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Counter-information bulletin #49

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El Acratador (periodical publication)#49 D.L.:Z-174-93 Issues: 2500
AntiC We recommend its loaning and total or partial reproduction citing the
source. This publication only compiles information and articles gathered
from different sources. The editorial staff does not necessarily identify
with the contents nor are they responsible for the same.

1- Acratorial
2- Zaragoza
3- El Acratador sequestered in Daroca
4- 20-N touche and sunk
5- Insumision
6- Briefs
7- Okupa's trial
8- Last minute
9- International
10- Volunteers for the system
11- Announcements


Until a few years ago November 20th was the only day in which franquism's
nostalgics and the new fascists came out on stage. After their memorials
they performed different raids: assault on the political stands in Madrid's
rastro (flea market T.N.), attack on the Casa Okupada de la Paz in 1992,
aggressions ... For several years us antifascists have understood that it
wasn't enough to defend our premises and gathering places, we had to also
answer them in the streets and not allow the fascists a single day of their own.

This November 20th the different antifascist demonstrations have gathered
between 12,000 and 15,000 people, doubling the attendance compared to last
year and amply surpassing ultrarightist acts. The fascist numbers diminish
every year (5,000 at the "national gathering" in Madrid and a few hundreds
at masses in different cities) due to their old age. How many workers have
been assassinated by these octogenarian and nanogenerian ex-falangists and
hard core ultras during their life at the service of the fascio? Young
fascists add up to a small number, although the degree of their aggressions
and the impunity with which they act make them truly dangerous.

Note the treatment they get in the media, attempting to compare the
nostalgics of the regime that enslaved us for 40 years and Hitler's
flatterers with the antifascists. The fascists' right to demonstrate was
clear, it was their day and it looked like somebody was out to crash their
party. A local newspaper wrote about "the fascist antifascists" and
dedicated a whole page to the antifascist graffitti done during the
demonstration of 20-N. Next day the murder of a young drug addict by several
nazis deserved five lines. We would have to talk about the democrat newsmen
that use methods similar to those of Goebbels (chief of propaganda of the
III Reich).

When a popular struggle (MLNV) is directed by, and under orders of, a
military vanguard (ETA), the inevitable almost always happens. Military
intelligence gets clouded, honors only itself, and gives us a show of
unjustifiable irrationality as in the murder of six workers in Madrid's
Vallecas neighborhood. The media relish the spectacle of blood, guts,
twisted irons, pain and death. The politicians, the military, judges and
cops have more arguments to continue denying the peoples' right to
self-determination and continue perpetuating torture and repression. It is
then difficult to demand human rights when indiscriminate attempts against
the civil population are done or justified. In Vallecas, a popular working
class neighborhood with a long history of struggle, the Frente Nacional
tried some years ago to organize a meeting. The neighbors' answer was
conclusive, they went out on the street and the fascist act had to be
canceled. Now the citizens' anger at this attack is used by the extreme
right and the most reactionary sectors of society to amplify their
ultranationalist slogans, to favor the death penalty, the serving of
complete sentences, etc.

*** ZARAGOZA ***


Some of the people affected by the police charge at Beirut Bar while they
celebrated an antifascist coffee called by P.A.Z. (see acrat #48) painted a
mural at noon on the 28th of November in the middle of Plaza Espan~a.
That same day there was graffitti in several parts of the city and in
previous days explanation posters were affixed. In addition, the victims of
the assault and P.A.Z. are putting together a dossier on the events and
several charges have been filed against the police. On Nov. 30th another
young man was arrested accused of having taken part in the alleged attack on
the police that came into the bar. Soon after he was set free, although
charged with assault.


A number of people from the Torrero-Venecia and la Paz neighborhoods
occupied, on Nov. 26th, a hut belonging to Confederacion Hidrografica del
Ebro located at the beginning of Ave. America, next to the Canal. The police
went by and took personal data on several people although they didn't vacate
the hut. The occupation was carried out to claim the space, abandoned years
ago, for neighborhood information and for the moment it has been
rehabilitated sunday mornings as a propaganda center against the Third Belt.
Another historical demand present is the recovery of the shores of the Canal
Imperial, a natural space very negelected, to make it into a park.


