(Eng) Anti-fasc in Italy and Madrid (Cast)

neil birrell (neil@lds.co.uk)
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 23:24:17 +0100


Padova UPA 15/1/96

With the rise of the right, to the level of government in Italy, in its new
establishment form, which tries to distance itself from its fascist past in
its speeches, fascist organisations like 'Movimiento Fiamma' are regrouping
under the leadership of personalities like Dino Rauti - co-founder of the
former fascist organisation Ordine Nuovo and a leading figure among those
groups which perpetrated massive assassinations in the 70s and 80s and who
colaborated with the secret services. It is this groupings which shows most
cohesion, including a skin head contingent. Dino Rauti has held several
meetings in Northern cities but has not found life so easy in Padova.
Comrades from the Centro Socila "Pedro" y del "Melting" (commmunication
network of the Centros Sociales del Nordeste and other self-managed
groupings) launched a 'de-rating' process (to get rid of fascist rats). A
few days before the planned meeting a group of persons unknown let off an
explosive devise in the new premises of Movimiento Fiamma'; other explosions
followed. On the day of the meeting (12th Dec) the town was completely
militarised. Despite even this, an anti-fascist meeting took place,
completely surrounded by the police who wished to separate it from the
fascists who managed to have their event.


Valekas Madrid UPA 12/1/96

Last December 28 a fascist aggression took place in the Vallekas quarter in
Madrid, in a park located between Palomeras and Entrevias. Two young friends
took a beating by some 10 to 15 nazis with covered faces. Breiso Losada, one
of the victims was in hospital for 2 days with spinal injuries and damaged
kidneys. The other, Luis Llorente received abrasions to the eye and a
dislocated jaw. Two of the Nazis were detained. One Raul 'Oku' and 'El
Blaya' who were later released for being under the age of responsibility.
One has managed to get to France.

In protest the anti fascist coordinating group in Vallekas has called for a
demonstration in front of the Vallecas municipal buildings on Friday 19th
under the banner 'Against Fascist Aggression'

Madrid UPA 4/1/96


22nd December saw a fascist agression at 10.00pm in the Bilbao-Chamberi area
in Calle Churruca. It all began when a girl was attacked by two nazis girls
who pushed her to the ground and stole her Palestinian headscarf. The victim
managed to make her way to San Ildefenso square to raise the alarm and she
was supported by 8 antifascists who returned to Calle Churruca. Once here,
at the Clan Bar one nazi attacked a member of the group calling him a
'leninist pig' and 'piece of shit'. There followed a brief skirmish between
the 2 groups with some injuries on both sides. Then one of the nazis drew a
knife and since more nazis were coming out of the bar a hasty retreat was made.

One person, Javi, was stabbed two times in the leg the others escaped
injury. Javi only made it as far as Calle Fuencarral where he fell over and
was beaten. At the same time another young person was beaten up in a
separate incident but with no serious consequences.

When they got back to Idelfonso square they called for help and some 50
people gathered and returned to the scene of the incident but the nazis had
gone. Javi was taken away in an ambulance. The police patrolled the area
stopping anyone coming out who held a weapon.

Javi was kept in hospital in Mandoa where he remains for a fortnight before
a six months recovery period. However if there are problems with his
treatment he may have to undergo an amputation of his right leg. This is due
to the fact that the injury was not a 'clean' one and because the blade was
twisted when he was stabbed causing serious muscular complications. If he is
lucky he will be lame for life.