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Periodically, AFIB will post updates on topical events of
interest to subscribers. Unlike the regular weekly bulletin,
supplements will provide coverage of breaking events and
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1. A British/German neo-Nazi link to Oklahoma City bombing?
2. Nazi creep, Zundel, "dismayed" by 'net "smut"
3. (ABC) Update: Jacksonville, Florida ABC raid
4. Demonstrate to Free Leonard Peltier!
5. (NYT) "Soldiers knew neo-Nazi killers"


From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>
>From ireland_list-approval@gandalf.rutgers.edu Sun Feb 4 1996
From: rm@serve.com (Fergus O'Dea)
Subject: British neo-Nazi link to Oklahoma bomb
Sunday Times (London), Feb. 4

British neo-Nazi link to Oklahoma bomb

THE FBI is investigating claims that British and German
neo-Nazis helped to plan the Oklahoma City bombing in which 168
people died.

Lawyers for Timothy McVeigh, one of two men charged with last
April's attack, also allege they have uncovered leads suggesting
an international conspiracy.

They believe the atrocity may have been intended to avenge the
state execution of Richard Snell, an American neo-Nazi, and that
key components for the bomb may have been obtained in Britain. A
London firm of solicitors, Kingsley Napley, has been employed by
McVeigh's defence to make inquiries in this country.

There was speculation after the arrest of McVeigh, 27, and Terry
Nichols, 40, that the bombing was a revenge attack against the
American government for the Waco siege two years earlier which
claimed 90 lives. A militia organisation in Michigan was
reported to be behind the bombing.

Defence investigators believe they have now established that
McVeigh was associated with members of the European and American
far right, including Britons.

They are also investigating claims that the bombing was more
likely in retaliation for the execution of Snell, who was
executed in Arkansas on the day of the bombing for the murder of
a black trooper and a Jewish businessman.

Sources close to the defence team have revealed that Stephen
Jones, McVeigh's attorney, visited London three weeks ago to
investigate British far-right activists and key American
neo-Nazis believed to have been associated with McVeigh. Jones
is known to have discussed the construction of the bomb with
security experts during his visit. "We believe that extremist
rightwingers in Europe and America conspired to bomb the
building," said a source close to the defence.

It has now emerged that the federal office building had been of
interest as a possible target to the far right for years. Court
documents from a 1988 trial in Arkansas disclose that Snell once
planned to bomb it. The sources said it had also emerged that
one leading American neo-Nazi visited Britain three months
before the bombing, and is believed to have made contact with
extremists here.

The defence is understood to have evidence that McVeigh and his
associates made a 40-minute call to the man's office just hours
before the bomb in Oklahoma City was detonated. The man cannot
be identified for legal reasons.

It would be in the interests of McVeigh's defence to portray him
as a fall guy who was part of a wider conspiracy. Any evidence
to substantiate this could make the difference between life
imprisonment or the death penalty.

However, a senior FBI source confirmed last week that the bureau
is also pursuing a possible neo-Nazi link between the Oklahoma
City bombers and British and German extremists.

Last month federal investigators contacted Dennis Mahon, another
American rightwinger. Mahon confirmed to The Sunday Times that
the FBI had contacted him about his links with European
neo-Nazis, but denied he was involved in the bombing.


[As grotesque as this seems, Holocaust "denier," the despicable
Ernst Zundel, is "dismayed" by the antics of his less
"kkkultured" 'net brethren. I guess Ernst is finished with the
clean-up over on Carlton St., eh? ;) ]

From: LouisBeam@aol.com
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 15:58:14 -0500

January 25, 1996

Hate and Smut on the Internet
by Ernest Zundel

The last few weeks have seen a number of new "skin head" and
other fringe group web pages appear on the Internet. I have at
first watched with dismay and now with horror how crude, vicious
and disgusting cartoons appear on some of these web pages, and
how others openly promote an uncouth and barbaric form of verbal
and symbolic violence.

At first I thought that the electronic "counter measures"
agencies of our opponents had put up these sites to deliberately
give Revisionists, racialists and National Socialists a bad name.
The timing seemed to coincide with the Simon Wiesenthal Center's
censorship efforts, as elaborated on in the Front Page New York
Times article January 10. The censors claim they want to ban
"pornography" and "hate groups" from the Net - and what easier
way to do that than to point to vulgar, smutty, uncouth web

Censors are appealing to Internet providers and servers to
adopt a "responsible citizens of the community" standard and to
keep smut and hate from the curious eyes of the impressionable
young net surfers. We all know that the United States Congress
is currently working on just such legislation, (H.R. 1555 / S.
652), as is the Canadian government and undoubtedly other
governments around the world. Germany's ban of Compuserve is a
perfect example. This is a very dangerous development for all
freedom-loving people.