The reactionary right wing sanctimonious assholes that govern Zaragoza's
City Hall have already begun to show what they and their ideas are made of.
Thus they started by not allowing Colectivo Ruda to celebrate days against
the Balkan War at the Casa de la Mujer, asking for all kinds of inapropriate
data and expressly forbidding the participation of mothers of insumisos.
But, in case we were in want of more rancid conservatism, this past 1st of
december the Mayor refused the placing of a red ribbon in solidarity with
the victims of AIDS at City Hall. For sure, had it been another color
(let's say blue) she wouldn't have thought so badly of it.


In 1996 Zaragoza's neighborhood police will begin to function. 232 cops will
add to the hundreds of national, local and civil guards already deployed in
our city, and a few million will evaporate from the municipal treasury to
keep the most reactionary sectors of the city (small businessmen, right wing
neighbor associations, etc.) happy. The project is presented as an old
popular demand and the uniformity of public opinion is taken for granted,
pretending nobody refutes the fact. Well then, What exactly is the
usefulness of the neighborhood police?. Up to now all we can think of is a
"kind" face on repression, an attempt to wash the face of a police corp that
doesn't precisely enjoy prestige, such as the spanish police, and let's not
talk about the Guardia Civil. In Zaragoza's case they add on top of the
local police a special body such as the USC (formerly UVE) already loaded
with deaths, indiscriminate acts and many displays of arrogance. In front of
such a repressive cocktail all we needed was a police with a human face,
which will only confirm the old saying:"The police is not here to help the
people, but to control it".


The Council of Regime and Administration of Daroca prison has sequestered
and retained EL ACRATADOR from a prisoner subscribed to it. After
intervening the prisoner's mail, the prison's management has kept our
bulletin alleging that "in its contents were manifest insulting phrases
against Judicial Authority and the mail (magazine) did not have the
publication footnote". The latter refers to the legal permit. This is
deliberately false since El Acratador does have the legal permit. The
subscriber as well as the editors are making investigations to avoid this
attempt against freedom of expression.

*** 20 November: TOUCHE AND SUNK ***


In spite of a bad start to the actions of November 20th called by P.A.Z.
(Plataforma Antifascista de Zaragoza), with the police assault at the
Beirut, the five arrestees and the wounded, the demonstration, called with a
theme against fascism, against forgetting it had more attendance than any
other year, despite the alarm generated by the press and the Government's
Delegate. "More than 2000 leftist radicals" (Heraldo) Are we no longer urban
tribes? or 3000 (according to El Periodico) came and created an atmosphere
charged with antifascist demands. A lot of people were very young, a really
positive fact, and they had organized in their neighborhoods or schools to
attend, although there were also people of all ages. There weren't any
noteworthy incidents, except for the provocation by four nazis that raised
their arm and yelled at the demonstrators, one of them received a well
deserved corrective.

Meanwhile, several hundred attended the mass organized by the fascists and
listened to a sermon worthy of Torquemada. At the end of the mass about 30
nazis tried to meet the antifa demonstration, lucky for them the police
stopped them.

In spite of the relative peacefulness of this demonstration, somebody broke
the windshield of a car belonging to Antena 3 TV (probably with more than
enough motives), turning this insignificant act into a excuse for this TV
broadcaster to hurl its yellowish discourse. There was also antifascist
graffitti and painting over nazi graffitti, it being that the nazi graffitti
had been there for months in the area of San Miguel, which was another
excuse for El Periodico de Aragon to heap garbage and put on the same
footing the nazi assassins with the people that painted anarchist symbols.
What the press didn't gather was that after the demonstration vans full of
antiriots got busy harrassing groups of people that were returning to their
homes, charging on several ocassions which resulted in many wounded, some of
which had to go to the hospital. Nazi outcries couldn't be absent in this
date and at dawn november 20th a young man was stalked as he came out of the
bar where he works by a car full of nazis armed with baseball bats.
Fortunately he escaped and avoided a dangerous beating. Likewise the same
20-N at night two antifascists were pursued by a group of nazis near El
Corte Ingles and another young person in the area of Tenor Fleta was pursued
by middle-aged fascists. We don't have any proof that the nazi aggressions
were carried out. We have also received news that several nazis also had to
run and that a car was put under control as they tried to erase antifascist


Madrid had the largest demonstration on November 19, between 4,000 and 7,000
people (according to different sources) took part in the antifascist march.
The union Solidaridad Obrera that had the demonstration legalized, recalled
it at the last minute, scared by a campaign by the media, particularly the
extreme right wing newspaper ABC, after the explosion in Vallekas. It's
normal for ABC to make us look bad, what would be truly worrysome would be
to look good in an ultraconservative rag. The demonstration had to be
re-legalized and in spite of the criminalization by the police and the
media, that went so far as to announce the recall, it had a greater
attendance than in previous years. To top it off, the police reduced the
presence to 1,500, off the record several newsmen admitted that attendance
was a great deal more than that.

