(Eng) Summary: ECN E-zines18&19/ECN Padova Bulletin

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English language summary of _ECN Bologna ECN E-zine n.18 - gennaio '96_

- ROMA - Le tariffe telefoniche devono essere ridotte (Forum DAC - 12/01/96)
- Ritorna la censura in RAI ! (Forum DAC )
- MODENA - 3 giorni sulle autoproduzioni
- MODENA - Fermare l'alta velocita'
- FIRENZE - Attacco fascista alla sede dell'AGESCI (boy scout) FI2 di Firenze
- TORINO - Scontri e arresti a torino - solo la lotta paga (...)

Rome - Telephone Tariffs Must be Reduced (FORUM DAC - 12/1/96)

Arguments as to how and why Italy's monopoly Telecom corporation can reduce
telephone tariffs, by 'subordinating its enormous commericial profits to
the social and general purposes typical of interpersonal communication'. A
statement endorsed by a number of organisations, including the COBAS, FLMU
and Radio Onda Rossa.


Modena - 3 days on 'Do-It-Yourself'

2-4 February will see a range of activities, from debates, concerts and
videos on 'self-production'. 'All the libertarian realities, occupied
spaces, distributors and individuals are invited'.

A program of video showings for each Sunday from late January to the end of
February is also provided, including Ken Loach's _Riff Raff_ and Terry
Gillam's _Brazil_.

Modena - Stopping the High Speed Train

25/1/96 will see a meeting of the rank and file committees which are
organising against the high speed train project.

Florence - Fascist Attack against A Scout Hall

On 14/1/96 a scout troop in the Isolotto quarter of Florence discovered
that that their hall had been smashed up overnight, and covered with
fascist graffitti against gypsies (there is a camp nearby), communists and

Turin - Clashes and Arrests in Turin; Only Struggle Pays

Another account of the recent arrests reported elsewhere on the aut-op-sy
and a-infos lists.


English language summary of _ECN Bologna ECN E-zine n.19 - gennaio '96_

1) NAPOLI sgombero csoa tien 'a' ment
2) PADOVA - Mozione dell'assemblea del 20-12-95 al CPO GRAMIGNA
3) NET - nuova pagina italiana
4) BOLOGNA: Stasera le fiaccole domani i cappucci i nove morti di Lubecca
sono il nostro futuro?
5) FIRENZE - Consulenza gratuita per gli immigrati al c.s.a. ex-emerson
6) ROMA - Ariokkupamose er porto fluviale

1) Naples - CSOA Tien'a'ment evicted

The Tien'a'ment social centre (established five years ago) has been
forcibly evicted, with 4 comrades detained, and one in hospital with a
fractured skull. The 4 will be charged for blocking the street and for
clashes with police within the social centre.

2) Padua - Motion of the assembly of 20/12/95 at the CPO Gramigna

A denunciation of the trial of 26 members of the Gramigna centre, which is
currently facing eviction. A demo has been called for 20/1/96.

3) New Italian language home page for the AUT-OP-SY discussion list

This page can be found at

4) Bologna - Fighting racism and fascism

A call to organise against a demo of the 'recycled fascists' of Alleanza
Nazionale planned for 19/1/96, at a time when attacks upon migrants are on
the rise in Bologna.

5) Florence - Free advice service for migrants

The ex-Emerson social centre will be offering an advice service regarding
the new government anti-migrant legislation during early January, and calls
for all to participate in the national anti-racist demo in Rome on 3/2/96.

6) Rome - 'Illegal Dance Hall' held in squat

An account of the efforts of the Pirateria social centre to restore
abandoned government property to a social use, in the face of evictions and
police repression.

English language summary of _ECN Padova - NEWS Bulletin_

8 anti-militarist comrades will be facing trial on 5/2/96, in the Southern
city of Taranto. The charges arise out of protests back in August 1993,
during the campaign against the growing militarisation of the Puglia
region, exemplified by the arrival of a German frigate involved in the
naval blockade of former Yugoslavia. The bulletin denounces the role of
NATO troops as substitutes for reconciliation between peoples. An assembly
and 'militant demo' has been called to coincide with the opening of the

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