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Online Archive of Anarchist Texts and Images

Spunk Press is an electronic archive of anarchist material.
It is intended to educate about this much misunderstood
point of view and bring a rich and often eloquent literature
to public view. Anarchism is a philosophy of contemporary
relevance, with its emphasis on small scale production, care
for the environment, a meaningful democracy, and people
being given the opportunity to take control of their own

The archive contains a wide range of documents, from 1-page flyers to
complete novels. There is a selection of contemporary anarchist
journals, and historical works by writers such as Kropotkin and
Malatesta. The archive does not include bomb making recipies and such,
because anarchism is nothing to do with this, despite the frequent
distortions in the media. The archive is continually extended, and
currently contains about 1500 items.

The word spunk is taken from Pippi Longstocking, a character
in the books of the Swedish children's writer Astrid
Lindgren. Pippi has just invented a new word, spunk, but
doesn't know what it means, so she goes out to find out by
asking the shopkeepers if they have a spunk. So a spunk is
anything you want it to be.

Spunk Press is available on the Internet and in PC or mac diskette
form. For a catalogue or further information, write to:

Electronic Anarchist Archive,
Box A, Arjuna,
12 Mill Road,
Cambridge CB1 2ND


Spunk Press - Maryland
PO Box 179
College Park, MD 20741-0179

The archive can be accessed on the Internet at:

+ WWW http://www.cwi.nl/cwi/people/Jack.Jansen/spunk/

+ GOPHER gopher etext.archive.umich.edu

+ FTP ftp

Other inquiries can be emailed to the Spunk Editorial Collective at:



Chuck Munson
Spunk Press - Maryland