In Valladolid 1500 people demonstrated against racism on November 19. The
demonstration was taped from a police van. In Burgos on that day 500 people
demonstrated. In both cities the acts had been called by antifascist groups
and the castillian left.

On november 17, in Malaga, 200 people demonstrated against fascism through
the city's center.

In Cadiz one hundred nostalgic old fascists and scant youth had a mass for
Franco. 400 fascists gathered at the church's door. When they came out of
the church to sing 'Cara al Sol' (Falangist hymn T.N.) they met red flags,
black and red flags, andalusian flags, even ikurrin~as (basque flags T.N.).
The police made a barrier, the fascists had to go back into the church and
exit by a side door.

In Sabadell 200 antifascists gathered in front of the church where tens of
nostalgics of the previous regime celebrated a mass.

In Leganes (Madrid), about one hundred people gathered in front of City Hall
to support a motion against fascism, that was refused. Another gathering
took place in Alcala de Henares on November 18.

In Irunea 300 people gathered at the Monumento a los Caidos and went to the
church where a fascist mass was being celebrated, but faced with a police
display of force decided to demonstrate in front of UPN headquarters.

In Asturies there were many acts, among them a demonstration in Oviedo, with
more than 300 attending on november 19, another one in Aviles on 20-N, with
250 people and patrols in Xixon, where a young man that had been assaulted
by a nazi group suffered serious injuries to his eye.

In Bilbo, November 19, the fans of Athletic de Herri Norte Taldea and
Abertzale Sur declared inmigrant day. They invited 50 inmigrants to attend
the soccer match with them. Before the match 1,000 fans of the red/white
team demonstrated against racism and violence.


Luis Enrique Perez Canas, better known as Heysel was tried and sentenced by
a Zaragoza tribunal to 28 months in prison for an assault that took place at
the door of Barrio Latino bar in 1992, when the bar was attacked by a nazi
group. The assault was repelled.
As a result of the aggression, a youth was kicked on the ground and lost
three teeth, he went ahead and pressed charges and at the end will receive
compensation from the nazi. During the trial the nazi brought false
witnesses and when things started to go bad, he accused two other nazis,
trying to extricate himself. This is the harshest sentence given a nazi for
aggression in Zaragoza to date, and it may set interesting precedents with a
view towards future accusations against such distasteful elements.


Miguel Blanco Casado, a 29 tears old drug addict, has been the latest victim
of the fascists. This past november 17 a nazi group attacked Miguel in a
park in San Adria del Besos (Barcelona) when he asked for a light they
stabbed him in the gluteus area, leaving him to his fate. Miguel, who was
weak due to his drug addiction, bled to death after a few hours.
This murder only deserved some brief lines in some newspaper, which we
assume to have an interest in hushing anything that smells of a nazi
assassination around November 20.

(LLAR) November 18 in Gijon a nazi group pushed a beggar onto the highway
where he perished run over by a car.


The three people arrested after the explosion that caused Santi Botana's
serious injuries (see Acrat #48) on November 17 in Madrid, were finally set
free without charges on Nov. 20th by Judge Moreiras of the National Court.
These youth, two roomates and a friend, were arrested hours after the
explosion, they had been behind the police barricade for several hours, the
antiterrorist law was applied to them and they remained incommunicated for
two days. Also another girl, sister of one of the arrestees, was arrested
for several hours and her home searched.
The judge asked whether they knew any membres of Negu Gorriak. It's no joke,
he made this and other equally strange questions, trying to link them with
any armed group, even in such a ridiculous fashion. There remains Santi's
testimony, he can't talk since he remains hospitalized and recovering from
the grave injuries that kept him near death. During the first days he was
incomunicatted and only his nearest relatives may visit him. Note that it's
only known that there was an explosion in the apartment, which could be
attributed to several causes, among them the bursting of pyrotechnical
material in storage. All the published information has been based solely on
conjectures by the police with the goal of criminalizing the antifascist
gathering of Nov. 20.

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