(Eng)El Acratador #49 - part 2 (Cast)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
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- A young man from Zaragoza has accused a security guard from Galerias
Primero, who caught him expropiating, of forcing him to sing "Cara al Sol"
on his knees.
- In Barcelona, two nazis, Sergio Soto and Javier Calzada, have been
sentenced to 4 and 8 years in prison for the assault upon two waiters from a
bar who came out in defense of a magrebi (North African inmigrant T.N.).
- In Badalona, on November 19th, a young man out for a walk with his
girlfriend received serious injuries after being attacked by a nazi group.
Days later the police arrested three of the fascists.
-In Burgos, on November 10th numerous fascists forced a young man to sing
"Cara al Sol". Several antifascists tried to help and one of them was hit
with a bottle on the head. Five of the aggressors are policemen's sons.
-Santander City Hall has decided to keep the names of Plaza de Generalisimo
and Jose Antonio St., as a gesture in memory of the old regime that shows
the political ideology rampant in large sectors of the "democratic" Partido


(LLAR) On November 25th the Hermandad de Ex-combatientes (Veteran's
Brotherhood T.N.) headquarters in Oviedo was stoned. A neo-nazi, well known
for the brutal beating he gave a Dominican Republic national, received a
corrective on Nov. 23rd. For good measure the next day he received another one.
- On November 16th a student was attacked by eight nazis at his school. He
was hospitalized with several broken ribs and an eye injury. The students
demonstrated in solidarity with their comrade. The press says the agressors
are not neo-nazis. It has been proven that some of them belong to VNR.
- On November 15th two nazis were tried in Gijon for the attack on a young
man and young woman by eight of them. They have been sentenced to 2 years, 4
months and a day and 511,000 ptas. compensation. The accused admitted to
their nazi ideology. This is the first sentence in Asturies, many nazi
attacks, including some with knives, have been shelved.


Jose Luis Baeta, now at Daroca prison after being arrested eight times, the
last one for the arson in the premises of Ateneo Libertario, has had two trials.
In the first one, he was tried in absentia for robbery with intimidation, he
robbed two young people of 15,000 ptas. on December 1994. The D.A. asked
for only three months in jail. He was lucky to be acquitted because one of
the victims didn't show up and the other contradicted himself. Nazi,
disfigured and hoodlum. What a pity!.
The second trial, in which nazi Bernardo Gil was also tried, took place on
December 21st. This time it was for assault against a young man in September
at San Pablo St. (see Acrat #47). In spite of his history, the repeated
offenses, the fact that they used knives and the victim had to have 17
stitches on the head the trial was for a misdemeanor. The sentence has been
set at 30 days in jail and a fine of 200,000 ptas, which they won't pay.
There was an antifascist gathering at the courthouse. Baeta was transported
hadcuffed from Daroca prison.
Nazi Oscar Solsona, tried November 20th for assault, has been sentenced to 9
days in jail and 6,000 ptas. fine. The antifascist who fought off the attack
was sentenced to two days.


In the previous issue of El Acratador we informed about the peculiar
performance by the Guardia Civil during the trial, October 10th in Madrid,
against Bases Autonomas' director Ignacio Alonso Garcia, accussed of
attacking several students. During the trial some nazis attacked the
antifascists and the attorney for the private complaint. In front of a
passive Guardia Civil. Note that the public was frisked entering the
courthouse, but not the nazis. The only fascist held, Dionisio del Olmo,
turned out to be a Civil Guard and was quickly set free. Also, the leader of
the nazi group was a Civil Guard and the nazis left the courthouse through a
parking lot to which only court workers, lawyers and procurators have
access. With this data the private parties have pressed charges against the
Direccion General of the Guardia Civil. The secretary of Justice
Administration from CCOO (Comisiones Obreras, communist labor union T.N.)
asked for an investigation from the Dean of Justices to clarify the
performance of the security forces and denounced the violent attitude of the
ultraright groups. An internal report from Madrid's Dean of Justices makes
the Guardia Civil responsible for the incidents that ocurred during the trial.


