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1.- Antimilitarism/Insubmission
2.- Ecology
3.- Repression
4.- Labor
5.- Euskadi
6.- Antifascism
7.- Others
8.- A-Infos Addresses


09.08 PAMPLONA. Demo against dispersion of prisoner insumisos takes place. Before demo police arrest some antimilitarist people and stole their money, sprays, stickers and other objets. During demo police harass demostrators and in the end police attack brutally to demostrators.
09.16 ATARRABIA The road is cut by a group of people(75) in solidarity with an insumiso who was arrested the day before.
09.19 ELIZONDO (Navarra). A gathering takes place protesting about arresting of an insumiso from the town the day before. ANTSOAIN. a demo takes place protesting about arresting of an insumiso from the village.
09.20 PAMPLONA. PSS (civil service) Insumiso is acquitted because the judge considered that the offense was prescribed (the time between offence is done and it`s judged already passed).
09.30 ERMUA (Vizcaya). 3 insumisos wanted by police chained themselves to the door of Cruz Roja (Red Cross) building to denounce the collaboration between this organization and the army and because there are conscientious objetors doing the civil service there. 2 of them are arrested, next day 300 people demostrated in solidarity with arrested, police dispersed them and demostrators reagrupated and continued the demostration.
10.04 MADRID. Catholic Church made a public condem to insubmission, it said insumision is against Gospel and it also blessed conscription and army.
10.08 BERMEO (Vizcaya) "II Intsumiso Eguna" (II Insumiso Day) 25.000 people take part on it. A pro-insumision demo and other attivities take place
10.19 PORTUGALETE (Vizcaya) An insumiso, wanted by police, chains himself to court door and some antimilitarist people gather in solidarity with him. The insumiso is arrested.
10.21 TAFALLA(Navarra). Pro-insumision Demo (100) takes place wich end in front of Town Hall. Some of them set up a banner and chain tehmselves to Town Hall balcony. Police pull chained people along inside the building, at that moment demostrators enter inside Town Hall and skilmishes break out with police. 3 people are wounded.
10.30 PAMPLONA. First acquittal sentence to an insumiso in Navarra.

*** ECOLOGY ***

09.06 MADRID. GRR (Grupos de Respuesta Radical-Groups of Radical Response-) made some sabs against french nuclear tests in Mururoa (graffitis, locks closing up and putting some fire bombs at french banks).
09.23 ALCUDIA (Baleares). A gathering (+1.000) against french nuclear testings takes place in front of the bulding where UE leaders Conference takes place.
09.24 VALLADOLID. A demo (200) against bull fightings takes place.
10.03 MADRID. High court found illegal Itoiz resevoir, wich is actually under constuction (despite sentence works are going on).
10.04 SAN SEBASTIAN. Some antimilitarist people gather in front of Credit Lyonnais against french nuclear tests.
10.21 VIGO(Pontevedra) Protests against installation of rubbish processing plant break out.
10.21 BILBAO. A group of ecologists demostrates against the installation of a rubbish incineration plant in Erandio (a town near Bilbao).


