(Eng)Internet Nicaragua -- Urgente(Cast)

Javier Wilson (dlabs@ibw.com.ni)
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 21:34:38 -0600

The context in the studentes struggle for a free education in Nicaragua:
-The Pope is coming in about 20 days
-The day before yesterdat a group of students with thier face covered
took TELCOR (Telecomunications company). They were with thier face covered
because there are some rumors about a "black list" of students that
need to be calm because of the Pope coming.
There wasn't any material damage. (expect for the writings on the walls)
-Yesterday about 10 thousand students marched to ask for a just 6%
that let people have a free education.

TELCOR controls every internet node in Nicaragua, although there are
many internet access providers like IBW who sells me the access
and i which server i have a Home Page (http://www.ibw.com.ni/~dlabs)
where i put some articles about the 6% struggles, feminism, and

Because this is the second time that students take TELCOR,
there are a feeling against the students in that company.

And the National Police had a meeting with TELCOR vice-minister
and they talked about this Home Page because it promotes violence
and it support the students ("who are against telcor") and it has
some photographs about the massacre that police did against students.
Then they went to IBW and the vice-minister ask them to take out
of the web. The policemen (one of them from Interpol, and the other
one from National Police) checked the Page, print it and asked
questions about me, about the Page, and about what is the internet.

In a publication named "Bolsa de Noticias" that circulate in the
goverment poeple, there was a note about Propuestas desde Nicaragua
page: "they should promote turism instead of anarquism and violence"

"[...]they have asked me to cancel your web access"
--my internet access provider wrote.

there is a copy here...

>Your page is attractiong interest of Telcor and the police,
>please call me tonight
>Unfortunately, this is the second time the students have attack Telcor
>installations in thier 6% struggle, so they have asked me to cancel
>your web access.
>I won't do it, because it's against the principles i setted.

Even though...
I had a meeting with my internet access provider to discuss this
and he, in a very polite way, asked me to move my page to other server.
He says that i dont HAVE to do it but it would be better for everyone.

The problem is that UCA doesnt have a web server, niether other
of the public universities. And there is no other comercial
internet access provider with webserver.

Javier Wilson
Estudiante de Psicologia, UCA
Propuestas desde Nicaragua