(eng) ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN, Supplement 5 [2/2]

Thu, 8 Feb 1996 09:51:43 +0100

conversation may be it could be enough to get you in a far worse
position than need to be in. We would like to extend our
experience with everyone in the Federation. We would like to
advise that you take your material about talking to the police
more seriously than ever before. It is one thing to TALK it is
another to DO.

On Jan. 24th at about 6:30 p.m. we were all arrested again.
Robert was at home and Chris and Justin were at work. They charge
us with Felony Criminal Mischief. This means we where charged
with spray painting political slogans on city and State property.
If we are convicted of these charges we can face up to 5 years in
prison each. About 8 police officers came to our home and
arrested Robert. 8 officers came into the work place of Chris and
Justin. They were arrested and as result, lost there jobs. All
of us were taken to the Police Memorial Building and into
seperate interrogation rooms marked "Intelligence". Let. Lumpkin
of the JacKKKsonville Sheriff's office attempted to gain
information from us. He was informed that NO questions would be
answered without our lawyer present. We spent three days in jail
and on Friday Jan. 26 our bail was reduced. We originally planed
to use the over $1,000.00 sent to bail one of us out (Justin).
Our bail was set at $10,000 each. We delayed in bailing Justin
out for these reasons; our lawyer set the hearing on the morning
of the 26th to reduce the bail; also we lack the colateral to pay
a bail bondsman. Our bail was reduced to 1,500 for Robert, 1,000
for Chris and Justin each. A total around $350 for us all. We
are very greatfull to every one who sent money.

We were to be immediately released, however, the court house
conveneintly lost the paperwork ordering our bail reduction and
we weren't released until after 11 p.m.

Our lawyer is Tom Bell, we found Tom through some friends here in
the city who are very active in homeless issues as well as
through some E-mail we recieved after posting the story about the
first raid on our Web site. This posting of the information on
the web site resulted in the lost of Roberts job as well. We plan
to fight this case until it is through and also file a
countersuit against the police for a violation of our Civil
Rights. All groups should be on the look out for the same type of
treatment from the so called Authorities.

The purpose of these raids/arrests was a petty attempt by the
power structure to terrorize us out of existence. It is amazing
the lengths these pigs will go to. And even more amazing is their
stupidity: Do they really think that by raiding our homes and
taking our things that they will calm a mighty storm that rages
in the consciousness of the people? If they do then they are
sadly mistaken. This petty attempt has served only to make us
stronger in our determination and desire to see a better life for
all of the people. To see a better life for our mothers, who have
been busting their butts all of their lives simply to survive.
Like so many other mothers. Like all those fathers out there and
brothers wondering where their gonna get a paycheck. Wondering
how their gonna feed their babies. To see freedom for all of our
captives, held against their will in the fascist prisons of
racist AmeriKKKa. YOU and I, as activists, must put the petty
aside, must put our individual egos aside and re-dedicate
ourselves to this struggle. Re-dedicate ourselves to educating
all those out there who are sick, shooting up, cracking out,
losing their minds. This, People, is the kind of struggle we must
dedicate ourselves to. We must realize that WE ALL are
responsible for the justice and injustice that happens in this
world. That we must choose a side to fight on. And that
neutrality is just another word for SELL-OUT!

- Jax ABC


** Topic: Rally in S.F. Leonard Peltier **
** Written 9:27 AM Feb 2, 1996 by TEOKALLI@aol.com in
cdp:reg.mexico **


February 6 rally for Leonard Peltier in San Francisco gains

In San Francisco members of the American Indian Movement, Leonard
Peltier Support Group, Earth First, Food Not Bombs, Emergency
Committee to stop the War, Pelican Bay Prison Project, Belfast
Brigade and more have joined forces to protest the continued
imprisonment of Leonard Peltier.

February 6th. marks 20 years since the U.S. government imprisoned
American Indian Movement Leader Leonard Peltier. The U.S.
Justice Department has admitted that they donUt know who killed
the two FBI agents and they have proven themselves that
LeonardUs weapon was not the weapon that was used to kill the
agents. Why! 20 years for a crime he did not commit?

WACO and RUBY RIDGE were minor operations compared to the war
against the American Indian Movement, Black Panther Party, MLN.
Puerto Rico, MLN. Mexican and white opposition groups to the
United States Government.

Demand Freedom for Leonard Peltier

Demand a Senate investigation against the FBI into its criminal
war against the American Indian Movement and other Political
opposition groups.

Demand Freedom for Mumia

Demand Food not bombs

Join us and demand justice for Leonard Peltier on February 6th,
1996 at the U.S. Federal Building 450 Golden Gate. San
Francisco, California.