09.11 BARCELONA. (Catalonia National Day) In an official act catalonian independentist young people threw eggs, coins and stones to PP (Spain conservative party) leaders. Some tousand people demostrate suppoprting independence to Catalonia, in the end of the demo clashes break out between demostrators and police. Some people were arrested.
09.12 SAN CUGAT DEL VALLES (Barcelona). A group of independentist people thew a fire bomb to PP office.
09.12 SAN SEBASTIAN. Newspapers publish that some years ago a homeless man was murdered by Guardia Civil (one of the many different police corps) in Intxaurrondo quarters. The homeless man was used as guinea pig to test effects of Pentotal (drug of truth).
09.14TUDELA (Navarra). A cop is convicted to 10 days arrested for beating up to a young gipsy boy in february 23th of 94, who was arrested and falsely charged with car robbery.
09.28 MADRID Trial against 2 squatters charged with attempt to police. The facts hapened in an action against eviction of CSA Minuesa in 1991, when police attacked some people who were distrinbuting leaflets and produced some wounded people who report about police action to the court, when cops knew the report they go back to the squat for arresting someone and after beating up the people who were at the door of the squat they arrested two young boys charged with attempt to police (one of them because he is a black boy and the other one because he report to the court the beating by the police in the previous action). Months pass by and the trial against police comes and one cop is found guilty, at that moment another cop sudenly apears who says that the 2 arrested boys threw to him a 40kg bench (there are no benches in the area). In the trial the judge only give validity to police version despite contradictions on it. Sentence: One boy convicted to 1 year imprisoned for attempt t
o po
lice and the other one 3 years and 4 mounths for attempt to police and injures.
09.28 LUGONES(Asturias). A guard in a supermarket shoot to death a boy supicious of robbery.
September. ZARAGOZA. A cop is fined to pay 500.000pts to one man beaten up in a gathering during general strike on January 27th of 94.
10.01MELILLA. A regretful cop denounces his comrades of beating up and torturing arrested people, mainly arabs, among them a Moroccan who was tortured in police station and after that he was left unconscious in an open field out of the city.
10.01 LAS ROZAS (Madrid). Strong clashes break out between police a 8.000 young people, when police try to broke them up in town festivities.
10.05 BILBAO. Police occupied university campus on the official innauguration day blocking the way to students. Students gathered at university door protesting about, they were broke up by police.
10.07 SAN SEBASTIAN. A cop is convicted to 4 mounth arrested for beating up a man who refused pass alcoholic test.
10.12 CASTELLON. In a concert some cop came and ordered people go out, people refuse do that and more cops came and arrested 4 people an break up the other ones. Arrested people are charged with attack and injures to police.
10.17 MADRID. A cop shoot to death a young boy who stole a car.
10.22 ZARAGOZA. Police see some boys turn over rubbish containers. Cops beat up the boys (they break to a boy his arm) who have stay laying on the ground half an hour.

*** LABOUR ***

Shipyard workers are still protesting about suting of factories. After negotiation is broken movilizations start. 09.15 strong fightings between workers and police in Cadiz and Sevilla untill early morning, all approach roads to Cadiz are cut off by barricades and fightings spread all over the town, 15 people are arrested. 09.19 CADIZ clashes break out between workers and police during all day, 1 worker is seriously wounded.
09.21 ASTURIAS A wild cat strike start in a mine against labour conditions.
09.26 CADIZ. Strong clashes break out during day, 14 people are wounded. Conflict ends. Initial company proposal: from 10.000 actual workers, 5.000 fired. From 9 shipyards, 2 closed. Final agreetment: 3.800 fired people (all early retirement) and no shipyard closed. The final agreetment was ratified by workers.

