(Eng)USA el gendarme innecesario (cast)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
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U S A : The unnecessary policeman

The collapse of the USSR, seemingly a rock solid colossus but with feet of
clay, left us a unipolar world. Lukewarm peace has followed cold war.

Beneficiary and policeman of this universe which by being neither hot nor
cold provokes vomiting (to follow the biblical saying) is the United States
of North America.

The contradictions which up until 1990 endangered international peace were
doubtlessly not, as was pretended, those that stood between capitalism and
socialism, but they sprang from the desire for domination on the part of the
two powerful states. In any case, they were the contradictions between
transnational capitalism and tecno-bureaucratic capitalism. When the former
capitalism proved to be more economically efficient than the latter, the
United States, principal center and prototype of that modality of worker's
exploitation, emerged as the only head, also by virtue of being the richer
and better armed country.

In 1990 we lived the dream of "pax americana". But not many months went by
before a bloodthirsty dictator, Sadam Hussein, would challenge the worldwide
hegemony of the United States, by attacking a faithful vassal, the Kuwaiti
Emirate. The role of international gendarme was assumed without mayor
hesitation by the imperial power. Later it was Somalia, as shortly before
Panama and Grenada. Today it is Haiti and perhaps once again Irak. Tomorrow
it could be Cuba or, why not, partner and neighbor Mexico. These military
invasions are characterized by certain traits that make them different from
the many others that the yankees carried out in the past.

First, they hardly provoke adverse reactions in the international public
opinion and they count on national public opinion (who no longer remembers
Viet Nam). Second, yankee action is hypocritically presented as
"international intervention", the cooperation of "allies" is invoked as well
as the symbolic help from "friends" who are nothing but vassals. Third,
military operations are carried out against dictatorial and bloody
governments, not because they are so, but simply because they jeopardize the
interests or somehow threaten the worldwide prestige of the great cop.

This last trait is perhaps the most interesting. In today's world, once the
Soviet Union's counterbalance has dissapeared, nobody can revolt against the
imperial order and North American superiority except from the radical left
(a left that goes much further than marxism-leninism) or a fascist right
wing (that wields ultranationalist orders). The first posibility, the valid
and authentic one, has not happened yet and perhaps will not for many years.
The second one is what we find in Irak, Somalia, Haiti (and before in
Panama). This of course favors the image of "defender of democracy" that the
policeman wants to project. It is enough, however, to take into account the
backgrounds of the dictatorships that the empire attacks, to understand the
responsibility of the same in the installation of these dictatorships:
Noriega was a collaborator, confidant and spy of the CIA. Hussein was
supported by the State Department as the trustworthy friend against the
ayatollahs of Iran. A golden exile was ensured for Cedras, millions
deposited in american banks were returned to him and he's almost considered
candidate for the Nobel Peace Price; Carter, with his habitual foolishness
assures us he's not a thug but a decent person. Meanwhile, thousands of
haitians that were fleeing the dictator and the "tontons macoutes" (glorious
relics of Duvalierism that the USA never seriously questioned) were returned
to their country ( at risk of being assassinated by the military or the
paramilitary) or locked up in the concentration camp at Guantanamo.

All of this proves that the policeman is not truly interested in democracy
nor human rights, but in the defense of its interests or, as in the latter
case, the affirmation of its continental and world domination. It's clear
that those who today occupy the White House and manage the Pentagon, the CIA
and the State Department are faithful disciples and followers of those who
promoted Pinochet's coup in Chile, who for decades supported Stroessner, who
smiled with big brother's complacency at Ongania and Videla and only opposed
the genocidal argentinian military when a drunkard decided to invade the
Malvinas, untouchable turf of the anglosaxon brothers.

Those who oppose fascism, and consequently racism and nationalism, can not
allow themselves to be fooled not even an instant by the proclaimed
intentions of the unnecessary gendarme. Start by detesting Noriega's
narcopatriotism, the bloody scab of Hussein, exterminator of Kurds, Shiites
and political adversaries in general, the abominable repression of Cedras'
neo-duvalierism, but don't stop until it is clear that all these
pathological phenomena would not have happenned without the complicity of
the "guardian of democracy and human rights", don't stop until everybody
understands that, behind the noble intentions oficially proclaimed, there's
nothing but a manifestation, more or less refined, of the old imperialism.

To put an end to dictatorships and to safeguard human rights is not a task
for those who were (and secretly continue to be) the dictators' best friends
and the foremost violators of human rights.

(CORREO A #27, p.7; April 1994)

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