post on occasion (3-5
times/month), promoting ideas subtly, and who provide direct
support for the foreground people and who may organize other
background workers. These people DO NOT identify themselves as
right-wing individuals, and generally have a free-hand on which
posting techniques they use.

The third-highest rank is for those who rarely post in the
cause (about once a month), and who provide ideas, written works,
or gathered information for the foreground workers or for
second-rank workers. These three ranks correspond respectively to
the KNIght, PSI-ops, and INTelligence positions. These are
listed, along with possible accompanying positions typical to

Rank #1 : foreground poster


Rank #2 : occasional poster


Rank #3 : infrequent poster (in the cause)



Second to this, one's rank is determined by how many badges
one claims out of those below. Here are several badges which have
relatively straight-forward qualifications. The first three
identify your focus, and the others confer a distinction on
certain members, in some cases to encourage membership from more
limited groups.

* If you are anti-Jewish, you may claim the AJW badge
* If you are anti-homosexual, you may claim the AHO badge
* If you are anti-ethnic-minority, you may claim the AEM
* If you are under 18, you may claim the CYD/YOU badge
* If you are female, you may claim the WOMans' division
* If you have been a CNG member for 5 years, you may claim
the MAT badge
* If you have been a CNG member for 15 years, you may claim
the SEN badge


Now I present a detailed description of each of the available
badges and their qualifications:

a. AJW - AntiJeWish. This person opposes Jewish control over
Aryan thought and culture.

b. AHO - AntiHomosexual. This person opposes the
normalization and promotion of homosexuality.

c. AEM - AntiEthnicMinority. This person opposes immigration
and race-mixing.

1. KNIght - Cherub bearing sword and cross-marked shield
This person posts about 15 times/month, fights the good
fight, defends ideas, maintains a spirited and noble
presence on News, and is happily identified as a member of
the "radical" right. May be associated with a class II
(propaganda) archive.

2. POLicy - Gear with thirteen teeth
This person, a KNI or PSI operative, writes USENET policy
information. The thirteen teeth correspond to the thirteen
suggestions of my "Effective News Techniques" article,
which form a foundation for future policy develop- ment.
Policy generation is to be part of a process of scientific
experimentation, record-keeping, and note-comparing among

3. MILitary - Scorpion wielding Pluto symbol
This person is a member of a real-world right-wing
organization (ie. the Northern Hammerskins, the Heritage
Front, etc.) It is my view that people who actually
achieve things in the real-world should be distinguished
in some way above the usual News posters.

4. TaCTics - Crossed Hammers
This person formulates tactics for real-world right-wing
organizations, transmitted via. USENET (ie. not his own).
The intent of this office is to encourage these
organizations to utilize the new technology to co-ordinate
their activities (with appropriate encryption, of course).

5. THEOlogy - Pisces Austrinus with cross and 7 stars
This person should have some psychiatric or sociological
understanding, as well as a good understanding of
religion. This person provides counselling and spiritual
support for CNG operatives who are suffering from
depression, loneliness, or other afflictions arising from
real-world complications.

6. PSI-ops - Serpent entwined on T-cross
This person writes propaganda and USENET policies, and
helps organize intelligence workers for his foreground
operative. One can only become a PSI-ops worker on the
discretion of your foreground worker, since the PSI-ops
worker is allowed access to sensitive USENET policy
information (and can write it). The PSI-ops worker is an
occasional poster, usually as a DIS or similiar kind of
operative. Collected facts are sent to an ARC/WWW
database maintainer. May be associated with a Class I
(sensitive) archive (because he is less visible).

[ARC, acronym for <alt.revolution.counter>: a fascist newsgroup
that serves as a "bridge" among neo-Nazis and "respectable"
racists, i.e., clerical fascists, "economic," racial and
"cultural" nationalists; Editor, AFIB]

7. DISseminator - Serpent and Dove
The symbolism refers to the biblical injunction about
being as "subtle as serpents and as harmless as doves."
Given an eye-opening piece of literature and on his
discretion, this worker will:
+ Place it on every possible ftp-site
+ Send a copy to every known web-site/database
maintainer (ARC/WWW) (Don't forget that some
right-wing radio-programs have e-mail addresses)
+ Post the work in relevant newsgroups, or make
references to it, or to facts it contains --
anonymously OR denying that you agree with these
views ie. "Look at this article I found on this ftp
site! Can you believe it?"
+ Comment on posts using the "disinterested observer
technique." ie. agrees with some aspect of the post,
while not agreeing with the rest. (other DIS workers
will agree with the rest).
+ Introduces right-wing facts as part of discussion
about other things.

8. INTelligence - Dark Silhouette and "X"
This person collects facts, follows enemy movements, and
offers helpful suggestions on topics of current debate to
his foreground operative, or to PSI-workers. PSI-workers
who collect this information will send it to database
maintainers, or to their foreground worker.

9. PROPaganda - Cup containing 5 lightning bolts
This person writes propaganda, and has at least one
"fact-sheet" of note to his name. Should write at least
two per year.

