(eng) ABC Members Arrested And Charged With Felonies

Fri, 26 Jan 1996 12:14:20 +0100

Source: NJ-ABC (pacnjabc@aol.com)
Date: January 24, 1996


January 24 at about 8:15 pm, about 8 Jacksonville Police officers raided the
home of Jacksonville Anarchist Black Cross and Youth Action Movement again.
No less that three officers were also at the January 12th raid of the same
home. Unlike the first raid, officers this time came with warrants for the
arrests of three Jacksonville ABC members, Rob Cluesman, Justin Tichy and
Chris Herndon. Police arrested Rob Cluesman at their home and arrested Justin
and Chris at their workplaces. All three have been charged with Criminal
Mischief which is a felony in Florida. They face over $3,500 in fines and 2
years in prison each. Their bail has been set at $10,000 each or 10% of that
amount cash each. We are asking people to please forward funds to NJ ABC at
the address below to help secure bail and start a fund for possible court
To remind new readers, on January 12th, more than 22 Jacksonville tactical
police officers including SWAT personnel and evidence technicians raided
their home arresting Robert Cluesman. Rob was held and interrogated for three
days before finally being released only charged with a motor vehicle
violation. During the raid, police held the three remaining Jax. ABC YAM
members in one room of the house while others illegally searched the house
and confiscated 2 legally owned shotguns, political literature, spray paint
and stencils as well as computer disks. Officials claimed all of these items
were being held as evidence in an "ongoing investigation." After the raid the
television news media ran several supportive interviews of Jax. ABC and YAM
and their work in the community such as free food/literature distribution. As
we did after the January 12th raid, NJ and Jax. ABC continues to stress that
this is a serious situation not to be taken lightly. This repression comes as
a direct result of their political activity and efforts in the community.
Most of Jax. ABC are now being held by the state so all inquiries and funds
for now should be directed toward NJ ABC at:

New Jersey Anarchist Black Cross
Post Office Box 8532
Paterson, NJ 07508-8532
office phone: 201-357-0994
email: pacnjabc@aol.com