*** EUSKADI ***

09.11 53 Gatherings (4.200) for the freedom of Euskal Herria take place.
09.12 Struggle day against informative manipulation and implication of medias in repression. SAN SEBASTIAN 50 young people occupied "radio San Sebastian" studios and interrupted radio broadcast and read a press release. BILBAO demo (400) PAMPLONA demo (1.000) ALTSASU (Navarra) 200 young people occupied "radio COPE" studios to read a press release, they are removed.
09.13 SAN SEBASTIAN. 2 young boys charged with participating in clashes in August 93 are acquitted because judge found that images recorded by police are no proof by themselves and they were manipulated.
09.14 SAN SEBASTIAN. Gatherings (2.100) asking for freedom for Euskal Herria take place.
09.14 BONXE PRISON (Lugo). Basque political prisoner Mikel Vazquez is penalized to stay 26 days isolated for denouncing a beating, wich left him unconscious, given by jailers on august 31th of 95.
09.09 PAMPLONA clashes break out with police protesting about repression. 15 people are arrested, +30 beaten and 3 hospitalized.
09.18 JAEN PRISON (JAEN). Basque political prisoners start a rotative hunger strike (3 prisoners each week) asking for regrouping of all Basque political prisoner in Euskadi prisons.
09.18 64 gatherings (4.500) suportting Basque political prisoners take place.
09.19 SAN SEBASTIAN. clashes break out with police in support to Basque political prisoners. A cop shot some blank cartridges to demostrators. A bus was burnt and a cop car attacked.
09.20 SAN SEBASTIAN a gathering (+1.000) takes place giving suppot to prisoners and against repression.
09.27 Celebration of Gudari Eguna (basque fighter day). Demos: SAN SEBASTIAN(1.000), RENTERIA (1.000), PAMPLONA (2.000) TOLOSA (1.200), ARRASATE (600), VITORIA (1.000), LLODIO(300) and another 20 towns, in all of them clashes break out with police in the end , 17 pewople are arrested. Acts in another 20 towns (3.000) without problems.
09.28 SAN SEBASTIAN a gathering(2.000) asking for freedom for Euskal Herria takes place.
09.30 ALTSASU (Navarra) A group of young people occupies "radio COPE" studios to read a press release against manipulation by medias. They are removed.
SABS (with fire bombs) banks (30), public properties (phone boxes, buildings,...)(10),cars and cars shops (11), buses (8), cars property of cops (2), cop cars (5).
ACTS (gatherings (-250 people), setting up barricades, cut up road,...) (50).
10.01 SAN SEBASTIAN. A group of masked people throw more than 30 fire bombs to a police station causing a lot of damages, protesting about the situation of Jaen Prison Basque political prisoners hunger strike.
10.02 69 gatherings(5.000) asking for freedom for Euskal Herria take place.
10.02 SEVILLA-II PRISON (Sevilla) Basque political prisoners start a rotative hunger strike (1 prisoner each week) asking for better life condition inside prison.
10.05 BILBAO Demo(1.000) takes place asking for regrouping of all Basque political prisoners in Euskadi prisons.
10.07 PORTUGALETE (Vizcaya) A demo(800) takes place giving support to hunger strike Basque political prisoners in the end clashes with police break out.
10.09 73 gatherings(6.000) asking for freedom for Euskal Herria take place.
10.12 PAMPLONA a demo(10.000) takes place asking for independence for Euskadi. In the end clasehes with police break out, a police station and a cop car were attacked. 1 person is seriously wounded.
10.16 TENERIFE PRISON-II (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) Basque political prisoners (9) start an indefinite hunger strike against isolement measures. Hunger strikes in Jaen-II and Sevilla-II and Salto del Negro go on.
10.16 73 gatherings(5.200) asking for freedom for Euskal Herria take place.
10.21/22 BILBAO Camping in downtown asking for freedom for Basque political prisoner Jon Iturriaga (see @-infos #1).
10.23 76 gatherings(5.200) asking for freedom for Euskal Herria take place. The gathering in Llodio ends with clashes with police, 7 people are arrested .
10.23 ALBACETE PRISON (Albacete). 6 months of "txapeo" (inmates refuse go out from cell during all day) protesting about isolation and dispersion measures.
10.28 VITORIA Police assault the bus wich drive Senideak (organization of Basque political prisoner famillies) members to make weekly comunication with prisoners. Result: the bus is destroyed, 2 people are arrested and many ones wounded.
SABS (with fire bombs) banks (14), public properties (phone boxes, buildings,...)(20),cars and cars shops (3), buses (4), cars property of cops (2), cop cars (3).
ACTS (gatherings(-250 people), setting up barricades, cut up road,ect.) (87).