Aragon's media have introduced LFN, fans of Real Zaragoza (soccer team T.N.)
in whose membership there are notorious neonazis, as a humanitarian
association, as if we were dealing with the Sisters of Charity. This
Christmas they will play a benefit game against a team of sports newsmen to
benefit Aldeas Infantiles. All of this is supported by the Federacion
Aragonesa de Futbol and the club's management.
These are the same newsmen that talk about "antifascist fascists" who
deliberately hide that fact that LFN is a place where neonazi groups
proselitize, that the most active local nazis are members of this club and
have committed numerous attacks against inmigrants, old people, repeated
assaults against Bar Beirut, etc. So have the serious investigative
reporters and the Antiviolence Commission denounced them.



Chabier Gimeno, who broke the third penitentiary degree on december 1994 and
Javier Aguado, who was returned from third degree to the inside of the
prison for "bad behavior" were once again put on third degree on December
1st. Once more Torrero prison has had to back down in their repression
against the jailed insumisos collective.
On the other hand, Jose Antonio Aliaga "Pitu" was put on conditional freedom
november 27th. Pitu had broken the third degree in May 1994 and has been in
jail for 22 months, 19 of them inside the prison, being the aragones
insumiso that has served most time in second degree and one of the most
punished in the whole state.


On November 25th a demand march against the military lottery took place with
the motto "Get illusioned, become insumiso" near Plaza del Pilar, with about
100 people in attendance, in spite of bad weather. On December 6th, the
Constitution's Anniversary, an antimilitary group marched from the Monument
to the Constitution to the jail, putting up posters in different points such
as the grounds of Casa de la Paz, the Centro Regional de Mando or the CHE.


It looks like the police, or higher ups, have their wires crossed and they
have tried to arrest several insumisos in rebellion. This is why they have
been looking for some of them at their old work places, homes, etc. It's
impossible to try to understand such maneuvers at this time.


Given the volume of insumiso's news that we get from Euskalherria we can't
publish them all, here is a selection.
Two insumisos from Pamplona that had broken the third degree chained
themselves together with other antimilitarists to a military van. The police
appeared, cut the chains and arrested the insumisos.
Shortly 23 towns will comprise the Manco-munidad de Municipios Vascos. This
body attempts to coordinate, counsel, impulse and defend the young people's
right to insumision.
Vizcaya's Provincial Court has confirmed the ruling of a Bilbo Court that
establishes that a PSS (prestacion social substitutoria - community service
in lieu of military service T.N.) insumiso didn't commit a crime when he was
called out of turn.
In Vitoria, on November 19th, hundreds of antimilitarists demonstrated
against the new Penal Code. In this city, 20 out of the 48 objectors called
to do PSS at the Red Cross have declared themselves insumisos.
At Eibar, an insumiso did not appear at his trial on December 3rd and opted
to remain in a hammoc for 24 hours in front of Donosti City Hall, which
attempts to receive those who do PSS. He wasn't arrested in spite of being
very visible.


On November 21st in Geneva (Switzerland) an Armed Forces parade took place
for "approachment and brotherhood with the people". It was six years since
the last military parade in Switzerland. The people of Geneva voted no in
1989 in a referendum on the army's existance. In protest more than 1,000
pacifists and antiomilitarists gathered in front of the monument erected in
memory of 13 workers killed in 1932 during confrontations with the army
during a strike. Hundreds of antiriots protected the parade. A short while
after the parade hard confrontations happened for over three hours. Burned
barricades, molotov cocktails, broken benches and a military vehicle set on
fire. At night the disturbances repeated. There were ten arrests and many
These are the most serious incidents in the Swiss capital since the mneeting
in 1988 of the Liga Mundial Anticomunista (Worldwide Anticommunist League
T.N.)(international extreme right association).


The trial against a civil guard who shot an insumiso under search and arrest
on february 27th at Elizondo (Navarra) took place in November. According to
the guard he faired "in the air" when he was fleeing, the insumiso declared
that he stodd still when he saw the guard aiming at him and the shot
happened when he received a blow to his back with the gun.


