(Eng) anarchici occupano la sede del quotidiano 'il manifesto'

Steve Wright (sjwright@vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au)
Sat, 27 Jan 1996 18:26:42 +1000

Anarchists occupy the daily paper 'il manifesto'

This morning, 25 January 1996, a group of anarchists occupied the central
editorial offices of the daily paper 'il manifesto' in Rome.

The occupation was held in protest at the paper's disinformation regarding
the charges and court cases currently facing the Italian anarchist
movement, whose members are accused, amongst other things, of belonging to
an armed band, subversion, robberies, kidnappings and attempted homicide.
All of this is part of a project designed by the Roman magistrates to
incriminate the whole anarchist movement, even in the absence of concrete

The daily paper 'il manifesto', which many elsewhere consider to be a
'movement' paper, has been no different from the rest of the Italian press
in reporting events exclusively along the lines furnished by the police and

When the paper's editors denied this accusation, one of those occupying the
offices promptly produced as an example a copy of the paper dated 3 January
1996, in which the article concerning the trials and charges against
anarchists reports reproduced practically the same phrases carried by other
Italian papers, phrases taken directly from police and judicial sources.

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