09.21 BUNUEL(Navarra) An inmigrant man is hospitalized because of the brutal beating given by some nazis.
10.02 OVIEDO (Asturias). 20 nazis from some towns march downtown, about 30 antifascists see them and try give them a corrective but police impede them do it.
10.07 TARRASA (Barcelona). A young girl refuses be attended by a male nurse because he is black.
10.07 ZARAGOZA. Some nazis beat up and stab a joung boy.
10.08 CORNELLA (Barcelona) A group of 30 nazis beat up 2 young boys. 2 nazis are arrested.
10.10 MADRID. Trial against Ignacio Alonso (member of nazi group Bases Autonomas) charged with attack 3 anarquist students in 1994. During trial clashes broke out between nazis and antifascists. Police protected nazis and arrested 3 antifascists.
10.11 ZARAGOZA A group of nazis attack a pub where libertarian people use to go breaking waiter`s teeth.
10.11 CEUTA. clashes brek out between a group of inmigrant people and police during a protest about inhuman conditions in wich they are, because they are living in noman`s land between Morocco and Spain, and they cant`t go out. 20 inmigrant people are wounded and more than 100 arrested.
10.14 ARGANDA DEL REY (Madrid). A young boy is beaten to death by a group of nazis. 4 nazis are arrested.
10.15 BARCELONA a demo(some hundreds) take place against Day of Hispanity (10.12)
10.16 CASTELLON. Start the trial against 4 nazis (members of nazi group Accion Radical) charged with murder of Guillem Agullo (an antifascist boy) in 1993. Antifascist rgathering take place in front of the court broken up by police.
10.17 VALENCIA. 9 members of nazi group Accion Radical are convicted to 2 months arrested, charges with illegal asociation. An antifascist gathering takes place in front of the court.
10.15 ZARAGOZA. 2 young boys are wounded, one of them stabed, by 6 nazis.
10.17 BURGOS Trial starts against 3 antifascist people charged with agression to a nazi. Antifascist gathering(300) takes place giving support to antifascists. The 3 ones are acquitted.
10.19 VALENCIA a demo(800) against fascism takes place. Stones were thrown to Democracia Nacional (ultrafascist Party) office. In the end clashes with police break out. 3 people are arrested.
10.21 CADIZ. a demo(300) takes place against racism and in solidarity to confinned inmigrants in ceuta.
10.23 CADIZ Trial to 5 fascist people charged with murder of 2 homeles when fascist burnt the place where homeless slept and beat with stickers to another homeless.
10.28 ZARAGOZA. Some nazis try to burn Ateneo Libertario site producing damages in the door.
1028 MADRID A guinean man result seriously wounded when try to kill himself afraid of some fascists who were waiting for him to beat up him.
10.31 MADRID. Clashes break out between squatters and 2 fascists (who had to be hospitalized). Police came and surrounded the squat during all day untill squatters went out. They were set free after declare to the judge.

*** OTHERS ***

09.16 GIJON. Public smoking gathering takes place for legalize cannabis and marihuana.
09.29 MADRID. Evicted Villamil 9. The 25 squatters who lived there shut themselves in and resisted to eviction. Police finally evicted them after 2 hour clashes between police and squatters and people who were gathered outside supporting squatters.
09.23 VALENCIA a demo(1.000) takes place against eviction of Kasal Popular (threatened of eviction for some months), in the end clashed break out with police. 10 people are arrested.
10.03 JAEN 2 fire bomb were thrown to PP office.
10.17 Caravan in solidarity to Saharan people. 4 tons of help were driven to refugees camps in Tinduf (Algeria).
10.19 OVIEDO. Mayor (PP) raise his salary at the same time he rise taxes. More than 100 people assault town hall in protest.
10.21 MADRID. 3 years inmprisoned to a soldier who said "I shit on spanish flag".
10.23 CEUTA 6 Saharan people ask for political asylum in Spain.
10.22 MADRID. A colonel denounce Ministry of Defense because of his son`s death in militar manoeuvres. Ministry pressures him to retry the denounce offering him a promotion.
10.27/28/29 CORDOBA. Alternative Forum "desenmascaremos la Europa del Capital" (Let`s unmask Europe of Capital) protesting to celebration of UE Working Ministers. A demo (1.500) takes place.


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