10. IMPersonator, INFiltrator - Capricorn (sea-goat) with 3
stars. This worker impersonates the enemy in posting,
embarassing the left and infuriating the public with his
numerous indiscretions -- ie. pretending to be a
homosexual supporting the legalization of pedophilia. The
infiltrator is generally more "respectable": he
infiltrates the enemy-camp, gets inform- ation and, where
possible, gives out bad tactical ideas. All collected
information should be sent to an ARC/WWW database

11. ARChive, WWW-maintainer - Computer tape
This person maintains a right-wing archive, or WWW-site,
or e-mail information distribution system (like those
described in #12). ARC I = Class I (sensitive) policy
archive. ARC II = Class II (propaganda) archive.
Generally, the less-visible workers (PSI) will maintain
archives containing more sensivite material, whereas
more-visible workers (KNI) will maintain archives
containing general distribution material.

12. PROGrammer - Gears and numbers
This person has a degree in Computer Science OR this
person can write the following programs within about a
week or two for any platform:
1. A mailing list program.
2. An e-mail echo system: Reads incoming mail, allows
people to subscribe, unsubscribe, or input a message
which will be sent to all subscribers. Allows
"black-listing" of certain names, and has multiple
"categories" one can subscribe to. (a.k.a "saturation
3. An e-mail database system: Reads incoming mail,
clears name, allows people to add information to
database, or search database according to key-words
-- sending collected information back to them. (Only
owner can delete data.)

(Note: it is my belief that there should be MANY sites running
programs like #2 and #3 to allow quick circumvention of any
restrictions through information saturation.)

13. PIRate - Skull wearing crown and cross-bones
This person posts and e-mails through a commandeered
account, and can do this in general (but not as well as
#14). Often, a pirate is someone who has another account
on the same system, but has hacked a separate account to
do right-wing work through -- maintaining his anonymity
from the net. (like me)

14. HACKer - Lightning bolt
This person can do the following on a moment's notice:
commandeer an account for a one-shot propaganda blitz, as
well as forge or cancel postings for the same purpose.
Also, this person should know how to make and propagate
computer viruses. Imagine the "PC-stoned" virus with a
white-power message!

15. WOMans' division - Female with shield, torch, Cassiopeia
This person is a member of the womens' division of the
CNG. Women are essential to any great political movement,
and this badge is to encourage such membership.

16. MUSic - Eagle bearing lyre
This person is a member of a right-wing music group in
real-life. I feel that right-wing music groups are an
important part of our movement, as they build spirit, and
I wish to encourage such membership.

17. PUBlication - Cherub holding scroll and blowing trumpet
This person edits or writes for a right-wing publication
in real-life, ie. "Sledgehammer," "War," etc. Such a
person can, on his discretion, place material into a
real-world publication. This encourages the use of the new
technology in sharing articles for real magazines.

18. WRIter - Theatric happy/sad faces
This person writes stories with a right-wing slant,
possibly posting them on NEWS. Should have at least one
story to his name. An example would be a "vision of the
future" story which, regardless of its dystopic slant,
would actually be a BLUEPRINT or contain valid ideas for
such a society.

19. HUMor - Jester with staff
This person writes or collects jokes with a right-wing
slant, posting them approx once a month to rec.humor and
alt.tasteless.jokes and to other groups where they might
be appreciated. (I've often thought such jokes would be
greatly appreciated by high-school students on the
chat-groups, but you can get in a LOT of trouble for
posting such material there.)

20. MERchandise - Pot o' gold and charm symbols
This person can produce rings or t-shirts with distinctive
symbols, on a moment's notice. These will, in turn, be
shipped to operatives via. regular mail (in exchange for
payment of course).

21. CyberYouthDivision, YOUth - Menacing "Pac-Man" drawing
This person is an under-18 recruit to the organization.
The liberals in the Canadian government probably thought
that putting school-kids on-line would turn them all into
leftist perverts. Surprise! -- They're wrong!!!

22. EMPloyment - Key and diamond
This person helps CNG members find employment. Either this
person owns a business which can employ nearby members, or
this person knows at least one such person... or this
person is skilled in resume preparation and interview

23. EXPosure dept - Lightning striking tower
This person deposes posters by making those around them --
friends, co-workers, neighbours, and family -- aware of
what they are doing on USENET. This is done by sending
e-mail or regular mail. The impact that such tactics would
have on in-the-closet homosexuals who nevertheless shoot
off their mouth on USENET is obvious; but less well-known
is the impact that such tactics would have on liberals in
general. Many liberals lead double-lives: In their
real-life, they are respectable social-minded individuals,
while USENET is a way for them to express their truly
uncontrolled, wolf-like nature. There, they often create
stories, jokes, and comments in various newsgroups that
would make their real-life acquaintances cringe.

(A note to all foreground operatives: make certain that
YOU are comfortable with friends and relatives being made
aware of what you post.)

24. MATurity - Pentagram stressed with lightning bolts. This
person has been in the CNG for at least five years. This
symbol is the "evil principle" of the "Oracles of
Zoroaster." I use it to represent the destructive
potential of a mature member.

25. SENiority - Un-stressed pentagram. This person has been in
the CNG for at least fifteen years. (keeps the MAT badge).
note: In Hebraic symbolism, 6 = the number of man; whereas
in Western symbolism, 5 = the number of man. (Think of it
as our own version of the "Star of David".) It is
un-stressed because we may assume that a senior member
"mellows" with age.

26. ENGineer, TELecommunications - Radio tower. This person
has a BSc in electrical engineering, specifically relating
to radio and telephone communication. Helps derive
alternative techniques for information sharing.



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