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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 08:30:02 -0800

Sorry for the haphazard information. I believe this are the complete facts:

On January 30th about 120 students occupied the Chancellory of the Republic
to put pressure on the government to solve the 6% problem. They kept about
84 people hostage, chancellor Ernesto Leal, the embassadors from Bolivia,
Pakistan, The Phillipines and the Counselor Minister from Canada.

The occupation was peaceful, there wasn't even graffitti.
The diplomats were released after 7 hours.
The students had already agreed to vacate the premises peacefully the next
day at 3 PM.

However the police staged an operation and the students were violently evicted.
The police said that the students responsible for this action will be
criminally prosecuted.
After the police took the premises they threw tear gas canisters at the
students, surrounded them, repeatedly beat them, took away their belongings:
watches, backpacks, chains, medicines etc. They also abused the female students.
107 students have been arrested and are in different police stations,
awaiting proccessing by the court. The chief of the national police
qualified the action as "successful".

managua, nicaragua

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