In Elche (alicante) the trials against three local insumisos gave rise to an
important show of solidarity. Car caravans, demonstrations, bicycle rallies,
lots of support (unions, 50 priests) concerts and a strike of the local
schools on November 25th. 500 students demonstrated in front of the
courthouse where the trial was taking place.

*** BRIEFS ***


With our characteristic spaceyness we committed errors in the previous
issue that we will surely commit in the future, but who wants to be
perfect? We informed about the IV Asamblea de Familiares de Insumisos that
in reality was the Xth. The nazi hunt at San Miguel and Leon XIII was on
november 4th and not december, we still can't predict the future but we're
trying. The disturbances mentioned in various antifas took place in Lausana
(Switzerland). In addition, the dead in the Atocha slaughter were 5 not 7,
which was the number of wounded. The Valencia okupas demonstrated against
the eviction from Kasal Popular, but it continues to function. The page
order was changed by printer's error and p.3 was really 14 and viceversa.
Page 5 was really 12.


On November 26th 4000 people demonstrated in Madrid called by the gay and
lesbian collectives throughout the nation. The homosexuals demanded their
rights and that the government heed the recommendations of the European
Parliament on this matter.


Edurne Goni, a participant in the Campaign for the electoral De-census in
Irunea, was tried for refusing to take part in an electoral table as
substitute spokeswoman during the past elections of May 28th, alleging
conscience problems because she refused to take part in the "political farce
that has become our ill-named democratic system".
She was tried november 30th and they asked for 2 months in jail, fine of
100,000 ptas. and 6 years inhabilitated to vote (the latter filled her with
sadness) in spite of the fact that before going to the electoral table she
had already expressed her refusal in writing, refusal she reiterated without
being heard.


Over 3,000 women took part in different demonstrations against assaults on
women (which have increased lately) in Tolosa, Bilbo and Vitoria. They also
used the oportunity to denounce once more the attitude of the police and
judicial organs towards assaulted women, which more often seems like an
interrogatory than the pressing of charges.


The DGA, in a show of uncomprehensible inoperancy tried to shelve the
INQUINOSA case, although in principle the charges for ecological crime
remain. INQUINOSA is a company that produces pesticides, located in
Sabinanigo (Huesca), it's responsible for one of the gravest cases of
pollution registered in Aragon. For years it dumped thousands of liters of
wastes contaminated with lindano, a powerful poison used in agriculture and
forbidden in all of Europe, directly in the Gallego river. On the other
hand, they still haven't evaluated the possible damages done to the plant's
workers who for years have been working with unknown dangerous products. The
excuse was the probable insolvency of the powerful multinational that owns
the company, incredible argument if there ever was one. Finally it seems
they have backed down and the agriculture counsel hurried to announce that
the charges would continue.


The Asociacion Contra la Tortura presented a definite report on torture and
ill-treatment in the state in 1994, in which it accounted for the 533
guardias civiles, policemen of all colors and prison employees involved. At
least a total of 681 demands for torture and ill-treatment were made in
1994, one hundred more than in 1993, the larger part, as usual, in Euskadi
and related to the application of the Antiterrorist Law, veritable license
to torture, no matter what the crime is.
Note that with the only exception of ill- treatment to inmigrants in which
the differnt local police are ahead, the Guardia Civil came out "victorious"
in all the other "specializations".
The same day we recived tis news in the press was reflected the scandalous
business of ill-treatment of many people that passed through the local
police in Melilla. A "remorseful" cop declared in front of the press and the
Civil Government the routine nature of the blows, insults and vexations that
a group of cops inflicted upon prisoners. A car caravan took place in
protest, through the city, around the police station and with the
participation of the "remorseful" policeman who has been removed from service.


Oil Company Repsol, jumping over laws protecting national parks, has planned
to do several prospecting activities at Parque Nacional de Don~ana, to try
to exploit a probable deposit of natural gas that might exist under the
parks marshes.
Repsol already has an extraction plant in the Guadalquivir marshes, very
close to Don~ana and plans four other extraction pouints, at least one of
them within the park. Besides they also plans a gas pipeline through Don~ana
with all the attending damage that its construction and functioning implies.

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