I have felt uncomfortable in publicly defending the free
speech rights of Internet pornographers in the CompuServe
controversy of late December and early January, for I abhor
pornography. Nevertheless, others abhor my Revisionist viewpoint
and I would be loath to let them censor me. Now I am even more
uncomfortable with the "Hate pages" of so-called "Right Wingers"
or "Skin Head" groups on the Internet and their foul language and
vicious cartoons of certain racial minorities.

Let me state unequivocally: I condemn and abhor this kind of
material - in print and on the Net. As a German person, whose
ethnic group has been negatively stereotyped since 1914 in
thousands of vicious cartoons depicting my people as Neanderthal
brutes goose-stepping over other people's rights while shouting
"Heil Kaiser!" or "Heil F&uuml;hrer!" I am particularly
sensitive to this issue. I have collected stacks and stacks of
these anti-German cartoons, and I dislike intensely how they
distort my ethnic group, particularly the World War II generation
that spilled its blood to stop the Marxist New World Order that
is now strangling freedom the world over with censorship measures
like "Hate Laws."

Therefore, I appeal to all the web page owners or web
masters, particularly those who supposedly espouse Aryan ideals
or views, as well as to those who participate in various
"alt.revisionism"-type news groups, to clean up their acts, to
behave like true Aryans who have a long and proud tradition of
being builders of civilization and inheritors of a great culture
- and to stop this anarchistic, selfish and childish
Hollywood-induced behavior. Look at yourselves and at your work!
Every time you write or talk, your mind if not your soul goes on

Haters who produce hate cartoons, hate literature, hate lines
and hate web sites are what our enemies have defined us to be.
Up to now it was self-serving enemy propaganda. Why hand them
the "proof" with those disgusting images? Why legitimize their
past propaganda slogans and give them their very own weapons on a
silver platter or computer screen? You are playing right into
the censors' hands. Grow up! It's time to grow up, wake up, and
act responsibly!

Yes, to be an Aryan is a responsibility and also a privilege.
It imposes certain codes of behavior and ethics as well as morals
on all those who claim to be "Champions of White Rights" or Aryan
causes. The struggle for survival is on. This is no time or
place for a handful of imbalanced people, lacking self-control
and self-esteem, to lay claim to "leadership" roles because they
can scrape the money together for a web site.

Some of you bemoan the lack of public support by our own
people - financially and politically. Why are you surprised when
decent white people want nothing to do with you after they see
what you do, and what you say and write? I am disgusted that I
have to spell out what ought to be perfectly obvious to normal,
decent poeple.

The struggle to protect the majority rights or White rights
in the United States and Canada - and, for that matter, in many
other so-called "democratic" countries - is not fought in order
to have license to hate and abuse people of other races but in
order to love your own kind, to protect them, to cherish them,
and to assure their future in a world where white people are
already a minuscule minority and an endangered species. I am
shocked that people don't think before they act. I am shocked
and disgusted that grown men would not have more self-control and

Anybody wanting to link to the Zundelsite who has hateful
material on their site does not have my approval. That's final.
This is my line I draw today in the sand.

Ernst Zundel
Toronto, ONT., Canada M5A 2L1 Telephone: 416-922-9850


** Topic: More on Jax ABC Raid **
** Written 6:00 PM Feb 3, 1996 by bwitanek in
cdp:justice.polabuse **
From: Bob Witanek <bwitanek@igc.apc.org>

Posted PACNJABC@aol.com Sat Feb 3 10:31:01 1996

At 1pm Friday on the 12th of Jan. our house was raided by the
JacKKKsonville Sheireffs Office. They took Robert M. Cluesman to
jail on a "Suspended License" rap. There were over 20 police
officers here and they all had on Black Fatigues and body armor.
None of them were in plain uniform. They attempted to provoke us
and used very skillful attempts to gain information on us. For
the most part we said nothing. They asked us a lot about the ABC
and Youth Action Movement, which is our local group. They
interrogated Robert for about 4 hours at the jail. Jenny and
Chris were asleep when their door was kicked in. Justin was in
the shower. They told Justin, Chris and Jenny that Robert had let
them in. On the outside they told Robert that Justin said it was
ok for them to look around and that he even signed a paper saying
so. They searched the house and interrogated Justin, Chris and
Jenny. They were here in the house, without a warrant for about 3
hours. They stole from us 2 leagally owned shotguns, a radio
scanner, pamphlets, spray paint and stencils.

The police openly admitted that they were here only to gain
information on the ABC/YAM.

The information we gave to the police was in large part meanial.
However, it was enough to give them a basic idea of what our
organization is all about and was a blatent contridiction of
everything we have learned or studied. We, perhaps more than a
lot of others have read and re-read all of the material
concerning talking to the police. Our position has always been
not to say a word. When the police come in like they did, with
guns and body armor and all, it is very intimidating. After all
we had studied, all we had learned, we still violated our own
policy. We have had meetings among ourselves where we have
re-read and re-thought our material concerning talking to the
police. We have gone through a lot of self-criticism, which is a
very positive thing to help growth. No matter how small the