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Mon, 5 Feb 1996 13:31:42 +0000 (GMT)

Hamilton Ontario Feb.23-24. Big rally planned for the 24th.

Craig Kielburger age 13 of Thornhill Ontario, returned from Asia.
The young man had toured for
7 weeks in 5 Asian countries investigating child labour. Coordinated
by Youth Action for Peace, Craig's tour was concurrent with a
Canadian Trade Mission including the Prime Minister of Canada and
over 100 businessmen. As the trade mission held talks with Asian
governments and rich folks, Craig held press conferences exposing
the realities of child labour. Craig's activism is inspired by the
death of a Pakistani youth child labor activist.

Ontario government has recently rammed through an incredible bill
of laws that has even judges and lawyers scratching their heads. The
govt. is to be immune from civil court actions, so it would seem.
The basic idea of the bill is that the government can do anything it
wants, and what it wants is to eliminate public service. Anything you
can name has been cut.

Some kind of workfare (work for welfare) is planned by the govt. for
later this year, so they say. A report of the housing ministry says
that one of the planned workfare measures might not work very well.
Tenants on welfare are supposed to do odd jobs around their buildings.
Some of the problems the report warns of, include conflicts with union
staff, high cost of training and supervising workfare workers, questions
about liability insurance and workers compensation, privacy and daycare.
The report adds that `participants resistance will likely be high
if made mandatory.' And further, `reluctance to engage in what are
seen as dead-end activities may be high.'

There are 90,000 Filipina domestic workers in Canadian cities.
According to the _Globe & Mail_ Jan.20,1996, Canadian rich people prefer
Filipina women workers because they come from a strong family oriented
culture and `are very giving.' The story talks about how Filipina women
are liberated from poverty by coming to work in Canada, and consider it
a good country to go to because they are treated well. They
experience problems because of separation from their own families and
the new way of life. And the work is very hard. After 2 years of live-in
work, the workers can apply for permanent residence.

IU680 Unpaid Household Work
Some Ottawa IWW's are generating a drive to organize homemakers and
caregivers to demand respect, recognition and pay for unpaid household
work. A Homemakers-LETSystem is being prepared for the locality, to raise
the profile of household workers. Public education will be the main
focus along with the empowerment of workers.

The iu680-l@iww.org mailing list is activated and household workers every
where are invited to communicate. To subscribe, send a message with
subscribe in the Subject

To: iu680-l-request@iww.org
Subject: subscribe

Members of the Million Man March Committee in Toronto are supporting
claims of racism by women who are threatened with deportation to
Caribbean countries of origin. (_Share_, Toronto)

Finally in TRINIDAD, the _Caribbean Camera_ notes that United States
Marines engaged in a joint action with local soldiers and police in
a battle to the death with one billion marijuana trees. Thanks to help
from spy satellites paid for by U.S. taxpayers, the brave soldiers
successfully defended their nation's honor and freedom of choice, in
heavily forested areas. The article doesn't mention what kind of
weapons were used to kill the enemy.


w/info from _Toronto STAR_