(Eng) Freedom - Greece

neil birrell (neil@lds.co.uk)
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 09:33:18 +0100


Further to our brief report (Freedom, 16th December 1995) about the
unprecedented events that took place last November in Athens and Thessalonika.

On Tuesday 14th November in Thessalonika anarchists organised a demo
demanding the liberation of all the arrested social fighters. They were
immediately attacked by the police. Four comrades were arrested and five
injured. After this, the anarchists occupied a university building demanding
the release of all four arrested. The next day attempts were made to
demonstrate through the streets of the city, but again they were attacked by
the police. The four arrested were immediately tried and sentenced to two
and a half and three and a half year imprisonment. Immediately after their
conviction they started a hunger strike. On t4th December 1995 the four
arrested were finally released!

On Wednesday 1 7th November - the 22nd anniversary of the National Technical
University of Athens' revolt against the military junta regime anarchists
occupied the same university building to create a centre of
counter-information and demand the release of all those arrested. From the
very first moment the police started throwing large quantities of chemicals
and tear-gas. This triggered off fights with some of the people inside the
university, who started to throw molotov cocktails and stones. After hours
of fights and when all the people inside the occupied building were
exhausted by the chemicals and tear-gas, the police invaded the university,
arresting 504 persons. Fifty of them were injured and required medical

On 22nd November all 504 arrested in Athens had been divided up into
groups (first under-18, then students and finally the remainder, between
them the
'hard' core of the occupants), released them and set their trial dates. All
charges attributed to them are misdemeanours, including the arson of the
Greek flag (contestation of state symbol). So far more than 20 comrades are
convicted of all the above charges and sentenced to 42 months or less.

Volos Anarchists Core, c/o George Fragos,
96 Analipseos Str., 38333 Volos,