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Mon, 29 Jan 1996 17:58:31 +0100


Ethnic restaurants and English language bookshops have been
vandalised in Montreal throughout the months of November and
December in a xenophobic reaction to the referendum loss. However,
this was the work of only a tiny faction and is not indicative of
general sentiment. Anti-francophone graffitti is also appearing. Ballot
box fraud was discovered in several communities populated largely
by immigrants. Thousands of 'No' votes were disqualified at the
behest of government appointed polling workers. The Quebec
government whitewashed the issue.

Nov 14 - Thousands of mink were released from a mink farm in
Langley British Colombia. Many of the animals face starvation or
death on the roads. This action is believed to be the work of animal
rights extremists.

Nov 18 - Polls taken by the magazine Actualit=E9 show that only 4% of
Quebecers have any faith in politicians and only 14% in trade union

Nov 22 - The federal government passed its anti-gun legislation. Now
it will be necessary to register their firearms with the State. A first
step in disarming the people, many fear. Resistance is expected to the
implementation of this act, most particurlarly by farmers and native

Nov 24 - A strike by hospital laundry workers in Calgary galvinised
opposition to contracting-out policies enacted by the government.
Health workers threatened a general strike over the issue and the
government backed down.
- Thousands marched against cuts to subsidised day care in Ontario.
Opponants claim the cuts will force them to quit work and go on
- The Quebec government endorsed a $180,000,000 cut in welfare
spending, which hits people hard in 'back to work' programmes - a
dis-incentive to work.

Nov 27 - Cree leaders asked the Canadian government to ban the leg-
hold trap. They want to encourage a more humane form of trapping
and upset European animal rights activists demands to prohibit the
importation of Canadian fur. Such a prohibition would create much
hardship among native people and destroy one of the few remaining
aspects of their traditional way of life.

Dec 1 - A former FLQ member has organised the Movement for the
National Liberation of Quebec (MNLQ). Unlike the old FLQ, this
new formation is proto-fascist. It wants a moratorium on
immigration, abolition of English language schools and struggle
against Quebec's 'internal enemies'. The previous day, the right wing
nationalist Pierre Bourgault denounced Jews, Greek and Italian
immigrants as the 'real racists' for opposing Quebec's independance.

Dec 6 - The Ligue Antifasciste Mondial has publically denounced the
MNLQ for its threats against minorities. Pierre Valieres, a former
leader of the FLQ, noted for his book 'White Niggers of America' also
called them 'racist and xenophobic'.

Dec 8 - There is a growing grassroots movement in Montreal and
western Quebec to consider secession should Quebec province
declare independance. Two proposals have been put forward. One is
that Montreal become a city-state and an eleventh province of Canada.
Another is that the western part of Quebec, and the native territories
of the north, all of which voted against the independance of Quebec in
the October referendum, should become a seperate province called
either 'West Quebec' or 'Hochelaga'. This way, those Quebecois who
want an independant state could have one, and those who wish to
remain in Canada could also do so.

Dec 10 - Unionised workers in London Ontario declared a one day
general strike against the Ontario governments cut-backs. The strike
was only partially successful but several thousand supporters marched
through the streets.
The Ontario Tories' proposed Bill 26 is making mockery of their
claims to be populists. The Bill, reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher's
lust for centralisation, would concentrate a vast amount of political
power in the cabinet, eenabling them to over-ride municipal
governments and renege on contracts.

Dec 28 - A recent poll shows most Canadians approve of cutting the
cost and size of government but most are opposed to further cuts in
health and education. 80% feel the rich have not sacrificed and 61%
believe the poor have sacrificed too much in the deficit cutting

Jan 19 - Opposition is building to changes in unemployment
insurance. A united front of unions and popular groups organised in
Quebec and mass demonstrations have taken place in Nova Scotia and
New Brunswick.

Jan 20 - A meeting of 1,200 people at McGill University, Montreal
discussed the speration of West Quebec from Quebec should
independance be declared.

Jan 22 - A 'Constituent Assembly' was held in Vancouver and other
similar meetings have occured in the rest of the country. These
meetings propose the creation of citizens assemblies to create a
'People's Constitution'. They want to take the issue of Quebec
separation and the constitutional debate away from the politicians and
have these issues settled by 'face to face' meetings of the people.

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