If you want to join the Nation wide effort to Free Leonard
Peltier: call the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (913)

For More information contact:

(415) 386-4373 Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Region 11
office. e-mail aimca@igc.apc.org




Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 00:30:34 -0800 (PST)

Soldiers knew neo-Nazi killers

New York Times

WASHINGTON -- Army officials said Friday that four soldiers from
Fort Bragg, N.C., who posed under a Nazi flag for a magazine
photographer Sunday had been identified weeks before by base
investigators as Neo-Nazi skinheads and that all four had ties
with two skinheads from the same division who are charged with
killing a black couple from Fayetteville, N.C., in early

"They all knew each other," Major Rivers J. Johnson Jr., said of
the soldiers who posed for pictures and the two charged with the
slayings, adding that one of the posers, Specialist Steven
Manseau, "was very close" to one soldier charged with murder in
the case, Private James N. Burmeister Jr. of Thompson, Pa.

Private Malcolm Wright Jr. of Louisville, Ky., has also been
charged with murder in the case.

Officials at Fort Bragg earlier this week disclosed that the
photo session had taken place, calling it a "staged event" by
Esquire magazine for a story on skinheads in the military.

Johnson said that the four soldiers who posed for pictures, as
well as a fifth soldier who was in the room but has not been
identified as a Neo-Nazi skinhead, face possible dishonorable
discharge. All four, he said, have declined to be interviewed.

Officials from Esquire could not be reached. Peter Vertes, a
spokesman for the magazine, did not return several messages left
for him.

The Fayetteville slayings, described by police investigators as a
hate crime, led Fort Bragg officials to begin investigating how
many soldiers in the division, the 82nd Airborne, were involved
with Neo-Nazi and other extremist groups on the base.

At the same time, Army Secretary Togo D. West Jr. ordered a
similar investigation of all U.S. army bases worldwide.

Only the Fort Bragg inquiry has been completed, and base
investigators said they identified fewer than a dozen soldiers
who regard themselves as Neo-Nazi skinheads and about a dozen
others who call themselves "nonracist" or "independent"
skinheads. All were told that if they continued to participate
actively with hate groups they would be disciplined.

While senior officers at Fort Bragg have said they do not believe
Neo-Nazi skinheads at the base are part of any organized group, a
transcript of an interview by Army investigators with one of the
soldiers who posed suggests that the skinheads were closer-knit
than the officers might have realized. It also revealed that Army
skinheads have little trouble bringing Nazi paraphernalia onto
the base.

In the transcript, Michael P. Fallon, a specialist in the 82nd
Airborne, said he and Manseau agreed to speak to a reporter from
Esquire in early January about "the human side of Burmeister."

"I told them I didn't see a problem with the interview, so I told
them I would do it," Fallon told investigators. He said that the
next day he was joined in the barracks by Manseau and his wife,
Chrissy Manseau, for an interview with a man he identified as
Daniel Vale, an Esquire reporter.

"Vale talked to Steve, Chrissy and myself for about four hours,"
Fallon told the investigators. "Vale basically asked us why we
thought Burmeister committed the murder, and what kind of person
he was. When we were done talking, Vale asked us if we would be
willing to be photographed in our skinhead clothing with some
flags and posters in the background. I didn't see a problem with
it, but I told Vale that my flags and banners were at home in
Pennsylvania with my brother."

Fallon said that Vale assured him that Esquire would pay the
shipping costs for bringing the Nazi paraphernalia to Fort Bragg,
and about two weeks later, after the material had arrived, a
photo session was scheduled for Fallon's room in the barracks.

For the photo session, Fallon said that an Esquire editor
encouraged him to invite "anyone else we used to hang out with,"
and several did. Joining Fallon and the Manseaus, Fallon said,
were three soldiers -- Specialists Matthew Brownfield, Gary Fox
and Joshua Spaid -- as well as the Manseau's baby, a friend of
Spaid named Kathy and "the guy Steve and Chrissy are living

"We hung up five German recruiting posters and five flags with
World War II Nazi symbols," Fallon told investigators, adding
that he and the three other soldiers "dressed in skinhead
clothing" for the event.

But before the photography session began, a sergeant interceded
and asked if the soldiers had gotten permission to invite
outsiders into the barracks. Fallon said they had not. So he and
the others went to a local hotel and the session resumed.

Fallon told the investigators that the photographer took a lot of
pictures of the four of them "doing the Nazi salute in front of
the Nazi flags. He also took a few pictures of us holding up the
flags." But he denied to investigators that the photographer was
shooting "an extremist meeting."

In his concluding remarks to interviewers, Fallon acknowledged
that posing with the Nazi material was a mistake.

"I didn't think it was that big a deal," he said. "It was poor

The task force conducting the inquiry for West is scheduled to
visit Fort Bragg on Feb. 18.

* * * * *

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