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>Subject: cars transmitting emissions and other info
>Regarding the post about this stuff in California, that's nothing. The Feds
>are coming with this. Its called OBD-III, the followup to the current OBD-II
>regulations. Yes, as proposed, OBD-III will require that cars send out
>emissions info so that roadside sensors can pick it up and send you a note in
>the mail telling you that your registration will be revoked if you don't
>report to a testing station and get the problem fixed. PLEASE, NO POSTS ABOUT
>THIS. Sorry about the harshness here, but I'm tired of people telling me this
>is a hoax and will never happen.
>Worse than the emissions stuff, the system also transmits the speed of your
>vehicle along with computer sensor information about the emissions equipment.
>Yup, you got it. Now, speed enforcement becomes easy. Just setup roadside
>sensors that no radar detector can pick up, and your car will come merrily
>along transmitting your VIN # and speed to the unit. Boom, instant tickets in
>the mail. Its a dream system for the big government, environmental nazis, and
>the insurance industry. Like with most of these systems, people won't hear
>anything about it until its implemented, and by then it will be too late to
>get rid of it.
>The bottom line, OBD-III is a disaster thats coming down the pipe. Oh, and an
>added bonus for you civil libertarians out there, the system will also allow
>the government to know when and where you and your car is because your car is
>now transmitting this information. All they need are some cheap roadside
>sensor and they know where you are when you are travellign on major highways.
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